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“Eat your peas and you can have dessert.” Sound familiar? It’s the tactic many parents have taken through the years to get their kids to eat vegetables. Apparently, Sheryl Crow is no exception and admits that she, too, bribes her kids to eat healthy.

That’s no surprise, considering she recently published a vegan-friendly cookbook (wonder if she cooks for the kids from it?). She’s also the latest celebrity to jump on board to promote Tom’s of Maine’s new all-natural vegan toothpaste.

Crow says that she wants her two adopted sons, Wyatt Steven, four, and 12-month-old Levi James, to have a healthy and balanced diet. In order to get them to be adventurous with what they eat, Crow also rewards them with their favorite treats.

She told Contactmusic: “I’m all about bribery when it comes to my little kids eating, particularly my four year old. ‘If you’ll try this, Wyatt, you can have some of this.’ That’s how we do it.”

Via: Contactmusic.

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  • Janice

    Strange that she supports a vegan diet but is performing at the Cheyenne Rodeo Days. Wonder if she takes her kids to watch the brutality?

  • Melissa

    I get why parents bribe their kids to eat fruits and veggies – they are so healthy and contribute to a well-balanced lifestyle. However, when it comes to the bribes, like a snack they love, the maybe parents should try to get them interested in snack foods that are good for them as well. I just tried Soyummi cherry pudding. It’s vegan, but it is also made with gmo-free beet sugar, rather than processed sugar, and is minimally processed so all the healthy proteins and fruits in it aren’t killed before it reaches the refrigerated section of your grocery store.