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If you’re in London or Montreal and love to volunteer for a good cause, you might get the chance to meet Glee star Cory Monteith and Sir Richard Branson as a chosen special youth ambassador.

He has partnered with Virgin Unite, a non profit foundation that’s part of the Virgin Group, to bring attention to at-risk and homeless youth.

What do you have to do? Write a 250 word essay or upload a video that uses no more than 250 words to explain why you love to volunteer for a good cause.

There are two separate competitions. One for Montreal residents and the other for UK residents. (If you don’t live in either of those places, you’re out of luck.)

The Glee star said about his work with Virgin, “As a Virgin Unite ambassador, I’m excited to have the opportunity to come to the UK and encourage other young people to volunteer and get involved with their communities. I think it’s important to give back, and empower others to help and I can’t wait to meet the ‘special youth ambassadors’ who will be helping to raise awareness of the work that Foyer Federation, The Albert Kennedy Trust and Depaul UK are doing to support youth at-risk and homeless young people.”

The competition will be open until June 3rd in Montreal and June 6th in the UK. See the details on how to enter here.

Via Look to the Stars

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  • Lukas

    I think it is great that Cory Monteith is taking time out of his busy life to contribute his name to a worthy cause that he believes in. All of these organizations, although in Canada and the UK, help homeless and desperate youth. It’s nice to see the Albert Kennedy Trust as one of Cory’s choices. The Albert Kennedy Trust specifically helps gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgendered youth. Good for you Cory. Thanks for caring and being such a terrific role model. You’re a great humanitarian & a good soul.

  • Daniel

    I would love to meet Cory Monteith. He is one of my favorite characters on Glee but I am out of luck because I don’t live in london or monteral.