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Don’t piss off a vegan! Or, at least that’s what the American Diabetes Association figured out when they served a meat-based menu and Jackass star Steve-O stormed out of their charity event.

Apparently the stuntman, and hardcore vegan, thought the event was to help promote the idea that a plant-based diet can lower your risk of diabetes, so you can imagine his bewilderment when he arrived at the celebrity go kart tournament and found meat heavy catering.

He stormed out before the race could even begin, and he later told a rep for the Children’s Hospital organization, “I came here because I thought this was about promoting a plant-based diet as diabetes prevention and they’re serving meat there… so I’m outta here.” He then added, “It’s kind of an outrage to me… it’s stupid.”

This isn’t the first time Steve-O has taken a stand for what he believes in, as he starred in an anti-fur PETA campaign, protested a zoo and its treatment of “Lucy” the elephant, and has been an active advocate for breast cancer awareness.

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  • Randi Kline

    What does meat have to do with diabetes. Diabetics can eat meat. Why did Steve-O think this benefit was for a plant-based diet for diabetics. Did the benefit claim itself to be for the American Vegan Diabetes Association. It’s all well and good to stand up for what you believe, but don’t accept an invitation to a benefit and expect it to fit your parameters. The ADA has never professed to espouse vegan philosophies so I am not sure why Steve-O thought they would just because he was attending.

    Geez, celebs….get over yourselves!

    • Jay

      It’s well know and vastly published that a vegan diet lowers your risk of developing diabetes and can also lead to curing it (or at least severely reducing it). So, obviously, a diet heavy in meat and processed foods has the opposite effect. Thus, it’s blatantly retarded to be serving a meat-laden meal at a diabetes event. The equivalent would be to serve cigarettes at a lung cancer event. *facepalm*

    • teisa

      meat and diabetes have a LOT to do with each other. get informed.

      • Windy

        No shit…educate yourself. All these fat kids running around America eating cheeseburgers has spiked diabetes into higher than ever before numbers to the point that children are now diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes which was at one point called, Adult Onset Diabetes. A plant based diet will reverse Type 2 diabetes. Do your research dumbass!

    • http://yahoo daddysgirlcp

      well how do you know arre you a diabetic because they caant eat some meats

  • Grant Geislar

    Steve-o is an ass! Oops! Sorry! An ass is meat. Is there a vegan equivalent? Lessee. Ah yes. A tofu turkey. The ADA doesn’t specify what diabetics can/cannot eat. Besides a charity event for donations, catering can be an impossible thing to try to please all attendees without polling them first. Get over it you ain’t all that. Just some two bit celeb in two bit awful excuses for film entertainment.

    • Rosie

      So a charity event for the purpose of ‘research.” Again, the money comes in and is spent, feeding the pockets of those who profit from keeping this disease alive. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc are big money makers for many people. It is true. Just do some good honest research, and do not believe just what you think should be. So actually preventing the disease in the first place, as has been proven, is by way of a plant based diet.

      • Windy

        The event was suppose to promote a plant based diet you dumb ass…hypocrites for serving meat at this event. I would have walked out to!!!

    • http://yahoo daddysgirlcp

      leave him alone you dont know him like i do

  • Solun

    I would be out of this event too if they served meat. Thums up Steve-O!

  • Dee

    Obviously, someone told Steve-O that it was going to be an event to promote a plant-based diet. These things happen. I wouldn’t say that serving meat at a diabetes event is like serving cigarettes at a lung cancer event. That would be serving sugar at a diabetes event. Lean meats are something that diabetics CAN have, but they can be cured of type 2 diabetes if they stick to a plant-based diet and cut out processed foods.

  • Janis

    i don’t think the point of steve o leaving had anything to do with his celebrity status….as a caring and informed person he knew he didn’t want to be a part of such an ignorant event. No matter who he is he stood up for what was right and that is more then most people do. Right on steve o. . . I would have followed right behind you!