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Did Captain Paul Watson just spill the beans about a new “Whale Wars” series in the works over at Animal Planet?

According to the Planet Ocean Alliance forums, Watson said: “We will be filming a new series for Whale Wars on the pilot whale hunt in the Faeroe Islands. Filming this summer.” The update was posted to his personal FB page, but appears to have been taken down.

Of course, a move like this isn’t really a complete surprise. “Whale Wars” is one of the biggest hits on Animal Planet and even before the Sea Shepherd’s dramatic victory over the Japanese whaling fleet earlier this year, a spinoff series chronicling some of the organization’s other annual conflicts seemed likely. The network may be felt a bit of pressure to move ahead with those plans after it became apparent that the Japanese will likely not return next December to the Southern Ocean to hunt whales.

So now, it appears that the Faeroe Islands – where the annual grindadráp hunt takes place – will serve as the backdrop for Season Five of “Whale Wars”. That, or a completely new spinoff under the “Whale Wars” banner.

“We will have crew on the beaches, on the water, under the water, and in the air,” said Captain Watson in an earlier statement. “It is time to blow this horror show out of the water once and for all. The killing is a violation of the Berne Convention and Denmark needs to be brought to task. If the Faeroese are going to enjoy the benefits of the European Union, they need to abide by the laws of the European Union.”

SSCS ships the Steve Irwin and the newly christened interceptor vessel Brigette Bardot will be on the scene; presumably with camera crew onboard. Should a season five really be in the works, we can probably expect it to potentially air during the late winter of 2012 – giving Animal Planet an opportunity to keep interest in “Whale Wars” high year-round.

Season Four of the show premieres this Friday evening at 9PM/ET.

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  • AnimuX

    Excellent! I wish the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society the best of luck in action against the unnecessary and inhumane slaughter of helpless intelligent pilot whales in the Faroe Islands.

    The killers have absolutely no economic or nutritional need to destroy entire pods of these animals and have even been advised by their own doctors to stop consuming the meat due to toxic metals and chemicals in the bodies of pilot whales.

    Hopefully, increased international pressure and the intervention of Sea Shepherd volunteers will finally help bring this senseless and inhumane mass killing to an end.

    • crumpets are yummy

      The Japanese would have to be crazy to try and return to the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary this year. It will only be stubborn pride that would make them try again after the absolute a&& whipping that the received at the hands of Sea Shepherd.

      they are highly in debt and no-one wants to eat whale meat any more, especially after recent bouts of food poisoning caused by bad whale meat in Japan. Chances are they will stay home, which leaves the opportunity to highlight to the world the horrors that is the grind, as well as providing a solution to it.

      Naturally there will be the regular anti SSCS peoples on here who support this kind of cruelty…to them I say, go for your life. You will end up much the same as you did when you supported the Japanese commercial whaling in the Antarctic.

      • boo radley

        Should be a great means of educating the world about the horrors that supposedly intelligent men inflict upon their animal cousins. Go SSCS!!!

      • John dorian

        Wait,… weren’t there mad cow scares to…. it’s all a scare to try to get people to stop doing something. But Americans still eat cows…. as im sure Japanese will still eat meat.

    • crumpets are yummy

      Hay FU, dont go away mad, just go away. Take your buddies with ya.

    • David

      I am not sure that any fruits or milk have higher mercury levels than pilot whales, but you are right that for every whale taken at least one less cow (probably closer to 2 or 3 cows) has to be killed and imported to the Faroes.

    • Ivette

      cattle ranching accounts for 50% of rainforest destruction. FAO estimated that meat industry contributes over 18% of all emissions of greenhouse gasses. I don’t see whales as an environmental threat in those studies, so maybe we have too many cows and they should take the place of whales in the dinner plate.Or better, end cattle ranching and whale killing!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jamie-McCroskey/100001196054130 Jamie McCroskey

    Why don’t the sea shepherds do anything about Canada killing the pilot whales along with Narwhals and Belugas? Narwhals and belugas are not as abundant as the pilot whales. Paul Watson cannot go into Faroese waters, he knows it. I think it’s funny that anyone would believe he’s going to do anything but ask for more $$ for nothing, again.

    • David

      Very good points.

      It isn’t international waters like in the Antarctic. Once they break a single Faroe Island law, hint interfering with the grindadráp is illegal, they will either be arrested, or more like tuck their tails between there legs and run away.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Jamie, why do people such as yourself always expect others to clean up the mess left by others? Or are you one of these sad pathetic selfish types that just spend your miserable lives complaining & trying to take down people who are actually doing some good in the world?

      • crumpets are yummy

        @david,,,tuck their tails and run hey? You mean like the Japanese whalers did this year when they got kicked out of the whale sanctuary by SSCS? Lol.

    • Michael Raymer

      Aren’t you guys the same hysterical tools that predicted failure, mishap and death for SSCS in the Antarctic? How did that pan out for ya?

      Me? I’ve learned to underestimate whalers (and the men who love them) long before I would ever underestimate SSCS.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Lol…expect more of the same from them, they know nothing except how to dish out personal hatreds, chips on their shoulders and their own psychological wounds. They do give me a good chuckle…& I love it when Romi3 gets his names all mixed up …but perhaps we should not laugh, perhaps we should pity them instead? Either that or start praying for them!

    • romika3

      The answer is simple. Paul Watson goes after issues that have the greatest media and money making potential and are safe. Here are the facts:

      – Pilot whales are neither endangered or threatened.
      – The harvest is managed and sustainable.
      – The whale meat is shared and provides a percentage of the islands protein needs.
      – The island is small and isolated and the people are simple fishermen thus Watson can get away with what he wants.
      – The harvest is a little bloody making for good video and photo opportunities thus has potential to bring in alot of money.
      – Like the people of Eastern Canada the people of the Faroe Islands will be demonized, spit on,called in the middle of night, refered to as savages, drunks,uneducated all for the sake of Watson ego.

      • Maureen

        Thank heavens for Watson`s ego, it has saved the lives of untold numbers of animals, go Sea Shepherd!!

      • AnimuX

        Leave it to a baby seal killer from Canada to defend the senseless slaughter of pilot whales – the sort of people who would crush the heads of kittens for nothing more than their own sick pleasure and a wad of cash.

      • romika3

        Checking the list of the most endangered marine mammals one will find five seal species. Watson and SSCS, PETA, HSUS and the 14 other groups have done nothing for them. The pilot whale and the harp seal is no even close to being endangered. But there is money to be made on pilot whales nad harp seals.

        Sea-lion, Steller (=northern) (Eumetopias jubatus)

        Seal, Caribbean monk (Monachus tropicalis)

        Seal, guadalupe fur (Arctocephalus townsendi)

        Seal, Hawaiian monk (Monachus schauinslandi)

        Seal, Mediterranean monk (Monachus monachus)

      • AnimuX

        Wrong again romika. First of all, charity evaluators given Sea Shepherd high ratings for putting donations toward operation expenses (rather than administrative overhead).

        Second, SSCS has taken action against endangered shark poachers, endangered blue fin tuna poachers, whalers that hunt endangered species (like Japan which annually kills endangered Fin whales, endangered Sei whales, and vulnerable Sperm whales) and much more.

        Unfortunately, people like romika who defend industries like Canada’s inhumane and completely unnecessary mass slaughter of baby seals continue to wage a negative campaign against environmental activists.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Indeed they do, because they want to continue making money out of bashing baby seals. They know that people such as Rebecca Aldworth and Paul Watson have done untold damage to the reputations and to their hip pockets. Getting on sites such as these and spreading dirt is their pathetic version of payback for the loss of opportunities in the strange land of baby seal bashers.

      • romika3

        “Second, SSCS has taken action against endangered shark poachers, endangered blue fin tuna poachers, whalers that hunt endangered species (like Japan which annually kills endangered Fin whales, endangered Sei whales, and vulnerable Sperm whales) and much more.” Hmmmmm, the pilot whales are not endangered or even close to being endangered. What is Watson and SSCS doing there I wonder. Hmmmmmm the harp seal is not endangered or even clos to being endangered. Could it be that these are the money makers and nothing else.

      • romika3

        “strange land of baby seal bashers.” Folks you have to stop getting your information about the seal hunt from HSUS, PETA, SSCS web pages. There is no “Strange Land”, there are no “baby seals”, seals are not longer “bashed”. These are the myths that 17 organizations what to keep alive because they depend on the seal hunt for money.

      • AnimuX

        As you can see, romika, like a good little baby seal killer is bound and determined to defend his cruel Canadian slaughter by demonizing activists who oppose his dirty little business.

        Molting for harp seals starts when they are less than two weeks old (described as a ragged jacket). Coincidentally that’s also when Canadians like romika are permitted by their government to brutally kill the animals.

        Romika is telling you that a harp seal that is less than two weeks old is no “baby seal”.

        He claims that environmental groups are lying about baby seals being killed. Well the DFO’s own stats establish that over 99% of the seals killed this season were less than 3 months old.

      • romika3

        “DFO’s own stats establish that over 99% of the seals killed this season were less than 3 months old”, Folks your problem is that you are equating the age of young seals (not white coats) with human age. There is a difference. Infact the term “baby” is used incorrectly, with the proper term being pup. The term baby is used to pull at doner’s heart strings. It is prefectly legal to havest seals once they have passed the white coat stage. The estimated population of the hars seal is now estimated to be 9 million animals (biomass) with a quota of 300,000 animals that is approx 3% of the population if the quote is reached. Groups like yours still us images of white coats (not havested since 1987), dated pictures going back over 20 years and this list goes on.

      • AnimuX

        Here we go again with romika attempting to justify the cruel slaughter of baby seals.

        Since he continues to claim harp seals killed in Canada’s brutal mass slaughter should not be considered “baby seals” here’s a fact you might not be aware of:

        Female harp seals “mature” between 4 and 6 years of age.

        Males reach maturity at 7 or 8 years of age.

        And remember, 99% of the seals destroyed for their unfashionable skins in Canada’s most recent killing spree were less than 3 months old. A sick trade for sick people.

      • romika3

        “Female harp seals “mature” between 4 and 6 years of age. Males reach maturity at 7 or 8 years of age.’ Animal crackers, so what does this mean? Perhaps it means that we really cann’t compare human age and seal age. Perhaps the term “baby” doesn’t apply!!!!

      • boo radley

        It certainly applies to those who witness the seal hunt on their computers and they are the people that matter. Your perception may be different but you don’t really count do you. People power sill stop this one day..it has already gone downhill in a big way the past ten years or so.

      • romika3

        “applies to those who witness the seal hunt on their computers and they are the people that matter.” And there lies the problem. The majority of the followers of Watson and SSCS see the issue though a virtual, distored, and filtered world. Never having experienced the reality of the harvest, with no context regarding geography, culture, history, and economics they jump on the bandwagon and head for the Fareos, the east coast of Canada, Japhan …. dressed in SSCS tee shirts and halter tops.

      • boo radley

        Thats right romi…watch out for em…because in the internet age they are the people that matter. You can claim that images are being filtered and distorted all you like but did you ever think that the really, really bad stuff is taken out because it is too shocking or horrifying for the average viewer to watch? People also don’t want to scare the kiddies.

      • rammingspeed

        Pilot Wale meat caused many problems for the Faroese due to the level of toxins. Many of the 5,000 Faroese have suffered and died from the effects of the high mercury levels, and reports note high numbers of mentally retarded children.

        In autumn 2008, the health authorities of the Faroe Islands recommended to their regional Government that “from a human health perspective … pilot whale meat is no longer used for human consumption” as it exceeds international limits for dietary intakes, such as from the EU and the USA (Weihe & Joensen 2008).

        Already in 1996, alarming findings indicated a reduction of neuropsychological abilities in Faroese children due to a dietbased mercury exposure (Weihe et al. 1996).

      • Faroese

        rammingspeed, where the hell did you get that information?

        There has not been a single death caused by eating whale meat in the Faroe Islands, ever.

  • http://www.thewhalepeople.com thewhalepeople.com

    Although there are pros and cons for Watson, he has achieved something few diplomats and politicians have with the Japanese. And as that is a statistic – something measured, a result – he has succeeded at least for one season.

    Because Watson has gotten so much press from his recent success, it no doubt will help to expose the situation in the Faroe Islands. Filming it will bring pressure to bear on that culture and it’s idiotic practices.

    One can say that people have a right to tradition; killing a defenseless, trapped whale in less than waist-deep water is no test of manhood, much less than building a pen of puppies and shooting them with a .357 magnum, then going home to be patted on the back by mom and dad “Well done, son – you are now a man!”

    If they want their sons to be men, give them a light jacket and knife and go try to kill a large kodiak bear. I think the odds would favor the bear, wouldn’t you think?

    So if there can be more press, more people brought in to reveal the idiocy of a race who have nothing better to than plot the demise of defenseless animals, I definitely cheer for Watson and his band of merry men/women!

    • romika3

      “One can say that people have a right to tradition; killing a defenseless, trapped whale in less than waist-deep water is no test of manhood, much less than building a pen of puppies and shooting them with a .357 magnum, then going home to be patted on the back by mom and dad “Well done, son – you are now a man!”perhaps you folks might want to take a look at your “traditon” to bear arms before you start craping on fishermen. How many of you have “become” men packing a .357 handgun. Think about that one before you jump aboard a boat and head for the Fareo Islands.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Whales are not fish romi3, you should know that by now. So called men who torture animals and give them a bloody and pain filled death by hacking their heads off whilst they thrash around halfway between death and life are not real men at all, just slimy sperm bags that deserve a return of serve.

      • boo radley

        You seem to admire these twisted whale torturers romi3. Perhaps they fit the bill of real men for you.

      • Rob

        I “packed” an M107 .50 and would wager by any means that being a Marine Recon Sniper makes me a much bigger man than you. Not by way of sheer # of targets engaged at 1,000 meters – But by way of the training I endured and, unlike animals, the fact that those I was “hunting” could and did, shoot back.

        Hunter of men, not the inverse. Give these animals opposable thumbs and high powered rifles, even the odds, and then call it a “fair fight”.

        Now on SRT/SWAT I “pack” an M4 and Glock/Kimber .357SIG(not Magnum = cliche'”) and .45ACPs and more often than not never have to utilize said weapons as most people come to their frican’ senses before that occurs with gas and distraction devices.

        And I’d be interested to know what part of American culture you’re backwards rhetoric is even referring to? Our right to keep & bear arms is called the second amendment. And is there for defense of homes, lives and when called upon – our country. Get it straight or take your crooked a$$ ideas elsewhere….

    • Faroe

      It is not a test of manhood in the Faroes to kill a whale. I have never killed a whale, yet still, I’m considered a man.. Explain that..

    • Faroese

      This is or has never been done to prove someones manhood. This is done so that a family get some food.

      You know, just like every hunter has done since the beginning of time.

    • Michael Raymer

      “If they want their sons to be men, give them a light jacket and knife and go try to kill a large kodiak bear. I think the odds would favor the bear, wouldn’t you think?”

      There’s an endeavor where that exactly happens. It’s called bullfighting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hart-Noecker/100001623066825 Hart Noecker

    Anyone complaining that Sea Shepherd isn’t everywhere at all times stopping all crimes against nature has two options:

    1. Donate to SSCS to help them be everywhere at all times.


    2. Create their own organization from scratch and go do the job themselves.

    If you are unwilling to do either, than shut the hell up and go back to your regular routine of living off your mommy’s electric bill wasting your life playing video games in her basement.

    • David

      Anyone making comments unrelated to what anyone else actually wrote here has two options;

      1. Get a life


      2. Move out of their parents basement and get a life

      If you are unwilling to do either, then shut the hell up an go back to your regular routine of watching preteens on Disney and Nickelodeon.

      • AnimuX

        Looks like David is already out of coherent arguments for the day. I guess he can get back to denouncing Sea Shepherd, as usual.

      • crumpets are yummy

        David is a one trick puppet and Romi3 has probably gone to bed, dreaming of bashing some baby seals and skinning them alive. Romi3, come back and give your secret bum chum some ideas on what to say, please. David is all out!

      • Michael Raymer

        I would reply to Davids post but, in the spirit of pro-whaler cowardice, he has used a computer program to block my posts off of his screen. As I recall, Mr. “I’m So Convinced I’m Right That I No Longer Debate With Anyone” has also blocked crumpets and Animux. It’s a laugh the he and Super-Sleuth Romika are what the whalers have talking for them. No wonder the Antarctic whalers got run off.

      • boo radley

        I wonder if David has blocked me too? Ha ha, I hope so!

  • leah

    Let’s hope so!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Suni-Midjord/1647398543 Suni Midjord

    will he come or not???!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nicolai-Gottlieb/1395074347 Nicolai Gottlieb

      WE will come in BIG numbers just wait and see !!!

      • Pilot whale

        We will welcome you whit open arms, it will be great for our tourist industry :-)
        And maybe if you are lucky you will witness some of our great traditions, where we utilize what nature can give us.

  • Jákup Olaf

    are you all complete idiots, no one here seems to know what they talk about, in the Faroes they don’t hack the heads off whales, they have a stinger that they use to cut the of the nerves and then they cut the whales arteris so that the blood can cet out. the whale only feels a little sting and then he is dead, this device is invented by vetreniariens so that the killing of the whale is as pain less as possible. and as to the article, there is no such thing as an annual whale hunt. there is no hunt, the whales swim in the ocean and if they get close to land a decision is made if they should be killed or marked for scientific studyes or left alone. if there are many young whales pups they will not kill the group.
    as to the term baby seal, call it by the right name, seal pups.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nicolai-Gottlieb/1395074347 Nicolai Gottlieb

      “they have a stinger that they use to cut the of the nerves and then they cut the whales arteris so that the blood can cet out. the whale only feels a little sting and then he is dead,”
      The standard LIE from the Faroese psychopats!!! It takes between 1 and 4 min. before the pilot whale is dead and before that they experience the death of the other whales in the group being stressed by the sound of the other whales being killed!!! I wonder if those psychopats would say the same thing if it was their family being tortured and killed in that way?
      And the “excuse” that they need the meat to survive and all that crap is a BIG lie too (the faroese population has a higher living standard than the Danish due to the fact that WE DANES give 600.000.000 Dkr every year plus having to pay the medical bill also)

      • Pilot whale

        I see where you get your info Nicolai, from the same place as all the other ignorant hippie activists, from Poul Watson and other terror organizations. It continues to amaze me how stupid and ignorant you people are.
        Real cruelty is what goes on in you own country Nicolai and many other countries. The way that animals like pigs, chicken, cows and other animals are giver a very miserably life in a very small space just waiting for their death so you can go to Macdonald’s and have a burger.
        Wipe the blood of your own hands first and get you fact straight before you start talking bullshit Nicolai.

      • Jákup Olaf

        you have to be danish, you think that the Faroes is right next to denmark on the map, so why should anyone listen to you?
        have you ever killed a whale?? how do you know how long it takes???
        in the past the whale had to long time to die, but now its faster then executions of men, which you danis make the drugs for.

      • boo radley

        The thing is…the whales have done nothing wrong neither have they been raised by man. Whoever suggested that whales feel a little sting then I would like them to demonstrate this theory on themselves.

      • Pilot whale

        That is a correct Boo, the whales are not raised by people, what a intelligent statement mad by you. But what is to point of that argument??? The chicken, pig and cows are raised by man so that justifies that they can be killed??? What about all the fish we eat??? Most of it is not raise by man, so we can not kill that??? But we can kill the fish that is raised by man??? Do you see how stupid this is???
        Either you are against the killing of all animals earth (wild and farm animal)or your not. There is no running around choosing the animals that look sweet and normally have leading roles in Disney productions, that is normally the case whit these animal preservation organisations that just means that your all hypocrites.
        I shall be the first one to stop the killing of pilot whales if they are even close to become endangered. But the reality is that there are so huge quantities of Pilot whales that the amount we kill each year makes no different to the whole population. And who knows maybe we are doing nature a favour and maintaining a good balance in the food chain, and giving the squid (the whales main food source)a much needed brake.

      • boo radley

        If it comes down to simple numbers then there is no reason for you not to start carving up people as you do the pilot whales. Lots of people everywhere and they are not endangered either. The people who carve up whales should have no problem switching sides yes?

        What are your reasons for not doing this?

        Perhaps because people are intelligent, feel pain, are part of a society/ family group…and we should not be causing distress to humans etc???

        I’m sure if you tried then people would fight to get away using everything they had.

        Just think about how many pigs and chickens and cows we would be giving a brake (*break) to if you went down that road and followed your general argument through re humans as it pertains to whales?

        I imagine eating humans may be abhorrent & horrifying to you. I also find the carving up of whales abhorrent & horrifying. Nothing you can say is going to change that fact. People who somehow justify cruelty and senseless slaughter have a part of themselves switched off to the horror when it is a defenseless animal but something lights up in their brains when you apply it to humans. Some people still have their compassion switch still on and feel the horror and distress of the whale when they see this slaughter take place.

        Before you start cat calling and saying we are somehow all hypocrites how about you apply that to yourself first before you open your mouth.

      • Pilot whale

        Yes maybe we should start eating Poul Watson there is plenty to go around and there would be one less problem in the world :-)
        No seriously that was a really ridiculous statement Boo, if we start killing people we would go to jail for life, I had thought you where intelligent enough to understand that, maybe I was wrong.
        Boo tell me, where are you living and grow up?? (not exact city or country)just big city, small city, village, central or isolated.
        I do respect your right to have a opinion even if you grew up in a big city an no nothing about living in places like Faroe Island. But I think you should be a little more critical regarding the info you get about the killing of pilot whales. Much of it is a direct lie.
        We have been living like this for 100 of years, this is the way of life here regardless if you like it or not. If people here had a emotional breakdown every time they had to kill a animal there would not be any people in Faroe Island. When depending on on these animals for survival you can not be emotional (I know we don’t depend on the pilot whales for survival anymore)but it is still a very important part of our culture and heritage. This is not something we will change because you and some other people think this is wrong.
        I kill Birds, whales, fish and sheep all of these animals struggle hard before they are killed and I’m sure they feel great pain if I don’t make a short process of killing them.

      • ILoveEatingPilotWhales

        Here’s the thing BOO, you don’t live in The Faroe Islands, so you don’t know a single thing about our kulture, you get your information from Poul Watson, and he hasn’t been here since the 80’s, and much has changed. So come here to the lovely faroe island and see it for yourself before you open your helvitis kjaft upp aftur!!

  • romika3

    Great post, when SSCS comes to your islands do what we did in Canada, take thier boats and charge them.

    • Jákup Olaf

      what’s the point, there heads are empty, they will float :P

      • boo radley

        Well the Japanese aren’t laughing now are they?

        BTW Romi3, does the canadian authorities still have that SSCS ship? The one that SSCS retired there? It is costing them millions I hear. Just think of all that lovely welfare money that was supposed to be going to the sealers…tied up and rusting on a dock somewhere. So sad.

      • romika3

        First, the Farley Mowat is not owned by the Canadian Government, it was purchased by an individual to be converted into a research ship. They are responsible for the wharf fees not the Canadian government. Secondly the story that sealers are on welfare is one of the myths kept alive by you and the followers of Watson and similar organizations. The seal hunt is ONE component of the annual fishing cycle that includes a number of species harvested throughout the year. In fact I do not know of a single fishermen on welfare. I know of some fishermen who collect unemployment insurance but again this is only for a few months when they are not working and this fund is supported by the fishermen themselves as they pay a portion of their income into the fund when they are working. It is not funded by the Canadian government only managed by them . So Boo Rickles when you get your facts from SSCS, PETA, HSUS and the other 14 organizations who depend on the seal hunt for a large portion of their funds you get mostly myths, distorted data, only side of the issue, dated photos, selectively edited video, and a receipt for all the money you give them. Perhaps you might consider giving your donation to conservation organizations that work at all levels and with the people to bring about real change. SSCS, well you know what they are, an eco-terrorists organization that measure their success by the number of tee shirts they sell, the number of speaking trips Watson gets to tell his sop story, the number of individual fish or whales they saved (an number by the way that is put forward by Paul Watson a man who states that it is acceptable to lie and distort data), an organization who selects issues based on their media and money making potential, an organization who attacks fishermen participating in legal and managed fisheries and harvests, an organization who claims to be protecting an endangered species where the species is not endangered ……..

      • boo radley

        They don’t need any more money, have you seen how fat those sealers are? its a wonder they don’t fall through the ice.

        The whole Farley Moet thing with Canada was a poor move on the authorities part. They thought they had a coup, but it was an epic fail…the saga continues as the fellow who “purchased”the ship is now broke.

  • Jákup Olaf

    there is no talk of pilot whale in the first link.

    and for the love of god come to the Faroes and see for your self what is happening, Ady Gill was here, and he now knows what is happening and is more understanding now. so do as he did come and see for your self

  • romika3

    Non of these guys will go to the Faroes. They learn what they know from SSCS, PETA, HSUS etc web pages, they buy their SSCS tee shirts and pretend to he heros at cocktail parties, they go to art auctions, they see Paul Waston and the kneel down before him and kiss his ass and then he sails off into the sunset with all their money to live out his fantasy of being a pusedo-pirate.

  • Pilot whale

    I’ll be honest whit you Michael I diden’t check out those links as I really don’t care if a whale is more intelligent the chicken.
    The reason for asking that was only to show how stupid that argument is. The real question was “CAN THE IQ OF AN ANIMAL JUSTIFY WITCH ANIMALS CAN BE KILLED AND NOT BE KILLED”?? Do you see how stupid that argument is??
    This just shows that when you don’t have a real argument or reason for believing what you people believe , you can just say some bullshit as an argument.

  • WhalesAreTasty

    I do find this quite funny. I am Faroese and I do support the killing of whales to a point where the whales are not endangered. This is as mentioned by someone else, being monitored as well. I think it was last week, where there was a slaughter in my hometown, the largest slaughter ever, I believe, which is fine. Though they found more whales the day after, however, the authorities said they should not bother by bringing them in, because the slaughter the day before was enough and it could end up as becoming waste instead of proper distribution of the meat. So there you go, we do consider the animal, we do consider overkill.
    For the mercury poisoning…
    We do hear about this on the news every time there’s something new and we do abide to the news. We like the meat, but we don’t want to die from it. The meat is not a necessity, nor is most food we eat. Though, good food is always better than bad food. Only thing you have to do is eat with consideration and not waste it, which most people do.

  • Michael Raymer

    I’m on the record several times as saying that, yes, the intelligence of an animal does count as to whether it should be killed or not. I also say that the level of suffering that the process of killing it is also a factor. Regardless of what some hysterical and childish people around here think (herwin), I hate factory farms and I think we should always be striving for more humane methods of slaughtering animals. But whales, gorillas (well, primates really), elephants and others should be completely off limits, due to their intelligence, social structure and capacity for suffering. Domestic livestock is just that: animals who wouldn’t exist except for mankinds need for food and other animal by-products. And I find it dubiously amusing when someone suggests that a chicken or a cow has the same attributes as a whale or dolphin. A cow is nothing more than a breathing lawn-mower that shits alot. And if cows hadn’t been used throughout history in it’s various roles, it probably would have been considered a pest and eliminated anyway.

    If you want to consider this a “bullshit argument” go right ahead. But I don’t and I didn’t have some outside party suddenly feed me my beliefs. This is how I feel based on my experience in my 45 years on this planet.

  • romika3

    Folks, recently I mentioned a number of posts the SSCS is raceist and that can be shown by analysing posts on Youtube. Here is an example of what I was speakng on:

    Sea Shepherd It’s fun to bully the fisherman


    • boo radley

      BTW the above u tube video posted by someone who also ha the japanese anthem as one of ther main videos. Something tells me this might be an ultra right wing nationalist nut job who has no interest in saving whales or dolphins and has bought the line that killing defenseless dolphins in a sea of blood just makes Japan sooo much better.

    • Michael Raymer

      Anyone notice that the actual questions put to Scott West weren’t included in the video, just his answers. There could have been different questions entirely or the questions could have been phrased much differently.

      Romika, you just insist on pushing forward the red line on your own lameness meter. If this is what you use as a source of information, let alone debate points, I really need to re-evaluate just how stoopid you really are

  • boo radley

    So Pilot whale…“CAN THE IQ OF AN ANIMAL JUSTIFY WITCH ANIMALS CAN BE KILLED AND NOT BE KILLED”?? Do you see how stupid that argument is??

    Lets start eating people then.

  • Pilot whale

    What is the point of your last comment Boo??
    You know this argument that the whales are too intelligent to be killed but other animals is are not, is exactly the same argument that the Nazi regime used under second world war in order to justify them killing million of people.

  • romika3

    Folks, an analysis of the posts in this thread points to another epic fail by both the supporters and those in the the employment of Paul Wastson. Lots of words about nothing.

    • boo radley

      Epic fail as in Japanese commercial whaling? Epic fail as in opening up markets for seal products?

  • boo radley

    Ever heard of Godwins law pilot whale? Because you just fell in to it like a leaf in winter.

    The point is very obvious pilot whale, no need to explain.

  • Jákup Olaf

    for those of you who turn yur blind eye to what your countries are doing to animals look at this. stop that!!! and then you can come here and cry about whales…. look to your own kind before judging.


    • boo radley

      That is heavy going. I think all these things are a curse on mankind. Some people on there support this kind of cruelty, whereby animals have harpoons fired into them and they die a slow, painful, tortured death.

      • boo radley


        This is also heavy going. People who conduct cruelty on animals are bad news whether they are whalers or slaughtermen or just your everyday baby seal basher.

      • Jákup Olaf

        if an animal is killed quikly and humanly I condole, as long it is for food, and the animal is not endangerd. but pilot whales are not endangerd, and are killed quikly, and every thing is used exept the head and cuts. pluss: the whales live free in mother natur, they have a life unlike the mass production animals who live in the country where all these whale fanatics come from. stop that first… in the faroes all animals have a free life in the nature and are killed for food.
        and for those who say we dont need it i say: should we stop using the gift mother natur has given us, or should we just buy all our food in stores and thus support the kapitalist mass production??? we here in ther Faroes are among the very few nations who live side by side with the nature, and harwest the bounties it provides in a moderate way….. unlike u fanatics who mostly live in cities and polute the nature, and in so doing killing the animals very very slowly..
        so again, look to yourselfes first, stop the tortue of the animals in your own country,and what about bull fighting that’s pure torture, and people pay to see that!!!!

  • Save the whales… for dinner.

    Now I’ve read about 10 comments and most of them have absolutely nothing to do with the reality, unless reality is what you believe it is, instead of sticking to the facts.

    First fact that we need to get straight, is that the Faroes are _NOT!_ a member of EU, and thank god for that, cause the EU fishery policy is a _disaster_ for the oceans in this part of the world!
    By disaster, I mean that up to 50% of the fish catched by EU fishermen are thrown out again, after the fish is dead, instead of brought to land.

    Here is an interesting link to an article on facebook, about the grind.

    Here’s a link to some information of the grind on the Ministry of fisheries & Ministry of foreign affairs of the Faroe Islands.

    Personally I can’t see the problem with the grind, mainly because of the following arguments.
    1. The pilot whale is not endangered.
    2. The hunt is structured, fast and efficient.
    3. Burger king, pizza or whale… I’l choose the whale, as long as #1 & #2 is true.

    It would be nice if this debate could get “back” on track, cause just flamining is a waste of time.

  • http://home annette

    Ok, now you are just looking for cheap publicity!! my mother and relatives come from the faroe Islands,they have been doing this (so called whale kull) for many many years, it is part of their culture! Now the whales are pilot whales NOT on the endangered list. what are you people doing, the Faroese are kind endearing people NOT like the Japanese that were there for factory fishing only! have you not done your homework!. They have been taking the whales off the beach, and using every bit of them, from blubber to bone (eg. blubber was used for oil lamps, to chewing gum) etc. they do not just take curtain parts and leave the rest. These whales beach themselves, would you rather the people leave them their to ROT!… no no no, sir, that is Not the way it works there. I am looking forward to watching what you are going to air, and I can guarantee you will be hearing from me again. Annette

  • Jamie McCruskit

    Stinking feral hippies are all members of the cowardly PAUL WATSON CULT join at your own risk. I am an animal lover I love all animals , however I despise the liar the leader of the cult PAUL CULTIST WATSON…..who gives him the right to attack anyone???? hes a pirate hes a vigilante hes a criminal. Save all animals not just whales and jail psycho Watson , he makes it worse for all animals he pretends to save.

  • høh


  • Meat it’s what’s for dinner

    Why is it always white Americans that are Aleah trying to tell the world how to love??? Can anyone name another race or country that tries to save the whales or dolphins or what ever??? Unfortunately it’s white American arrogance the attitude that they know best and do as they say that the rest of the world hates and despises. Get a clue Eco-ego maniacs, your lucky the Hindu don’t care what anyone else does otherwise they would be picketing and terrorizing
    every fast food joint but then again your probably a vegetarian right?? And finally whales are NOT intelligent they are animals in the food chain weather you like it or not. They are no different than cows eaten in the USA or horses eaten in Europe , dogs eaten in Korea , alligators eaten in the phillipines or monkeys eaten in the jungles of god knows where. Animals eat other animals period whether you think it’s right or wrong is not up to you.