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You may remember that Jamie Oliver was in a bit of a pickle because he kept butting heads with angry families and school officials who didn’t want to be told what to eat or to have their lunchroom habits exposed.

ABC wasn’t helping matters either, pulling his show “Food Revolution” from its regular Tuesday slot and for the entire month of May sweeps.

But now Oliver and the show are back, showing the final four episodes starting on Friday, June 3rd at 9:00 p.m.

“I have total faith in the American public!” Oliver told Just Jared. “I really, really do. A lot of people are gloomy about the future but I actually think that if parents and the public vocalize their opinions, a lot will get done! If you don’t care about kid’s foods at schools, you should leave the country!”

We are so happy to have a positive force like Oliver in the school systems, trying to make small steps to a big revolution of thinking about how and what we eat.

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  • herwin

    so all in all it seems it was a simple publicity stunt of ABC to “pull” the show.
    great, can’t wait to watch how Jamie fights to get flavored milk pulled from school lunches !

  • Dawn Stratchko

    I love the show. I watched it last night. The show needs to keep going. It is very sad that it is getting pulled. After watching the show last night I started testing my blood sugar again. I am now motivated again to monitor my blood sugar, getting back to Weight Watchers, and exercising. This morning I am now NOT backing out of a Breast Cancer Awareness 5K that I registered for 2 months ago. I am now getting ready to actually go and do the 5K. (I have been training off and on.)
    Thank you, Jamie for the show. Do not give up.

  • Renee

    That’s not a superb photo. He’s not obese, but he’s not glowing with health, either…! Small steps…? But…!