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When it comes to the threads worn by staff, volunteers and torchbearers during the 2012 Olympics, Adidas is intent on making them as green as possible.

The sports giant and Olympics sponsor announced earlier this week that the 70,000 participants will all wear clothing (Buttons, polyester and cotton) made from recycled materials. There are also plans for special “recycled” shoes and the world’s first 100% recycled water bottle. (Why do I find this hard to believe that one doesn’t already exist? Really?)

In terms of the athletes, Stella McCartney is leading that charge and reportedly producing some spectacular stuff. “I have seen the prototypes already and I think what she is designing is truly phenomenal,” said Adidas Chief Executive Herbert Hainer. No word yet on just how green the athlete uniforms will be, but if the volunteer threads are any indication, you can expect recycled materials are at the very least part of the plan.

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  • herwin

    good to see a big company involved in recycling but it’s defenitely not the first 100% recycled waterbottle !

    in many countries when you buy water, soda, or beer, in a supermarket, you have to pay a small deposit like ten cents for the bottle, and when you return the bottle at the supermarket, you get your deposit back, bottle will return to the water/soda/beer company and will be used again.
    Now THAT’S 100% recycled…

    Recycled shoes, on the other, seems like a more unique and spectacular idea. Great of Adidas to go for that idea !

  • Chris

    I’m all about going green! hats off to Adidas for making an effort