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That food pyramid you grew up with and thought of as the bible to healthy eating? Gone. Because today Michelle Obama introduced the government’s new food icon: a plate.

Instead of the pyramid broken up into sections we now have a plate divided into four sections: fruits, veggies, grains, and proteins, with a cup of dairy on the side.

“When a mom or dad comes home from a long day of work, we’re already asked to be a chef, a referee, a cleaning crew,” the first lady stated. “So it’s tough to be a nutritionist, too. But we do have time to look at our kids’ plates.”

The revamped nutrition outline reflects the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which promotes portion control, switching from low-fat or no-fat dairy choices (we’d argue soy is even better!), and increasing water instead of sugary options.

What do you think of this new plate icon? Let us know below!

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  • stephanie

    I think it’s better then the old pyramid, but the following article was very interesting…especially in addressing that “glass of dairy” and how it should NOT be considered separate from protein.

    “Since the plate differentiates between fruits, vegetables, proteins, and grains, it begs the question — why aren’t dairy products included with the “protein” group? After all, a serving of dairy has as much protein as a serving of meat, chicken, fish, beans, nuts, and seeds.”

  • Chris

    Vegan is the most healthy diet choice, in fact it should be the only choice for humanity. It’s not better. It includes dairy, meat, and eggs. Which is all horrible. Read the China Study People, it is written by Bill Clinton’s doctors (if you need any credibility, in order to read it)!

    I’m not interested if her plan is “better” than the old one. We are living in a time today where, environmental, moral, conscious sustainibility is a must if this world is to ever do a 180, and for us at any chance of improving it, before we hit that point of no return(we’re presently knocking at the door).

    So many smart people (both famous & non famous) are vegan, and live longer healthier stronger lives.

    The human biology is a frugivore/vegan:

    An anthropolgy study done at John Hopkins from 1979, also indicated humans are frugivores, and nothing more or less.

    Vegan, it’s one word, it’s easy to remember, no stupid chart required.

    • Anthony Kleanthous

      This idea that we shouldn’t eat meat because we were once vegetarians (if this 42-year-old study is even to be believed) is such nonsense. We were once fish, but we’d be hard-pressed to give up breathing air nowadays. It’s called evolution. I’m not an evolutionary biologist, so what I just wrote is opinion, but I do know about environmental impacts, and on that front, I can tell you we don’t need to give up meat entirely. However, we (I’m British, but it goes even more for Americans, who eat far more meat than anyone else) need to cut down substantially. Telling meat lovers to go 100% veggie won’t achieve that – it’ll just send them into denial. Better to start using a smarter approach. The new plate is rather like the one we’ve been using in the UK for years, called Eatwell ( One of the biggest problems with it, and the dietary guidelines on which it is based, is that it makes no distinction between foods of high and low environmental impact. WWF and Aberdeen University have just published recommendations for a new regime called Livewell, which proposes guidelines for a healthy AND low carbon eating plan. Meat is still in there, but in much smaller quantities, as are “naughty-but-nice” foods like cakes and biscuits. It’s all a matter of balance and moderation.

      • Chris

        Did you even look at the links I posted?

        You’re purely ignorant, uneducated, unintelligent, and ultimately a reflection of what’s wrong with the world.

        Read The China Study.

        The biological make-up of our body is not meant to eat meat.

        Countless scientific studies prove veganism as a superior diet to any others proposed. Science also proves that we are inherently vegans.

      • Michael Raymer

        Chris’s reply sums up everything that is wrong with veganism and why more people get turned off by it than turned on to it.

        “You’re purely ignorant, uneducated, unintelligent, and ultimately a reflection of what’s wrong with the world.”

        Really, Chris? That’s what is wrong with the world?

        “Read The China Study.”

        Well, I might have if you weren’t so antagonistic about it. Now….I don’t think I will.

        My tenure on this board has shown me one indisputable, categorical fact: Vegans are their own worst enemy. And as long as you are, your cause will be stuck in the mud and stay there.

      • herwin

        sssssuurre, Michael, blame vegans for your meateating habits. easy way out, no need to take your own responsibility, no need to look and think about the facts, just say “o hell them pesky vegans keep me from going vegan”.
        Sorry, but we ain’t gonna kiss your meateating ass and this ain’t sesame street or politics, Junior, we speak our minds frankly and honestly and we speak the facts backed up by science.
        And veganism isn’t in the mud..? n case you missed out, Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres, just to name a few, have put veganism in the spotlight for a whole show and more. I wouldn’t cale their shows “mud”.
        Anyway, keep up the good fight defending the far away whales, while munching on the animal factory farm victims who suffer 24-7, and good luck with that mental limbo you are in. Sooner or later you need a shrink for that, i tell ya, New Joisy Boy…

      • Michael Raymer

        Everyone, this is herwin, my personal groupie. Don’t let the writing fool you, apparently herwin is a he, not a she (I know, I know. I’m just going by what I’m told. Supposedly, herwin is actually a guy).

        Still having those pesky comprehension problems sweetie….I mean…dude??? Don’t flatter yourself in thinking that you affect my life in any way, other than the way a pesky mosquito does when you can’t swat it away (maybe it’s because mosquitos are as intelligent a whales, huh sweetie….shoot!…I mean….dude). Anyway, I was talking to Chris. Trust me when I say that you stepping in doesn’t help your cause in any way. So why don’t you just sit down like a good little……boy (allegedly)…. and let the adults handle this one.

    • herwin

      @ Michael.
      Your consistent off topic personal gender jokes show that you have some serious issues, and that you obviously have ran out of arguments.

      • Michael Raymer

        It’s not a joke. Really, I am not joking at all that in the time I’ve known you, I had you pegged for a high school or college age girl. Your insistence on attacking everyone who even disagrees slightly with you, your off-the-charts petulance, your inability to comprehend what people are actually saying, your talent for putting words into peoples mouths all led me to this belief. Not to mention the way you go completely bat-shit at people you don’t like or who challenge what you post. What else was I supposed to think?

        I’ve said it many times: I did not ask or invite the BS hostility that exists between us. You and only you created it and you insist on keeping it going (again, something a spoiled little girl would do). When the day comes that you wish to engage in civil, respectful and constructive debate, you will find a willing accomplice in me. But as long as you keep swinging at me, I will continue swinging right back. And, when it amuses me, I will swing first. For the moment, that is what you are to me: An amusing distraction.

      • herwin

        @ Michael.
        As you can read above, i just commented on your (anti) vegan comments. As you can read, your comment on my comment hasn’t anything to do anymore with the original topic, it’s just a personal rant, just some cheap gender cracks, personally i am really amazed that totally off topic comments that are so only directed towards someones gender, are tolerated at the Razzi website. I mean, it’s pissing me off that i keep from making these same lame gender jokes, but your gender jokes are tolerated by the Razzi’s here.
        You continuosly use the word “girl” and other female words, like if it’s an insult to be a “girl”.
        Maybe for you and your redneck friends that is a big insult, but for me i object against these gender “jokes”, and i think they don’t belong on the Razzi.
        And again, if i see a dumb comment on veganism, or anything else, i might comment, regardless if it’s your comment or somebodie elses comment.
        Learn to live with it, Junior.

  • Chris
  • Anthony Kleanthous
  • chelsea

    While it demonstrates that you should eat more veggies and fruits than previously shown in the food pyramid, the plate doesn’t help with portion control. How big is that plate anyway? Most Americans have a skewed sense of sizes when it comes to food, they have no idea how much is too much.
    Also, this new design makes me want to play Trivial Pursuit.

  • Robyn Ely

    I think it’s great ! It was time to move on and she made the move.
    I will always remember the Food Pyramid do to my age, but things
    have changed in the world about eating habits.

    I like the Plate ! It’s a nice change and perhaps more people
    will think before shoving food into their mouths.

    Thanks for sharing this piece with us !

  • Elyece Miller

    With all we know about dairy, it’s too bad the blue circle doesn’t simply say “fluid” or “water” similar to the way “protein” has been used instead of “meat.” I can’t believe we were told to give our children cow’s milk with the studies showing the link to cancer.