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Charles Manson's Eco Group Developing 'Seed Gun'

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Convicted killer Charles Manson is back discussing his environmental views – only his second interview in twenty years since opening up to Spain’s Vanity Fair Magazine back in April. This time, it’s NUG Magazine, which covers the marijuana community, scoring the exclusive with the 76-year-old and one of his associates named Gray Wolf.

The interview goes into much more detail than the Vanity Fair article on Manson’s environmental beliefs and his organization ATWA (which stands for Air, Trees, Water, Animals and All The Way Alive).

What I found most interesting was something called “The Savior Project” that ATWA is developing as a means to spread seeds around the globe. According to Manson, it was started in 1969 “as a stick to plant secret pot farms.” His modern day version, simply put, is a bit less inconspicous: a paintball gun that shoots “seed bullets” so as to “turn all of our efforts as a human society toward war on pollution, war on the problem, not war on life.”

That last statement rings hollow coming from a guy serving a life term for murder and conspiracy – but Manson nevertheless believes in his invention and wants to see it distributed to the masses.

“At this point, our focus is to support the manufacturing and distribution of “paintballs” filled with seeds instead of paint,” said his associate Gray Wolf. “The idea is to be able to shoot the seeds from existing “guns” on a worldwide basis. The technology can be modified for successful manufacture, and the gelatin “shells” have been tested, so we know that seeds will sprout from the “paintballs” on the ground in natural habitats.”

Over on The Savior Project page, there’s a bit more detail:

“We have an engineer beginning to create the molds which will be used to manufacture the outside casing of the loads, which will hold the seeds and compost. Once the seed bullet is at rest at its destination, the outside casing will weather away, exposing the seed to the ground, sunlight and rain, much like the way bird droppings seed the ground to perpetuate the plants previously eaten by the bird.”

Ok – so Manson is essentially taking the “seed bomb” idea and merging it with a weapon – which naturally fits into his idea of a worldwide “conservation army”.

“The Savior Project puts everyone in the army,” he writes. “Everyone’s in the conservation corps, everyone’s a civilian soldier. Civilian-soldiers in a civilian-soldier book, that must speak to and work with all situations that have anything to do with not letting the land be opened up and left open. You must close land with something growing on it.”

Personally speaking, seed bombs seem like a much less threatening way to create the same outcome without scaring the crap out of people as you fly through the neighborhood shooting paintballs. But such is Manson’s M.O.

Check out the full interview over on NUG Magazine here.

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  • I don’t know what a seed “bomb” is, I’ve heard of Manson’s seed gun pellets though. I’m not sure how the author finds pellet more menacing of a term than bomb, but whatever. I also have to point out the obvious to the oblivious here. Charles Manson’s media circus and trumped up charges was a smoke screen to cover up the RFK assassination investigation which was also headed by Vincent Bugliosi. For those of you who didn’t exist at the time.

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