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All of the drama we followed in the Southern Ocean earlier this year is finally coming to your living room.

“Whale Wars” Season Four premieres tonight on Animal Planet  – and likely carries some lofty expectations from AP execs. Each season of the series – now almost a household name – has done better than the previous. Season Three in particular featured moments that were particularly engaging (destruction of the Ady Gil, Pete Bethune’s daring nighttime boarding of a whaling vessel) with audiences. Will it prove a hard act to follow?

Probably not. The network appears to have already approved a Season Five (or some variety thereof), so regardless of this season’s numbers, they’re apparently eager to continue carrying the series forward.

One thing’s for sure: When it comes to activism, Sea Shepherd has the best publicity any conservation org could ask for. Watch it in action tonight at 9PM E/T.

Season Four trailer after the jump below.

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  • AnimuX

    I can’t wait to watch the victorious 2010/2011 season against Japan’s ongoing defiance of international conventions and resolutions prohibiting whaling.

    Huzzah! Sea Shepherd! Huzzah!

    • boo radley

      yeah damn right…woot woot!

      It wont be just whale Wars a startin…but all the cat calling, lie spinning from the nameless drones that support the rights of environmental rapists will also be getting louder and louder.

      Will they ever get over the fact that SSCS kicked the combined asses illegal Japanese whalers out of the whale sanctuary?

      Take that you sons of Hirohito! Lol.

      • guinjames

        calm down- I suggest whale meat

      • crumpets are yummy

        No thanks…dog poo on a stick..gastro anyone?

  • guinjames

    you ignorant people act like they are hunting endangered species. The prefered game is Minke whales which are in no way endangered. These idiots harass these fisherman and cause them to have to take any whale because of time restraints. Them the preferred method is to either throw chemicals onto the meat to render it useless or harrass the processing boat until the meat spoils.
    These animals are harvested and every part used. If you bitch about this then go line up a KFC.
    The majority of this planet are carnivores, whales are part of the food chain.

    • Buffy

      Humans are the only species able to reflect on their actions. The only species who is able to act on that. I guesss you were stripped of those abilities at birth, because no one with empathy and intelligence would be able to come up with such a primitiive outlook on this planet and it’c creatures, unless they are an example of a setback in the human evolutionary chain. Humans developed to be carnivores during the ice age, because they had nothing else to eat. It was not the meat itslf which made humans evolve and be able to develop a bigger brain, it was simply that they were able to aquire a type of food containing enough caloroies, protein, vitamins and minerals, which allowed the development of a bigger brain. If fruits and vegetables were plentiful, they might as well be eating that and develop a bigger brain. And now, that carnivore-human you call it, is prone to obesity, heart disease and diabetes. And on top of that,we are killing other animals while we ourselves are getting fatter and fatter. Gee…what a wondeful species we are….

      • David

        Buffy, maybe when you get past the 6th Grade you will learn some real facts.

        If you have read this website just two days ago you would have seen an article about a study that shows at least one other species is able to reflect on their actions which would then allow them to act on that. And since there are many other primate species between humans and Rhesus monkeys, it is logical to assume that many if not most primate species have the ability to reflect on their actions. I expect that many none primate species also have the ability, it is just hard to be sure without an ability to communicate with them.

        And as to humans developing to be carnivores during the ice age. First there have been many ice ages during the evolution of humans. And second humans and their progenitors have never been carnivores, we are omnivores. The eating of meat by humans has been traced back into Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago, long before the most recent ice age and in an area not really affected by the ice ages.

        And yes humans are a wonderful species. What other species have developed medicine or a written language?

      • boo radley

        Turning Japanese I think I’m turning Japanese I really think so…

      • David

        boo, is your major ability quoting other people? Do you have any thoughts of your own?

      • boo radley

        I have a fair few thoughts here about you david.

        Unfortunately they are unprintable.

      • David

        So all you can think of is ad hominem attacks but no relevant facts.

        Well I guess if facts went away because you didn’t like the source you would stand a chance of winning a debate, but since your opinion of a facts source doesn’t change the fact you won’t be winning any debates.

      • crumpets are yummy

        David, you are starting to become a little creepy. I say creepy because you are like one of these twisted internet stalkers with no arguments, nothing to say, just a hostile attitude, nothing much upstairs and an obsession. In your case, the obsession happens to be Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd.

    • gram

      You must be the ignorant one…Go to your thesaurus and/or dictionary (do this online if you don not have one)–Now look up the word “sanctuary”.

      • David

        Go to the IWC and look at Article V Section 2 part b of their convention, it requires the sanctuary be based on scientific findings. The IWC relied on no scientific findings when they established the sanctuary, not saying that there may not have been scientific findings just that the IWC didn’t follow their own rules and rely on or even mention any scientific findings. So the sanctuary was not properly established and thus technically doesn’t exist.

        But ignoring that issue try reading Article V Section 3, it allows any country to object to any proposed amendment, like the sanctuary. If a country does so that country isn’t required to follow that amendment. Now guess what country objected to the sanctuary?

      • boo radley

        Guys, go look up moratorium on commercial whaling.

        Check it out!

      • David

        I have read the moratorium, so I know that it specifically doesn’t apply to whaling under a permit issue in accordance with Article VIII. And since Japan issues their permits in accordance with Article VIII the moratorium isn’t an issue.

      • crumpets are yummy

        @ David, ( SSCS stalker boy) , can you tell us here what the biggest discovery that Japanese whaling so called scientists have made in the past ten years?

        We all know whales eat fish and krill, but something beyond that, please.

        The only science that Japan is doing is the science of eating sushi.

        What the Japanese whalers have done in Antarctica is a huge rort and is nothing short of poaching.

        Finally, however, it appears to be all but finished.

        We will just wait and see how low they are prepared to go and whether they will attempt another commercial whaling voyage at the end of the year.

        They can try, but SSCS is going to have them covered pretty much so it will be a useless exercise.

        BTW how is that sea Shepherd shrine going? Is it in your bedroom?

      • David

        Well crumpets, the biggest discovery would depend on the interest of the individuals involved. Some are probably most interested in the research into stock structure and genetics. Others would point to the studies into the effects of climate change on the whales. And still others may think it is the studies on fertility and the affects of environmental pollution.

        You may be right that they won’t send a fleet to the Southern Ocean this year. But they already carried out their whaling operations in the Northern Pacific. You know the whaling that the SSCS seems to ignore and has never made the slightest effort to interfere with.

      • crumpets are yummy

        The scientific hoo ha excrement that the ICR, with unbridled optimism, unrealistically expect people to believe in is just a smoke screen for their commercial whaling interests. lets not kid ourselves david, we all know that.

        Paul Watson’s strategy to hit Japanese commercial whaling interests where it hurts…in the hip pocket, has been the correct one. This will not just hurt the Antarctic commercial whaling fleet operations but also have a flow on effect into any whaling activities in the Northern Pacific.

        Once SSCS know the Japanese will not be returning to Antarctica to carry out whale poaching operations in the whale sanctuary, then they can turn their attention further north to the poaching operations there. Up to know all efforts have been made to stop whaling in Antarctica. It is looking likely that this has been achieved…lets face it, the whalers are staring financial ruin in the face and have been for some years… but we will not know for sure & certain until the end of the year.

        Wherever Japans poaching operations take them, I imagine that Animal Planet will come along for the ride?

      • David

        “lets not kid ourselves david, we all know that.”

        I agree is it a possibility but neither you or I ‘know’ it.

        Now how do you figure interfering with the Antarctic whaling has a flow on effect on the Northern Pacific whaling?

        Now neither the Antarctic or Northern Pacific whaling is poaching and in the Northern Pacific the SSCS doesn’t even have a specious claim of a sanctuary. And you believe the SSCS would give up their two newest campaigns against the Med tuna fishing and the Faroe pilot whale hunt? Would that just give the claims of racism even more ammo?

        Oh and as you can see in my post question marks go at the end of questions not statements, even if those states are just opinions.

      • Michael Raymer

        “And you believe the SSCS would give up their two newest campaigns against the Med tuna fishing and the Faroe pilot whale hunt?”

        Good job refuting your own points. SSCS can’t be everywhere at once. We have always said that. SSCS do not specifically target a particular nation or race. We have always said that. SSCS works FOR the oceans and the species contained therein, not AGAINST people. We have always said that. SSCS works for the people who depend on the sea (as long as they are not destroying it), and have no problem with conscientious industries. We have always said that. And now, you have said it too.

        Welcome to the team.

      • Whats-his-name

        More proof Michael is delusional.

        First a few days ago he said he wouldn’t comment on David’s comments because it appears David has some type of filtering software that blocks Michael’s comments. Yet he has made 5 or 6 responses to David. Maybe Michael has multiple personalities?

        But then he can’t even follow a simple 2 comment string. Crumpets, one of his crew, said the SSCS would be going after the Japanese in the North Pacific. David questioned this because the whaling in the North Pacific is at the same time as the Med tuna campaign and Faroe pilot whale campaign. So to go after the Japanese in the North Pacific would require abandoning the tuna and pilot whales.

        Yet somehow Michael twists this into an illogical claim that David agrees with him about the SSCS and racism.

        I mean come on Michael. At least read all the comments. It is know as context. Taking David’s comments out of context by ignoring crumpet’s comment is just delusional.

      • Michael Raymer

        Well, you’re quite the little know-it-all, aren’t you? I am going by what David himself claimed. He said he was filtering my comments out with some software he had. His words. I guess that didn’t come up in your arduous 2 months worth of post reading. If moving your lips while you read didn’t burn so many calories, I’d suggest that you backtrack a bit more. As it is, you’d be better served if you cracked open a copy of “The Dummies Guide to Not Being an Insufferable Tool.”

      • David

        “Well, you’re quite the little know-it-all, aren’t you? I am going by what David himself claimed.”

        The issue isn’t whether David filters you or not. The issues seems to be your trying to tap dance out of every incorrect statement you make.

        From your own mouth you claim David filters your comments and thus ignores you. On the other hand you claim you won’t respond to David and then make comment after comment in response to him.

        David says he will ignore you and David ignores you. So David does what he says he will do.

        You say you will not respond to him and you then respond to him. So you don’t do what you say you will. That is commonly called lying.

      • Michael Raymer

        And again, I must ask, WTF does any of this have to do with whaling or the fact that the whalers got issued an ass kicking of biblical proportions?

    • gram

      In addition to learning the meaning of a word, you may want to compare the concept of “research” vs. “whaling”.

      • David

        Good idea gram.

        1. Scholarly or scientific investigation or inquiry
        2. Close, careful study

        To engage in or perform research
        1. To study (something) thoroughly so as to present in a detailed, accurate manner
        2. To do research for

        The Japanese have and continue to produce scholarly papers on whales. That would be research. See how easy that was.

      • boo radley

        You don’t walk down the street and see a woman being raped and do nothing. You don’t walk down the street and see a puppy or a kitten being stomped on and do nothing. And you don’t stand there and watch whales die and do nothing but hang banners and take pictures.

        Paul Watson.

      • David

        Don’t post comments that have any relationship to previous comments.

        boo radley

      • Michael Raymer

        “The Japanese have and continue to produce scholarly papers on whales. That would be research. See how easy that was.”

        No they don’t and no, they never have.

      • David

        I just realize boo was showing us how much of a hypocrite Paul is.

        Paul has never gone to Greenland to save whales and he ran away from saving whales in Iceland and Norway. So I guess Paul is perfectly willing to “…stand there and watch whales die and do nothing but hang banners and take pictures.”

        Maybe Paul really meant ‘And you don’t stand there and watch whales die and do nothing but hang banners and take pictures unless it is too much effort or their is too great a chance of being arrested.’

      • Whats-his-name

        SC/D10/NPM5 Non-genetic data are not consistent with sub-divisions of J and O stocks common minke whales around Japan

        SC/D10/NPM7 Length composition and sex ratio of western North Pacific minke whales and their consistencies with stock structure hypotheses

        SC/D10/NPM8 Genetic and non-genetic analyses of North Pacific common minke whales under newly defined sub-areas


        Yeah too bad Michael Raymer has to lie so much, but I guess that is what you have to do when the truth is against you.

      • boo radley

        I just realized what an ignoramus David and his cohort of bum chums really are.

        David, is your major ability doing what your masters want you to say? When was it that you sold your soul for money and became a cash grabbing monkey?

        Do you get down on the tatami mat when they enter a room and genuflect too?

        David and his bum chums are the perfect examples of what happens to you when you eat too much whale meat and forget where you put your dignity. You start to ignore what is in front of your face, forget to use your proper judgement and and start to do and say only what makes you the most amount of cash.

      • David

        boo it is obvious your only ability is ad hominem attacks.

        Oh wait there is your second ability, state unsubstantiated opinions as fact.

        I guess you may have a career as a political hack.

      • Michael Raymer

        “Yeah too bad Michael Raymer has to lie so much, but I guess that is what you have to do when the truth is against you.”

        Well, I have no idea who you are. You seem quick to call someone a liar who you don’t know. Of course, after dealing with your buddies as long as I have, you are hardly anything new.

        If you weren’t so late to the party, you would have seen that I already addressed this issue comprehensively on a past thread. Once again, I lament the fact that it is almost impossible to find old posts that address current questions on this particular site. I am not going to the time and trouble of doing so because we have seen too many one-timers around here deliver their quips and then disappear.

        Pseudo-science exists in every field. The ICR are masters at it because they have to be. There is no rationale for killing the the numbers of whales that they do, there is no rationale for them killing any whales to conduct the “research” that they claim they are doing. They slap a fancy title on a BS stack of paper and call it science. They have never presented a single bona fide as to how they must kill whales to compile scientific data.

        Now let me ask you something, if you ever show back up here: Where is the outcry from the legitimate scientific community against SSCS for their actions against these so-called “researchers”? You would think that, if there was an actual demand for this “research”, we would see actual scientists speaking out against Sea Shepherd. There has not been a single scientific voice raised about this. Not one. Ever. Would you like to call me a liar about that? And if so, please provide the links and sources to back it up with. But I still think I’m talking to the wind. Another wise-ass one-timer, come and gone.

      • Whats-his-name

        Sorry to disappoint you by sticking around.

        So the IWC Scientific Committee isn’t scientists and can’t distinguish between what is and isn’t science?

        For someone that is so upset that a “Another wise-ass one-timer, come and gone.” calls him a liar and someone who wrote “You seem quick to call someone a liar who you don’t know.” You sure seem quick to throw the names around yourself. Of course since I showed and linked to accepted science which shows your claim as a lie, while you rely on your own bias views.

        As to why other scientists haven’t publicly denounced the SSCS’s attacks on the Japanese research (I assume you don’t consider the Japanese scientists so I won’t mention their condemnation. And just who appointed you arbitrator of who is a scientist and what constitutes science?) I can’t answer that, it would require asking every scientist to get their particular reason. Maybe it is because they consider the SSCS beneath their notice?

        Plus I bet if I did a little searching I could find a Norwegian of Icelandic scientist who has publicly condemned the SSCS, oh but do you consider them scientists?

        I have a feeling you will dismiss anyone I find that has condemned the SSCS.

      • Michael Raymer

        I specifically asked for links and sources. Just like your buddies, you fail to provide simply because they don’t exist. Iceland and Norway don’t hide behind this crapola and will simply tell you that they want to kill whales to make money. The ICR are cowards in this way. They keep trying to use the “research” line, even though they know that no one is buying it.

        Your links showed nothing. As I stated, I used that exact same page earlier to show what a sham the ICR is. Using the same page and the same bogus “reports”…..swing and a miss.

        Bringing up the IWC is another epic fail on your part. The IWC has asked Japan to stop whaling since they started it back up. And that link has been posted too. No one want Antarctic whaling to exist, except the ICR.

        You did come back, I acknowledge that. But in case you haven’t noticed, you are entering a game that has already been played….and your side lost.

      • crumpets are yummy

        The anti SSCS homies have never come good on that count MR…they are all hot air, no facts.

      • Whats-his-name

        You used links to peer reviewed and published science papers to prove the ICR is a sham? Well that is quite an accomplishment. What are you going to do for your next trick? Find Amelia Earhart using a Ouija board?

        Would that be the same IWC that has asked the SSCS to stop their actions? And the same IWC that accepts, publishes and thanks the Japanese for the data they provide?

      • Michael Raymer

        Seriously?! You’re going to make me repeat every single post I’ve ever made here? Read ‘em and weep:


        Again, all these arguments were already hashed out long before the whalers got issued an ass kicking of biblical proportions. I’m sorry you were elsewhere when it happened. Lord knows, your side could have used the help. And the next time you use a term like “peer reviewed”, you better know what you’re talking about. I don’t suffer fools lightly.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Out of ten thousand papers the Japanese have provided to try and prove their case for science, none of them are worth the paper they are written on.

        They have all been debunked as a sham, pseudo science, fraudulent.

        We all know the real reason why Japan wants to go whaling and thats to feed the Yakuza criminals, who all have their fingers in the pie btw, more money.

        The people who buy the toxic whale meat get to have dog poo on a stick and get gastro.

        Sea Shepherd have stopped the Yakuza crims from taking their quota for more than 5 years now. I like to print out the sham science, which is now lacking years of ” data ” so is even more useless, on my household toilet paper. As I am wiping my ass I think of people like Ginza Glen & the ICR Politburo who have promoted whaling all this time only to see their dreams of avarice turn tail and head back to Tokyo.

      • Whats-his-name

        Read what Michael? Videos are watched not read. And a five year old video of 3 anti-whaling biased scientists is hardly proof of anything.

        I have been here for almost two months and I have read every whaling/SSCS related thread since the beginning of April with no sign of you addressing any issue comprehensively. SO since your time is too valuable could you at least give me rough time period for your comprehensively proof?

        I do know what the term ‘peer reviewed’ means Michael but apparently you don’t.

        And since you claim that you don’t suffer fools lightly, how do you put up with yourself?

      • Michael Raymer

        You are a laugh a minute. You read all the way back to April? Wow. Was it difficult for you? Do you need a nap? Can I get you a damp towel? You are exactly in the right camp if that’s what you call research. (nudge, nudge…hey crumpets….this guy thinks he’s in the loop because he read 2 WHOLE months of posts. No, no, I’ll take it for now. I just thought you might like a good chuckle.)

        You still have not provided links or sources where the scientific community has a problem with the ICR not being able to conduct whaling. Like your little sandbox friends, you make the claims without a shred of proof. Snippy little comebacks don’t cut it around here. If the ICR is conducting legitimate research, where is the outcry from the scientific establishment, now that they are no longer able to do so? Either answer the question with attributable sources, or shut up.

        My time is valuable. Even if it wasn’t, it would be way too valuable for you. You’re so proud of the 2 months of reading you had to endure? Try 2 YEARS sonny. That’s the reading you are going to have to put in if you even think you have a shot of swinging against me, crumpets, boo, and quite a few others who stop in here. And I’m certainly not going to take the effort to help over an issue that has already been resolved. Wake up, open your eyes and take a look around. Your side lost. Badly. You basically got creamed. Badly. Your boyz got run off, with their tails between their legs. All the point, counter-point in the world doesn’t change that.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Thanks MR..I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself!

      • Whats-his-name

        Oh so it was more than 2 months ago. So I get to call you a liar again. Actual with your latest post I get to call you a liar twice.

        First and easiest, the ICR is perfectly capable of whaling. In fact they just recently got back from their latest whaling expedition.

        Now to your other lie. Back to your second response to me. You wrote “As I stated, I used that exact same page earlier to show what a sham the ICR is.” Well first you hadn’t stated that you used the exact same page to show anything, but I will let that lie slide. You did claim you used the page I link to to prove the ICR is a sham and that ‘proof’ was as you admit more than 2 months ago. That is a blatant lie, and also shows you probably are such a simpleton that you didn’t even consider looking at the link. The link is to the IWC SC agenda for the 2011 meeting and wasn’t posted until April 14th. Meaning it is impossible that you had used it over 2 months ago, now isn’t it?

        That brings you to what at least 3 lies in just 2 days of responses to just me. Are you shooting for some kind of record?

        Oh and so you can stop your waiting. I never claimed that “…the scientific community has a problem with the ICR not being able to conduct whaling.” That is a claim you lied about me making. (Oh that makes at least 4 lies.) So since I never claimed that there is no reason for me to provide any links.

        And yes I admit your time is valuable. How would your buddies ever survive in Halo without your 20 hours a day of playing.

        You have made a lot of claims all of which have been shot down, so I guess I don’t need 2 years of reading to hold my own against you. Maybe you needed 2 years because of some mental impairment?

      • crumpets are yummy

        I think I just wasted 30 seconds of my life reading that out of control rant.

      • David

        Yeah crumpets, 30 seconds of your valuable time and then another 30 seconds to show your double standard.

        You and your buddies crow for weeks when you believe you have ‘caught’ an anti-SSCS poster in a mistake. I mean over a year later Michael was still crowing about how he ‘caught’ a criminal identity thief.

        But one of yours gets caught in obvious and foolish lies and you try and sweep it under the rug.

      • crumpets are yummy

        @ david …

        “The first reaction to truth is hatred.” Tertullian

        Take your blinkers off David and smell the roses.

      • Michael Raymer

        David!!! You finally worked up the guts to respond to one of my posts? What happened to, “I’m tired of getting my ass kicked by this guy, so I’m going to put him on my ignore list”??

        I don’t crow because I “caught” an identity thief. I crow because I caught an identity thief. (see what I did there?) You and/or one of your sleazy little pals have pulled this sort of crap since you’ve been on here and I want the casual onlooker to know what kind of people support whaling.

        As far as the page I referenced: OK it’s a different page. It’s littered with the same crap that I posted previously, it looks like the same page, so I thought it was the same. I was mistaken. But, if the hysterical buffoons around here want to call me a liar, snore. But I’ll pay my penance for it. Ready? Here goes: I hereby authorize the ICR to send its fleet back to the Southern Ocean WHALE SANCTUARY next season. Let them spend the millions of dollars that it takes to supply, crew and deploy their entire fleet right back down there. They have my permission. Let them go and get run around like the cowards that they are and ultimately sent home with empty holds. No, no really, I want them to go. That’ll really put me in my place.

        And, in the spirit of repeating myself, which one has to do with pro-whalers and the very stoopid, “You still have not provided links or sources where the scientific community has a problem with the ICR not being able to conduct whaling.” I keep asking and not getting an answer. If you are not going to answer, don’t bother saying anything at all. Give up this sham that any “research” is being conducted at all and have a nice day.

      • Whats-his-name

        Even more delusion by Michael.

        It appears he has problems with that context thing.

        David was responding to crumpets. That would be why his comment starts with the statement “Yeah crumpets,”

        Really Michael, you are not the center of the universe. Everybody isn’t in awe of you abilities. They don’t wait for the next nugget of scat to fall from your mind. Everything isn’t about you.

        You really might want to talk to a therapist about your issues.

      • Michael Raymer

        Well, i seem to be the center of YOUR universe. You seem hell-bent-for-leather to swing at me instead of the issue at hand. Your last two posts had nothing to do with whaling/anti-whaling and seem to be nothing more than a little sisterly attempt to draw my attention.

    • boo radley

      What other species talks as much BS as guinea pig james? What other species is breeding like there is no tomorrow and destroying the planet? What other species hacks a whales had off int eh name of tradition? Humans = worst species ever.

    • AnimuX

      Japan annually kills endangered Fin whales, endangered Sei whales, vulnerable Sperm whales, Bryde’s whales (population uncertain), common Minke whales (up to 46% from the vulnerable J-stock), and Antarctic Minke whales (some research suggests this species may also be in decline).

      Also, this issue did not start with sea hippies throwing stink bombs on TV.

      Japan has historically violated International Whaling Commission established regulations such as size limits, species protections, seasonal limits, sanctuary boundaries, all manner of quotas, and even facilitated “pirate whaling” (that’s front companies setup in foreign countries to secretly and illegally kill whales and smuggle the unreported meat back to Japan).

      In 1986 the International Whaling Commission established a moratorium on all commercial whaling. Japan responded by exploiting a loophole intended for scientific research. The legality of this move has been challenged and the International Court of Justice will hear arguments of the next few years. In 1994 the IWC also established the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and has repeatedly passed resolutions calling on Japan to stop killing whales. In 1988, the President Ronald Reagan even enacted sanctions against Japan for diminishing the effectiveness of international conservation programs.

      Professor Jun Morikawa explained in his book, “Whaling in Japan”, that whale meat was only ever a substitute meat during the post WWII recovery and prior to that was only consumed in isolated coastal villages. Today only a fraction of the Japanese population actually eats whale and demand has declined consistently since the 1960s. It seems that corrupt bureaucrats “amakudari” continue to prop up the industry with tax funded subsidies and then leave their government posts to take on high paying jobs in the commercial whaling industry they once oversaw as public officials.

      History shows us that this is not a simple argument about food culture.

      And to address you claim that the entire whale is used, video evidence has clearly shown Japanese whalers dumping whale parts back into the ocean. Past investigation revealed Japanese financed pirate whaling operations only kept the prime cuts of meat and dumped the rest of the carcass. Recent investigations found officials taking prime cuts of meat form the publicly funded so-called science program for their own profit (ie: embezzlement). It’s a dirty business.

      Thankfully, Sea Shepherd is successfully confronting the whalers in an attempt to enforce adherence to international conventions that prohibit whaling.

  • romika3

    Well Folks: a whole series based on a mop handle falling over board onto a SSCS rubber dinky. What a waste of money that could be better used by real conservation organizations.

    • Michael Raymer

      Well Folks: a couple of years of trolling the internet, trying to demonize Admiral Watson and SSCS. What a waste of time and bandwidth. Antarctic whaling is finished. The ICR won’t send anymore ships to the Southern Ocean WHALE SANCTUARY, just to get punted around and eventually run off back home. It would take a prize doofus with a brain that could fit in a shot glass to keep trying to shill for an industry that is already dead……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..oh, hey romika. I didn’t see you there.

      • romika3

        “Antarctic whaling is finished. The ICR won’t send anymore ships to the Southern Ocean WHALE SANCTUARY,” source please (other than Paul Watson)

      • boo radley

        How many ships have the Japanese sent down to the Antarctic since the tsunami? Ill give you a hint. ZERO.

      • David

        Heh boo, you do realize the tsunami happened after the end of the Southern Ocean whaling season and the new season doesn’t start until November. So in the past 20 years how many ships has Japan sent to the Southern Ocean? I’ll give you a hint, ZERO.

        Now here are two for you. How many whaling ships did the Japanese send into the Northern Pacific since the tsunami. I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t ZERO. And how many ships did SSCS send to oppose the Japanese fleet in the Northern Pacific? I’ll give you a hint, ZERO.

      • Michael Raymer

        “source please (other than Paul Watson)”

        Have I made a prediction around here that hasn’t come true? Before SSCS even deployed last season, I said that the whalers were going to get issued an ass kicking of biblical proportions….and it came true. They got run off like the punk cowards that they are. And now I’m saying that the ICR isn’t going to invest in sending them back just to get their asses kicked all over again. If I’m wrong, I’ll be right back here admitting to my mistake. But I’m not wrong.

      • crumpets are yummy

        I heard that the whale meat has been giving people gastro. They are refusing to feed it to the survivors of the tsunami now after half a town went down with diarrhea and vomiting, so it must be pretty bad stuff. Reeking in fact…worse than dog poo on the bottom of your shoe.

        Here you are survivor..here is some yummy dog poo on a stick for you. Have a side serving of mercury with that.

        Dog poo on a stick doesn’t sound nearly as yummy as crumpets, I must say.

      • Michael Raymer


        There is also doubt that many whaling companies will be able to rebuild.

      • crumpets are yummy

        They can all sink into the murky depths of hell as far as I am concerned. Good riddance to them, they are but a pox on the earth. May God grant mercury on their souls.

      • crumpets are yummy

        One evacuee who is staying at the Ojima Health Care and Public Service Center said that the city was “ignoring the good will of the sender.” The Director General of the Japan small cetacean association, Chikao Kimura stated that “it is too bad, but we cannot force the meat onto them. My heart goes out to the people from the district who were looking forward to it.”

        Oh how my heart bleeds….enjoy the pain!

  • romika3

    “You don’t walk down the street and see a woman being raped and do nothing. You don’t walk down the street and see a puppy or a kitten being stomped on and do nothing. And you don’t stand there and watch whales die and do nothing but hang banners and take pictures.”

    Paul Watson.

    Geee, this sounds like the big speech in “Team America”!!!!!!

    • crumpets are yummy

      What are you trying to tell us here romika?

      You don’t agree with the above?

      Would you stomp on a puppy or watch someone do the stomping?

      Would you walk by as a woman gets raped?

    • romika3

      I am trying to tell you that Paul Watson is using a propoganda technique refered to as transfer. Transfer is an attempt to make the subject view a certain item in the same way as they view another item, to link the two in the subjects mind. When confronted with propaganda using the transfer technique, we should question the merits or problems of the proposal or idea independently of convictions about other objects or proposals. What he is saying here is that if you don’t support this pusedo-war againts the whalers then you are a supporter and justify rape. A person or organization that uses this tec. should be a red flag to a pontential donar or supporter.

      • crumpets are yummy

        I have seen you use that technique before Romika. I may even have highlighted this in your posts a few times. But I fail to see any propaganda here, Paul Watson is giving you his general philosophy. As one of the Paul Watson internet stalkers, you will give it the best shot to try and take away the true meaning of the message here and talk about something else ( deflection).

        ” What he is saying here is that if you don’t support this pusedo-war againts the whalers then you are a supporter and justify rape. A person or organization that uses this tec. should be a red flag to a pontential donar or supporter.”

        No, actually what he is saying is that evil flourishes when good people do nothing.

        Your spelling above is particularly bad in this post…have you been hitting the turps again?

  • romika3

    “evil flourishes when good people do nothing.”Sorry to burst you bubble but this is even worse than Watson’s, Team America rant.

    • crumpets are yummy

      You haven’t burst any bubble romika. No need for apologies.
      In fact, the very fact that you cannot make sense of the above statement is a telling moment and I thank you for your comments.
      Why? because it shows just how far the apologists for whaling will go to debase themselves in front of the world.

      Obviously you have been watching too much Team America in your basement. I admit it is funny…the first time. Maybe not after the tenth time though.

      • crumpets are yummy

        “The modern pro whaling anti conservationist is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”


  • Charles Mears

    I guarantee if I was stomping on a puppy and you walked by, you’d keep on moving.

    • Michael Raymer

      And I can guarantee you I wouldn’t there, tough guy. Punk-ass cowards who stomp puppies don’t elicit fear from me. But keep thinking you’re a tuff guy, pookie. Whatever gets you through your day.