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Photo: Flickr via The Mayhew Animal Home

The Oxfam Book Donation Drive has an ambitious goal of receiving at least 330,000 donated books this year, and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles, helped give them a publicity boost by paying a visit to the drive.

She donated three books in total, and while that may not sound like a lot these are very special books in that they’re signed by the Duchess and her son, Tom Parker Bowles, who authored two of the titles. Dog Loves Books by Louise Yates, E is for Eating and The Year of Eating Dangerously— both by Tom— will be part of the nationwide three-week book drive.

It’s estimated that if their goal of 330k books is reached then it could raise over £750,000 for Oxfam’s charity. The sale of just one book provides 18 bars of soap to those in need, helping to prevent disease during a disaster, and three sold books means ten days worth of basic food and emergency rations for a family in need.

Oxfam’s Project Books Manager Brian Harley said, “It was wonderful to meet Camilla and to receive her generous donation. She told us that it was nice to see so many books on sale, and was particularly interested in the selection of collectable vinyl on offer in the shop.”

Camilla has not always been a friend of our site, however, as she has worn fur on a number of occasions. But this latest move seems to be a step in the right direction (perhaps she’s learning a thing or two from her eco daughter-in-law , Kate Middleton).