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Bob Barker is as devoted an animal activist as they come. Through the years he has spoken out for dogs and cats, elephants and whales, and donated countless dollars to animal protection campaigns. He has been especially vocal about the plight of captive animals.

And now, the former Price is Right star is telling it like it is by recording a PSA for PETA where he says, “If you’re thinking about a trip to SeaWorld, please reconsider.”

Barker goes on to say, “Life in cramped tanks is no prize for orcas and dolphins, who want to be free with their families in the ocean. Many have died prematurely at SeaWorld after swimming in endless circles and performing dumb tricks day in and day out.”

This isn’t the first time Barker has spoken out about the tragic living conditions for marine life at SeaWorld. When a trainer was killed at the park last year, Barker said, “The only thing that people learn from visiting a SeaWorld theme park is how miserable life is for animals held there.”

We couldn’t agree with you more, Bob Barker. Now, if only Drew Carey would let Bob do a cameo on his old stomping ground to get the message out.

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  • Rob

    Dumb tricks?

  • HT

    Bob Barker rocks!

  • carol ann gey

    I love going to Seaworld. Seaworld is the best place to go.Nobody can’t tell me not to go to Seaworld!

  • Teresa Wagner

    If you go to Seaworld, you are paying to support the suffering of animals. Would you want your children kidnapped and held captive by another species? For their entertainment and greed?

    • Kevin

      like by those damn dirty apes?

  • Seaworld associate

    First of off, these pictures are not from Seaworld! They are from the Miami seaquarium, there marine mammal tank is shared by a Orca and a few Dolphins and the tank is very small and has many problems. I do work at Seaworld, Orlando Florida and are tanks are not cramp, or in bad shape! We do not “entertain for money” We teach everybody about are animals here at Seaworld. If you want to keep trash talking Seaworld thats find, but I know you don’t have the gut to teach and train a dolphin see it smile and snuggle in your arms and have it follow you when you are getting out of the tank and want’s you to come back in and let it show what it learned. So let Bob Barker a TV host tell you what to do when he didn’t take 6 years of collage of Marine Biology, Zoology, Animal behavior, or psychology. So I want you to decide if you want a TV host telling you what to do.

    A Seworld associate

    • larry silber

      First off , seaworld does exist and entertain strictly for the all mighty dollar, youre owned by a large private equity company where profit is the holy grail. Teaching is secondary to bringing in large financial returns, and is unfortunately the exscuse used to justify the confinement of those majestic orcas and dolphins so ticket sales for the shows, which hardly educate but rather show how well mankind can subjugate, imprision, and dominate a much larger animal and coerce it to perform mindless tricks as opposed to the hundreds of miles a day they would be swimming wild in pods composed of families bonded egually if not stronger than our own persuing their daily feeding and social agendas without human intervention. Guts to withhold food so as to motivate these captured animals to perform tricks, sounds as condescending as interpreting natures imprint on the dolphins mouth as a smile in response to your forceful conditioning and confinement. So Bob Barker without all the degrees to which you brag about and probably little hands on experience with these sentient beings but a much better moral gauge ,which probably urged him to look into marine parks and there animal husbandry abuses, can bring these issues to light and possibly change public perceptions so future orcas and dolphins are not captivley bread to live a life in a concrete prision for the financial benefit of a few. Or even worse caught overseas so someone can make a fast buck and cause horors to the creatures unfortunate enough to get caught up in that quagmire where the oceanariums actually contribute to the killings of thousands of dolphins by paying hundreds of thousands for select young females allowing a sort of subsidy if you will so the local fisherman than have an economic incentive to continue butchering the local pods for meat loaded with toxins to sell at a loss to their government as a sort of pest control against what they incorectly believe is hurting commercial fisheries, not there own overfishing but the dolphins eating habits. Do you teach everyone at the show about these issues and contrast the life the animals would of had in the wild with the unfortunate one at hand?. Probably not, so all your degrees are simply notches on your belt to justify profit at the expense of liberty with the false currency of education which equals simple exploitation. Bob Barker uses his money and fame to enlighten people about ethics regarding other species, and i for one commend him and only wish there were more people like him and less like you telling the uninformed what to do or not do.