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Photo: Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry

Who knew that social responsibility is a core value for Ivanka Trump? The newest addition to Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry is the bridal collection, which features conflict-free diamonds that are not only 100% sustainable but beautiful and timeless as well.

Created through a partnership with Waldman Diamond Company, the collection consists of about 12 pieces which feature Canadian diamonds sourced from environmentally responsible mines. According to WWD, recycled gold and platinum have also been “infused into the pieces to make the offerings ‘truly green.’”

“We are studying the process and the steps necessary to incorporate sustainability into my entire collection,” Trump told WWD. “My belief is that every step an individual or a company can take towards being more environmentally conscious is another step in the right direction.”

Wedding bands and engagement rings from Trump’s bridal collection range from $7,000 to $13,000 respectively, but she also offers pieces that are up to $130,000 as well (like the Medallion Ring at 6.81 carats).

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  • David

    There is a limited supply of diamonds in the Earth, and although there are technically still diamonds being formed the process is very slow. So I guess if you can call diamonds ‘sustainable’ then you can call coal, oil and natural gas ‘sustainable’ since new quantities of all three are still very slow being formed.

    • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

      and mining is very destructive for the environment, no matter some PR bozo clown calls it “environmental friendly mining”.
      Personally i think diamonds are just like fur, unnecesary luxury items just to show off to other people.

      • David

        In my opinion diamonds are worse than fur. Man-made diamonds are as good and competitive in price, even experts have trouble telling the difference without sophisticated equipment. Yet the PR campaign tries to claim otherwise. It also makes people believe that diamonds are rare when it is really a false rarity used to cause high prices.

      • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

        Because of the Canadian seal slaughter, there is an ongoing boycot, actively supported by the SSCS, for canadian seafood products.
        Instead of promoting Canadian diamonds, i would rather expect to see a green website joining a boycot for canadian products.
        I guess such a radical attitude would clash though with the new Justin Bieber feeling of the Razzi. :-P

  • Michael Raymer

    Decent points made, but you two leave an important factor out. The diamond industry provides jobs to those who need them. Whatever forces of nature to bring it about, diamonds seem to be exclusively found at some of the remotest places on earth. The Canadian far north and throughout Africa to name two. People do live in these places. As far as Canada goes, the show Ice Road Truckers devoted a season or two (I can’t remember and it’s not worth the effort to check. At least one season) to the Canadian diamond industry and the people it supports. In this day and age, capriciously saying that honest, well paying jobs should be eliminated is a bit obtuse.

    The situation becomes more serious in Africa’s diamond regions. The blood diamond industry needs to be stamped out. But it needs to be replaced by an ethical diamond industry can provide jobs at a fair wage for inhabitants who desperately need them. Just as important, a well regulated industry in these areas will provide the money for infrastructure that isn’t there now. Clean water, schools, medical care, goods and services from the outside world. These things simply do not exist now. Charity won’t work. Industry will.

  • Whats-his-name

    “The diamond industry provides jobs to those who need them.”

    Can’t the same be said of whaling and shark-finning and natural gas fracking and coal strip mining?

    And actually the show Ice Road Truckers never devoted one or multiple seasons to the Canadian diamond mines. They included the diamond mines with the oil and gas fields.

    Also where did anyone advocate eliminating the industry and/or jobs? There were complaints about calling any mining ‘sustainable’ or ‘environmentally friendly’. And a comment about the PR and tactics used to limit competition and keep prices artificially high.

    You really need to learn how to read and comprehend what others write rather than stick your own words in others mouths.

    • Michael Raymer

      Guy crush!!! I’m flattered and I support your lifestyle choice, but I don’t swing that way.


      De Beers Snap Lake Diamond Mine ~200 km Northeast of Yellowknife.
      Diavik Diamond Mine ~200 miles (300 km) North of Yellowknife.
      BHP Ekati Diamond Mine ~200 miles (300 km) Northeast of Yellowknife – The northernmost stop seen on camera during this season. The road continues roughly 125 miles (200 km) past here, serving two additional mines and stopping at the north end of Contwoyto Lake.