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Justin Bieber may not be old enough to go to college, but he’s performing a charity concert to help students who want to reach their own academic goals.

The College Track benefit concert will be held on June 11th at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, California, with all proceeds going to benefit underprivileged high school students. The non-profit organization helps with after school programs to get students prepared for the application process, and even follows them into college to provide emotional support for the changes that come with a new environment.

Ticket prices range from $250 for FAN level seats, all the way up to $2,000 for the premium level, and all guests who attend are invited to join a pre and post concert reception that will include drinks, apps, and some yummy desserts along with a souvenir t-shirt!

Celebs have praised the Biebs for his involvement with the charity, as Ashton Kutcher took to his Twitter and wrote, “Hey Justin Bieber proud that you are playing a show for College Track. Good on you.”

Agreed, totally good on you Biebs!

  • Tushar Pawar

    Awesome Justin

    well done

    Keep it up…!

    • songe

      Awesome;don’t you think if all celebrities started like this we would have helped the less fortunate more?

    • Precious Catubig


  • Celina

    Appreciate your kind heart, there needs to be more people like you…. I am really glad my daughter loves you!!

  • pati

    hi ikut dong

  • Belieber

    Wish I could come!!! Justin plz follow mé om twitter @BELIEBER_MEHRAN <3 love you:)

  • govardhan

    nice work dud.

  • elijah luke

    keep it up,keep it up” keep on grabin ur opportunity cause it knocks only once?

  • Alyssia

    You in justin those kids are gonna love and enjoy it God bless

  • Laura

    Good job justin

  • shajisalem

    my dear, justinBieber.
    I love for never say never and you love my.

  • abzee

    wow just itz an grt job wat u r abt doing………..i love to do it he he he…………….

  • http://khalil khalil

    you are the bestttttttttttttttt

  • LavenderLawn

    Awesome! This kid is one of the few in this country who has his head screwed on the right way. Keep it up Biebs!!! You are an inspiration and an awesome person!!!

    • http://mumlovestacey staceyanntoms@ayhoo.cuk


  • http://facebook zineb

    justin ilove you ilove you ooo match

  • http://facebook zineb

    i love you and your sing

  • http://Nill Tania khan

    Proud to b ur fan . . . Kéep it up and hlp ur people . . . Bst f lck fr ur cncrt

  • chaylea

    justin bieber i love you but everything i do i keep thinking about you ….. What i syour new song so i can listen to it

  • dyandrew

    Justin i always hoping that i’ll meet u someday..u inspire me a lot in my life..u changed my life…

  • Naayelii Maadriid

    hi u should come to amarillo texas an help rais money for the Childrens Mirical Network an do a concert or something for me and other cancer kids next year please come an my god bless u

  • http://facebook fanny

    eres super mega mega genial justin eres mi idolo te apoyo en todo y esto k vaz hacer es muy genial I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER

  • Reyna Pacana

    ^_^ nice .. ;))

  • aaliyah

    i wish i can date justin bieber

  • Dewi

    Proud of you justin,,,
    next time,, hope you do same like this for another country,,,

  • justina


  • nabila fathir

    love it.. awesome know that you have a good heart and helps other with sincere..even U’re just 18 years old. we’re on your back, always.. Love from Indonesia!

  • Rakesh chowdary

    Great justin…we lyk ur humanity..keep it up..nd i hope u do a show lyk thz 1ce in every year….

  • Sandra Hyasat

    Wow I look up to Justin Bieber for all the great things he does in this world such as charity. He’s wonderful in every way but my favorite is his charity help.doing just that and being himself inspires me so much. So thank you Justin. This really means a lot to me.

  • Shuli Feng

    Love Justin Bieber forever !!!!!!!!!!
    I am a belieber forever !!!!!!!!!!
    Justin Bieber ,
    you are the best ,
    the perfect !!!!!!
    Remember !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Facebook Gabrieqa Steven

    Justin bieber…
    Best the best in the world

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    • haris 143

      i like you i love you i miss you justin

  • Natasha Liddle

    Love you justin good job for the track charity xxxxxx

  • Felix Gabriel Silva

    Hey Justin Keep up the good work and be a good boy to the others and like now you are helping in the charities and all that you help in others someday it will came back to you…. and you inspire me too now I am 14 years old and i also want to become a artist and now i doing my best to help to others to when i become a artist…. maybe someday i will get my wishes… hope to see you soon Justin you’re my number 1 IDOL…. We Love You and Never Say Never….

  • David

    Tickets start at $250? Well how nice for his typical fan, teen and pre-teen girls. They just have that kind of money lying around.

  • http://mumlovestacey staceyanntoms@ayhoo.cuk

    stacey <3

  • Iambiebspentameter

    Justin Bieber shows what a young celebrity can do if he puts his mind and heart to it. He leads the way in being a role-model for kids, and of giving to the less fortunate. I’m so proud to call myself a Belieber,…this kid ROCKS! We love you Justin, keep up the good work.

  • Amber Tate

    WOW like OMG Justin i love you and your singing and BTW oh my gosh your so dreamy

  • Brigitte Gutierrez

    I Am A College Track Student , & I’m Going ! I’m So Excited ! I Can’t Wait !!!

  • henriza cassini tan

    i love you justin! keep it up! …hope i can see you someday :)

  • paria

    u r the best

  • chris

    you sad ppl,,to be obsessed with a child like that,almost Angelic face,ummmmmmmmm,girls who worship this Idol are sad!!!get real and find a real man you slags!your wasting your energy on some manufactured idol..sad sad sad………

  • Taylor AngelBoo Harris

    Hey Justin I know the event has been over but I wanna say how proud of you I am and some of the ppl at my school said to say they Love you…..Oh and of Course your music is wonderful!! Maybe one day I can come to a concert.