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Animal activists often bemoan the stupid or silly tricks animals are trained to perform when in captivity. But what if an animal has some tricks up their own sleeve?

It’s being reported that Lucky, an 8-month-old elephant who was found orphaned and subsequently brought to the Phnom Tamao Rescue Center in Cambodia, has dancing feet.

The Wildlife Alliance, the group that has given shelter to lucky, states on the website that, “Wildlife Alliance’s mission is to protect and preserve forests and wildlife for future generations.” The Phnom Tamao Rescue Center aims to rehabilitate and preserve natural habitats for the animals, something we can appreciate!

“Lucky walks with an almost constant smile on her face,” the Wildlife Alliance reports. “She is so relaxed, in fact, that her eyes are almost closed when she’s around us. Of course, a very long time ago, she experienced the trauma of losing her mother, but she now is a typically happy elephant, raised with so much love, walking and swimming everyday in the same places and enjoying the constant closeness of her familiar elephant (“ellie”) friends. She is charming and could win anyone over through her affectionate ways — her mouth opens so wide that when she smiles, you can see her tongue!”

Had the elephant been left to fend for itself it would likely have been killed, but now Lucky dances whenever music is played. In the video below you can see her, smiling and dancing, according to the Wildlife Alliance all of it is without training of any kind.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

Via Huffington Post

  • Eva @ Four Leaf Clover

    Wow, I really hope this is true (that she hasn’t been trained). This is such a wonderful story.. she’s too adorable!