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Photo: YouTube via cupertinocitychannel

If you’re a tech person, you may have already heard about Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ plans for a brand-new campus in Cupertino that, as Jobs put it, looks “like a spaceship just landed.” Geek love for aliens aside, the building would be an amazing feat: the place is designed to hold 12,000 people in a single building.

With the less-than-green nature of some Apple products (check out this infographic for details on the environmental impact of the iPhone), one of the big questions surrounding this monster of an office building is how green it will be. After all, when you build something of that size (3.1 million square feet!) and put 12,000 people in one place, it’s bound to use up some resources.

Fortunately, it seems that going green is on Jobs’ mind at least a little. One of the big plans for the new campus is to power the entire building off of its own natural gas-powered generator, and the public power grid will be used only as a backup. There’s an extra bonus for Jobs there: if Cupertino’s power goes out, Apple will keep running. No rest for you, Apple employees! Work! Work, I say!

Jobs is also reportedly teaming up with a Stanford arborist (if you’re going to hire an arborist, get one from a school who’s mascot is a tree) and plans to plant 6,000 trees on the campus. Included among those will be apricot trees, which are native to the area and once filled Silicon Valley with orchards. Bonus for the workers: free organic apricots!

So far, those are the only environmental details about the new building. The cost of the project has yet to be announced as well, but my guess is it’s going to be huge. Unless, of course, Jobs actually knows some aliens who are willing to park their ship here and let Apple use it.