by Ali Garfinkel
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Photo: Flickr via accosta

Last week, it was reported that three of Brazil’s most notable anti-logging activists were targeted for murder by hired gunmen — the deaths of Jose Claudio Ribeiro da Silva, his wife Maria, and Adelino Ramos — a tragedy, especially amongst those fighting to protect the Amazon Rainforest.

Those who garner enough attention in their support for the Amazon are added to a death-threat list with loggers, farmers, and ranchers determined to pick-off anyone who gets in the way.

However, it seems as though the activists may not be alone in this after all.

On Wednesday, sixty officers were deployed to three cities, all of whom are apart of either the federal police, the military, or the regular police force.

Following the deaths of the three noted activists (as well as a witness) President Dilma Rousseff ordered the police unit be sent to the region to protect the environmentalists.

No further details were provided regarding the force or the situation, but it appears as though after nearly two decades, the government is finally doing something to protect the people who are just trying to protect their land.

Some say the help comes too late after over 1,150 rural activists have been slain since the conflict began twenty years ago, others say the police force itself may be corrupt and only do more harm, and yet others remain hopeful that this will perhaps be the start to the end of the destruction of the Rainforest and its inhabitants.