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We told you about teen queen Selena Gomez spray painting horses with pink dye as part of the music video for  ”I Love You Like A Love Song,” and the subsequent outrage from celebs and animal rights groups.

Well, it looks like Gomez got the message, as she is removing clips of the animals from the video all together.

The Humane Society was on set during filming and saw no cruelty to animals, as the dye used was, “A non-toxic, vegetable-based powder paint was applied via an airbrush and removed with water.” But that didn’t stop other animal rights groups from responding, and activist/singer Pink even took to her Twitter to  speak out against the move.

“If there are any animal activists around Malibu-at Leo Cabrillo State Beach, there are horses being painted for a stupid music video,” she tweeted. “Artists should be more aware and responsible for their actions.”

It has been reported that Gomez wasn’t even aware that the horses were being spray painted until she arrived on set, where she saw reps from The Humane Society and didn’t question the actions. Either way, all evidence of the event is now being edited from the video— a wise move, as we’re certain the hell hath no fury like an activist scorned.

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  • Erin Elizabeth

    Maybe the spray paint was toxic. Because she’s hospitalized right now for mystery illness.

  • crumpets are yummy

    Seriously ..don’t people have better things to do & worry about than things like this? People are just getting sillier and sillier.

    • herwin

      + 1 Crummy. ;-)
      you, me, we animal rights activists but we are not “outraged”.

      painting a horse with natural vegetable non toxic paint and inviting a HSUS-er to monitor the well being of the horse actually is not animal cruelty but very responsible.

      Actually there was only PINK who was outraged and did shoot her gun too fast without knowing the facts.
      Most comments that i did read shows there wasn’t at all an “outrage from animal rights activists” and the whole thing is just a media hype.
      Q to Erin. WHICH animal rights group was “outraged” (a claim that you make in your article so please give us facts and names) , maybe i missed something so please update me about this.

      • herwin

        I know that PETA has send some comments to Gomez about the horses like

        “There are no safe ways to paint a live horse or any animal; they can have painful allergic reactions to chemicals and there’s no way to know how an individual animal will react,”

        PETA is incorrect because the paint is vegetable paint, no chemicals.

        ““Also, subjecting skittish animals like horses to extended periods of restraint and spraying is stressful and frightening.”

        well, maybe that’s why the video crew invited somebody from the HSUS to monitor the well being of the horses.

        anyway, PETA hardly is “outraged”, more correctly they are “concerned”.
        And PETA, well, they seek media attention so blasting a celeb is their game.

        Anyway, the article claims that “animal rights groups” (as in “plural”) were “outraged” so me really curious whic other AR groups outraged ?

      • crumpets are yummy

        Honestly this is such a beat up…go to any horse show and you will see false tails, hair spray, hoof black and more than a few will have had colour put through their coats…there are many shampoos devoted to turning your horse a better shade of grey or brown.

        Go to any doggy salon and you will see a pink poodle. some little doggies will have bows in their hair.

        Perhaps the people who were outraged will help save the many horses that go to the knackery each year because their useful days are over or they are old or lame and are bing turned into pet meat or sold to France for people to eat. Where is the outrage here?

        Same goes for shelter dogs who are bing put down…ditto cats…because that have been abandoned.

        Give me a pink horse any day over that.

        Stories like this are a waste of space imo. Lets get on to the real animal welfare issues. Lets not encourage the people who have serious mental problems and are too PC for their own good.

  • Linwood Friess

    She’s okay, she’s a great actress. I’ve seen some of her movies, and she’s actually fantastic. I just don’t see her as a woman portraying a role just like Diane Kruger’s role in Troy. Although for sure she’ll do great in romatic comedies.