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Actor Michael Vartan may be best known for his roles on such TV shows as Hawthorne and Alias, but the job he takes most seriously is acting as a responsible pet owner toward his pet pooch, Millie.

In a new ad for PETA, the 42-year-old offers tips to pet owners on how to make the life of mans best friend a little brighter.

“No matter how hectic my life gets, spending quality time with my best friend, Millie, is always at the top of my list,” he says.  “Millie doesn’t get to make her own schedule. In fact, we decide when our dogs eat, take walks, play with their pooch pals, even relieve themselves.”

The footage shows Vartan and Millie out on a walk, being playful and getting plenty of exercise, something an ideal pet owner should always make time for. “When I take her on a walk, I make sure she gets to sniff as long as she wants,” he says. “I always remember this is her walk, so I don’t pull on her and I don’t rush her.”

Vartan finishes the piece by adding, “These things may seem small to us, but to our dogs they mean the world.”

Do you have any dog care tips to share and pass on to other pet owners? Tell us below!

  • Roger

    Dear Michael, why don’t you start by getting peta to.stop.murdering almost all adoptable (94% in 2010) dogs and cats it pretends to rescue to justify its fund raising? All very easy to verify really ( unless like peta your goal is to abolish companion animals?

  • Roger

    Michael – before you patronize true dog lovers and owners with your “parenting tips” how about you prove your dedication to dogs by talking PETA into stopping the senseless murder of most adoptable dogs and cats it pretends to rescue (94% in 2010)??? unless like PETA, you really mean to abolish companion animals? ( in which case your dog better look out)

  • Janice

    Roger – before you patronize Michael, why don’t you fix your bogus web site. You have a condition called Pretty Exaggerated Territorial Arrogance.