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Animals seem to be able to communicate with each other on a much deeper level than any of us can understand, and for proof of the inter-species communication, look no further than a friendship that has formed between a bush baby and a yellow baboon at a Nairobi animal orphanage.

The female baboon is just six-months-old and was abandoned in Maralal in Northern Kenya by its family, while the three-month-old bush baby was abandoned in central Kenya. Both were brought to the Kenya Wildlife Service center, and both have come to rely on and take care of each other.

Charles Musyoki, a senior scientist for the wildlife center, stated, “This is a situation where two individuals are basically in need of each other because they need the bond to survive in the absence of their parents and their grouping. Therefore when both find themselves in such a situation they tend to bond and make friendships.”

The union between two species is rare but not unheard of, as we’ve previously reported on a cat and barn owl who found each other, and a deer who became protective over a goose nest.

“In the natural world they are very separated in terms of time,” Musyoki said, because the yellow baboon is active during the day, whereas the bush baby is nocturnal, “[but] in this captive environment because the two animals which are in distress, need each other for companionship, for friendship and play.”

He also added that the pair will have to be separated as they grow older, but for now they have each other to cope with their new surroundings.

Watch a video of the two below!