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LA Lakers defensive player Ron Artest is a man of many faces; he loves animals and has done PSA’s for PETA, but was also suspended from 75 games for brawling with fans. So, it only seems fair that Jimmy Kimmel play a little joke on the athlete.

In a segment that aired last week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the comedian tricked Artest into participating in a phony PSA for an animal charity called “Critters United.”

Artest, being the animal lover that he is, starts the PSA with an adorable puppy who can’t stop licking his face. Then another critter is brought out… a possum. Followed by a python, a porcupine, and finally a man dressed as a bear.

Watch the clip below and get a good LOL from how much Artest starts to sweat!

  • Sonia

    Love the diss on the lakers! And that opossum was sooo cute:)

  • Pat Lukes

    That is so funny. What a great sport. I’ve become a huge Ron Artest fan in the last year or so. He’s really overcome some serious obstacles.