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Her movies may be awful (I’m looking at you “The Tourist” and “SALT”), but Angelina Jolie is a force for good in this world – and on top of some recent huge donations ($500K for tornado victims, $10M to charity), we’ve got this new PSA for World Refugee Day on June 20th.

The actress, who is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations’s High Commission on Refugees, has punched out spots before, but the importance of the issue bears constant repeating. As you would expect, she’s not one to simply address the crisis from behind a camera. It was announced today that Turkish officials have granted Jolie permission to visit refugees who have fled from Syria to escape violent uprisings.

The 36-year-old will reportedly land in the country and Friday and visit refugee camps in Southern Turkey. Check out her new PSA after the jump below.

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  • aspains

    Angelina Jolie movies are not “awful”. “The Tourist” and “SALT” were good popcorn movies that made a lot of money. Not all movies have to be “award movies”.

    If you want that you can see her in “A Might Heart”, “Changeling”, “Girl, Interrupted”, “Gia” etc

    For those movies Angelina got
    2 Oscar nominations 1 win
    6 Golden Globes nominations 3 wins
    4 Screen Actors nominations Guild 2 wins
    2 Emmys nominations
    1 BAFTA nomination

    and the list goes on.

    • don miguelo

      Yes Michael, that was a bit of an underhanded compliment to start off the article! I know what you mean though, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” was beyond ridiculous–but “A Mighty Heart” was amazing. (However, I’m sure the former was the blockbuster).

      I’ve been a fan since “Cyborg 2″ and “Hackers” though, so my opinion is a bit tipped.

      Congrats to her for using her fame and money for good, for trying to change the world. Not every actor does that, regardless the quality of the movies they make!

      • Michael dEstries

        Ok, it was harsh – and @Aspains is right that not all of her movies are terrible. As indicated, some are really quite good. So my criticism was overboard.

        However, I’m still pissed about paying to see “The Tourist”. It really was awful, awful – and I don’t care if it and “SALT” (far better than “Tourist”, but still sub-par) made lots of money. Just further proof that we got suckered.

        But is she an amazing person? Absolutely. No disagreement there.