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The health benefits of going veg are no secret, but it’s always great to see an A-list celeb promoting the cause! Carrie Underwood was a guest on an Australian show called “The Circle,” when she started dishing on her recent move from vegetarian to vegan.

“I’ve recently made the switch to vegan because I’m actually kind of lactose intolerant,” the 28-year-old explained. She then added that her initial step into a meat-free diet came at an early age. “I grew up on a farm,” she said. “Once I learned why we had a farm, that was that.”

I’ve heard a lot of vegans talk about a “wake up” moment they had which led them to giving up meat. It sounds like Carrie’s came at an early age, has anyone else had a similar experience?

Check out a clip from the interview below.

  • Mark Larson

    I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that she married a HUNTER!!! How she, an animal advocate, can choose to share her life with a person who inflicts on animals fear, pain, suffering, and death — for FUN! And I hear in the new house they share together hubby has a trophy room with dead animals he’s killed on display. It is incomprehensible to me how she can possibly be okay with any of that!

    • herwin

      another vegan celeb down the drain…
      seems like maybe she didn’t have her “wake up” moment after all.

  • Me Too

    Um, she’s talking about going vegan while wearing an animal print top? Hilarious! What a piece of work.

  • Scott Gaines

    Hey Guys: I think your confusing Carrie with Miranda Lambert her husband Blake Shelton is a avid hunter. Carrie’s husband Mike Fisher is a hockey player for the Nashville Predators. I just now noticed the top..:)

    • herwin

      nope we no confused i didnt know either until i did read the above comment just took me two sec to google carry underwood husband hunting to see many results including the trophy room YUKS
      on the other hand, although she aint no vegan (i mean, that would involve no leather and a total animal cruelty free lifestyle not a simple diet) she pretty shakes up much meaties with her being a vegetarian, so in her world her decision being veg must be tough for her sometimes, in that way i respect her.
      But then again, allowing your partner a room with chopped off stuffed animal heads… ???? pretty grossssssssss….

  • Lisa

    She’s wearing an animal-PRINT top. PRINT. Not fur. I don’t see how that makes her a piece of work. In any case, there are way more interesting celeb vegans than this american idol nobody

  • don miguelo

    Went Vegetarian when she was young due the wake up moment on the farm, I get that.
    Went Vegan recently due being ‘kind of actually’ lactose intolerant, nothing to do with ethics or a wake up moment. Meh.

    Animal print is obviously not real fur but pretty ironic.

    Hey I support her choosing vegan for whatever reason of course but I’m not sure she’s “promoting the cause” that hard, just mentioning it. A hunter husband and a country following do not make it easy to say you are going vegan for ethical reasons, I would imagine.

  • Erin Elizabeth

    I definitely wear organic animal prints that are vegan (I have no problem with that- it’s just a print- not even fake fur)

    • don miguelo

      Yeah I’m totally fine with faux animal prints too! I mean pink cheetah print on rayon is just another pattern, not promoting wearing animals, and obviously not real! Not that I would wear that, of course hahaha.