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You may know country music star Trace Adkins, but you should get to know his young daughter Brianna Adkins, as the 9-year-old animal activist in training recently saved her two family dogs from a house fire.

Brianna was with her two sisters in their Brentwood, Tennessee home when a faulty power strip set the house on fire. Her family ran to safety, but when it became clear that their two puppies were missing Brianna went into action. She grabbed her neighbor and the two ran back into the house to rescue the pets.

As a result, PETA is awarding theirCompassionate Action Award” to the girl— which means a framed certificate and a box of yummy vegan chocolates— hoping to spread the message that families with animals should make escape plans now in case of future emergencies.

“Thanks to the heroic actions of Brianna Adkins, her family’s beloved dogs survived the fire and are alive and well,” PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman stated. “Her heroism is a compelling reminder that all members of the family—including dogs, cats, and other animals—deserve help in an emergency.”

We hope all of our Ecorazzi pet owners have a plan of action!! If not, make one now!


  • http://none whitknidenise

    what a brave thing to for a 9 year old girl; she really deserved to be honored


      So very sorry for the Adkins loss. However I don’t agree with rewarding a nine year old or anyone other than a trained fireman/woman to return to a burning home.

      this completely goes against all the POSITIVE media coverage from the Adkins about an escape route and safe place for family to meet when out of the home….

      this only serves to encourage other young children to run back, children not capable of understanding the ramifications of how quickly a small fire can turn into an inferno (as their home did) shame on you PETA! JMO

  • georgina

    If my house was on fire i would run back inside to save my dogs, cats, and birds. No pet left behind. And no, i am not a firefighter or a person trained to walk thorugh fire, and the last thing in my mind would be how i am going to get a reward for doing something that would only come natural to me. I am their keeper, i make sure they are all always happy and healthy, so why would anyone who has and loves pets not AT LEAST TRY to go back inside to save them? Shame on those would turn their backs on their pets.