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For all of you Ecorazzi lovers out there, you know how much we adore Alicia Silverstone. Though we’ve already posted today about a video she shared on The Kind Life, we couldn’t help but include a great compilation of info that the new mama posted about reducing waste.

Silverstone focuses on simple things that can be done to cut back on the amount of waste we produce, specifically in the home and in the office. While she notes that many readers probably still do many of the tips she suggests, she writes “I hope that this inspires newbies!”

In addition to her own tips, Silverstone also lists ideas from the Canadian government for reducing office waste as well as why recycling is important from the EPA.

Here are some of the tips the 34-year-old offered up:

  • Avoid disposable items whenever possible.
  • Choose durable products that can be used again and again.
  • Use the blank sides of scrap paper for notes and lists before recycling the paper.
  • Print letters and reports on both sides of the paper and set the default switch on your photocopier to double-sided.
  • Use e-mail instead of paper memos and reduce the number of messages you print out.
  • For the full list of ideas on how to help reduce waste, visit Silverstone’s blog!

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    • herwin

      I for one don’t “adore” any fake vegan who calls real vegans “icy and rigid”.
      Sad to this this mindless adoring of fake vegan celebs. Please treat us like real people with brain, not like as we were pimpled tweenies.

      “Vegan” Alicia Silverstone commenting after she been caught eating cheese while drunk :

      “Being flexible that way makes more people comfortable. If I’m rigid about it and I’m perfect, then no one is going to be able to be like me because I’ll be this icey, rigid thing.”

      • Jess

        Sounds like you’re the “icy, rigid” type.

    • shredding Austin

      Having too much of something is bad – this is how the old saying goes and it can also be applied to how we deal with our garbage problems these days. Paper – one of the most wasted material every day – has a multitude of uses if only we were sensitive about what is going on in our environment that affects the weather conditions. With as simple a gesture as minimizing paper wastage, a great number of trees will be spared. Paper can be reused, shredded, recycled and re-purposed in so many ways so that we do not have to constantly depend on a new supply. Thank you for the tips and I do hope that more people will get inspired by your posts!