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Have you ever made sweet, sweet, love under the branches of a tree, in a field of flowers, or next to an unfortunate ant hill that you swear wasn’t there when you, ahem, started? If these scenarios and others involving Mother Nature in a three-way spark a bit of heat, then you just might be an Ecosexual.

As HuffPo relates, the term is fairly new – but just enough people are embracing it that a second annual three-day EcoSex Symposium kicks off today in San Francisco. “Ecosexuals realize they are part of nature and that nature is, in itself, sensual and erotic,” event co-founder Elizabeth Stephens told AOL Weird News. “We see no separation between humans and nature — there is no human exceptionalism going on here.”

Indeed, Stephens, an art professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz, and her Ph.D. partner Annie Sprinkle, a former porn actress-turned-sexologist, have married the Earth, moon, Appalachian mountains and snow in Ottawa. Showing how they have love for even the dirtier parts of the planet, they plan on marrying some coal when they visit Spain this summer.

“This is something we feel, but it is also a strategy to engage people in the environment in a fun way,” she said. “Otherwise, people can get depressed by the state of the environmental state.”

“People talk about Mother Earth, but we want to make this sexy so people will take care of their lover instead of mother,” Sprinkle added.

Questions to be answered at the symposium include “Why are skinny dipping, mysophilia, and aboreal frottage so pleasurable?” and (my personal favorite) “Where is the e-spot?”

Do you have some erotic tendencies towards the outdoors? Let us know! Perhaps the experiences of others can convince some to give Mother Nature a front row seat for future intimate moments.

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