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Alicia Silverstone shared this video of a rottweiler playing with a baby and making him giggle on her blog The Kind Life.

We think it’s pretty adorable too, and definitely TGIF worthy! As Silverstone put it, “I think that animals are the greatest gift to little ones.”

I know how much my nephews love playing with their Siamese cats! Do you have pets that your children love playing with??

  • whitney

    OH MY GOD, GET THAT MONSTER AWAY FROM THAT PRECIOUS BABY!! Oh, that’s a rottweiler and not a pit bull. Nevermind!

    My niece loves my two dogs, and they love her back. My corgi-mix uses lick-attack every time my niece comes over.

  • PitPomDobeMom

    Wow Whitney, that was a pretty nasty thing for you to say. Maybe you need to research the nanny dogs and look up the American Temperament Test Society rankings. Pit Bulls rank BETTER than Golden Retrievers. Further proof it’s how they are raised. If you want to talk about dogs that have done 100% of fatal dog attacks, look to dogs that are NOT fixed. There has NEVER been a fatal dog attack by a spayed/neutered dog
    I do rescue, and the most kid friendly dogs we get in rescue are usually Rotties and Pibbles. I have rescued over 200 Pitties and we keep in contact with the owners. All owners we adopt to are responsible (they opted to adopt FIXED dogs, keep their dogs indoor, don’t chain their dogs, got Pits for the right reasons- not to look cool, and socialized their dogs). We have never had an incident with a single dog we adopted out.

    • whitney

      *watches at the sarcasm flies right over your head*

    • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

      amazing, golden retrievers are more vicious than ‘pits”, who could have imagined that ?
      Guess now all the gangsta’s in town wanna have a golden retriever to look cool…