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Oh, Donald Trump… a failed run at becoming president, a slew of marriages to women with fake boobs, that cheap toupee— you can’t possibly offend anyone else with your tacky sensibilities can you?

Yes, of course he can and he is, because he is now resorting to bullying. It seems that the 65-year-old has proposed a $2 billion golf course development in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, on a spot that also happens to be home to David Milne and his wife, where they have lived for the past 20 years. Now stay with me here, Milne has lived in this area peacefully, but because Trump feels his new neighbor is a potential nuisance, he decided to erect a massive wooden fence and plant dozens of trees around that fence to effectively block out the “disturbance.” THEN, and here’s the kicker, he sent Milne a bill for half of the cost of construction— approximately £2820 ($4,600).

“There is no way I’m going to pay it,” Milne stated. “As far as I’m concerned it’s just another attempt to intimidate and bully me. But it’s not going to work. I’m not paying any attention to it at all.” He then added, “I could not believe it when the bill arrived. I priced the materials and I could put up the whole fence on my own for about £800.”

Problems arose when Trump offered to buy Milne’s property after the Scottish government gave the business mogul the go ahead to start development, but when Milne refused to sell, Trump took action.

But it isn’t just Milne who is unhappy with these actions, the locals are up in arms because the dunes and beaches Trump plans to build on are also home to some of Scotland’s rarest birds, seven of which are endangered species.

Way to be a dick, guy.


  • herwin

    1. “a failed run at becoming president”
    he didn’t run for presidency.

    2. “a slew of marriages to women..”
    he married three times, that isn’t that much in todays society, and it’s better to divorce than to stay in an unhappy marriage. Being anti-divorce is just Christian Morality crap.

    3. “.. with fake boobs”
    since when is “fake boobs” a deadly sin ? Many of Razzi’s celeb darlings have fake boobs, or you really think Pammy has real ones ?

    4. “that cheap toupee”
    since when is a toupee something to trash about ? It’s irrelevant and insulting to people with a toupee.

  • Gestion de patrimoine

    Donald Trump, what a joke. I guess he will continue to fail. Politics and business are not suited for him…

  • Anita

    All I can say is: poor Melania. I know she gets paid well for her services but… gross.

  • Bradford Rand

    with all of his money, he should buy millions of acres of forest land – and do NOTHING with it – just preserve it for future generations…. that would be my advice – our world certainly does not NEED another golf course… and I actually like the game sometimes.