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After replacing Megan Fox as Shia Labeouf’s love interest in the “Transformer”s franchise, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been doing quite a few interviews. A topic she’s particularly happy to talk about? Her food choices.

The model turned actress grew up on a farm and definitely sees a difference between the animals she cuddles and the animals she eats. She told Complex Magazine last month, “I know where my food comes from. I don’t get sad ’cause you don’t build relationships with those animals. I’m a farm girl; there’s the pigs, that’s the dog that I play with and love, but it’s the pig that’s gonna be in the freezer next month.”

So, by that logic, the only difference between a dog and a pig is what they are used for. It could just as easily be reversed with the dog in the freezer and the pig getting the tummy rub. Perhaps if the actress spent time hanging out with the pig, she might consider calling him friend rather than food.

In positive news, she’s a huge fan of organic farming and thinks that processed foods with tons of chemicals and additives just aren’t right. She said, “Sometimes you go into a supermarket and the apples are all the same size and color, but that’s not what apples are supposed to look like. Go to an orchard or an organic farm, and the apples are sometimes knobby, but they taste better.”

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  • Rat King

    This is called speciesism – the very illness of this world!

  • herwin

    i respect what she says,it makes sense to me, and it doesn’t sound hypocritical.
    But most probably she was raised on an old fashioned real farm, where the farm animals were raised, more or less, natural and, more or less, happy.
    I am SURE that when miss whiteley sees nowadays animal FACTORIES (which have little resemblance to a family farm she grew on) she will be disgusted like any normal person, by the sheer horror that animal factorie animals have to live.

  • Rachelle

    She’s pretty but ignorant…Pretty ignorant. LOL!

  • Chris

    She’s a bimbo.

    She should check out, watch the movie, and hopefully it’ll change her perception.

  • mep

    We could that same “logic” to justify anything. I’m sure slave owners had the same mentality (assigning value to humans based on their own desires/needs). And, yes, as the article mentions, the roles could easily be reversed (dog/pig), and often are in other countries. When we look at how other cultures eat dogs we realize that there truly is no difference in the animals — only in how we assign value. It is abhorrent trait of humans to elevate ourselves to such a level that we feel we have the right to determine another living creatures worth. All living beings, human and non-human have their own intrinsic value and reason for living. It is cruel, self-focused, and ultimately short-sighted to believe that just because we don’t form a relationship with another creature that it gives us a right to use and abuse them.

  • georgina

    Well duh, that sounds like what i did before when i used to eat animals. Of course i would never think of eating my own pets because i know them, and love them, but i did eat other animals i never came in contact with.

  • Remy Chevalier

    I knew it, she eats Bambi meat!m