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Even you Red Sox fans are going to like this story…(Editor’s note: Not a chance in hell… :) )

Yankees newcomer Brian Gordon is the first Major League Baseball player to use a 100% synthetic glove. No more cow. All vegan.

The glove is made by the Carpenter Trade Company, and based on Gordon’s use of it, is worthy of being worn on the most famous baseball field in the world.

Gordon told the Lohud Yankees Blog, “It’s very different looking and not your, the traditional look. But I asked more and more questions about it and it just made sense to me. I think a glove is a tool. A glove is our tool, a tool we use every day, and it may as well fit, fit for us.” He added, “It’s a very simple equation: Lighter is better.”

Gordon is a pitcher and if you’ve ever been on the mound you know what it’s like to have a line drive come straight at your head. A glove can be great for protection as well as a tool for the game. You want one that’s top of the line. It’s great to know that the Carpenter Trade Company has perfected the synthetic glove.

Perhaps other players will follow in his footsteps and reduce the amount of cows used in professional baseball. Some have already switched to a mixture of synthetic and leather. For sure fans of Gordon who want to play like he does will likely emulate this choice to go synthetic.

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