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Only one lucky winner can be crowned in the World’s Ugliest Dog competition, and that is where Yoda, a mix between a Chinese crested and a Chihuahua, truly shines.

Owner Terry Schumacher was none too surprised that her 2-pound, 14-year-old pooch took home the trophy Friday night at the 23rd annual Sonoma Marin Fair. In fact, when she first rescued the dog— who had been abandoned behind an apartment building— she thought he was a rat.

Previous winners have gone home with a $1,000 prize, proving that ugly can be a very beautiful thing.

Watch footage from the competition below!

  • Karina

    That’s horrible. It’s bad enough that we judge everyone else in society by their physical appearances, but judging other animals is just completely ridiculous. I personally do not think Yoda is ugly. He’s really cute in my opinion.

  • Jennie

    Looks aside, the best part of this is that the poor dog was rescued and is in a great home…