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Being from Florida, a state which has had its fair share of controversy and hate, this story makes me happy: Fur has officially been banned from the Miss Florida USA Pageant.

For years animal rights groups have protested the prize of a full-length black mink coat being awarded to every woman crowned Miss Florida USA, and their hard work has paid off, as the “gift” will no longer be used.

“The cruelty of fur has no place in a beauty pageant,” said Don Anthony, a member of the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida. “We are very happy that Miss Florida USA will no longer be associated with this brutal trade. We wish the pageant, and all of this year’s beautiful contestants, success!”

I’m so proud that my home state is blazing a trail with this new measure, way to represent!

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  • Rat King

    This is really great news – and makes me proud too – to be a human (for this time)!

  • Sonia


  • Amber

    YES!! I live in Florida so it’s nice to hear that they did this!