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To cap Season Four of their hit reality series “Whale Wars“, Animal Planet is throwing together a reunion special featuring Captain Paul Watson and other Sea Shepherd crew members reminiscing about their latest (and most successful) campaign in the Southern Ocean. From the release:

Five Sea Shepherds – along with Captain Watson – sit down with host Lisa Ling to talk about what happened when the cameras were and weren’t rolling. The reunion will include the best-of and never-before-seen footage of the dramatic conflicts between Watson’s international conservationist group and the whaling industry and discussion about some of the harrowing decisions the crew made to keep themselves and their crew out of jeopardy. Joining Watson are helicopter pilot Chris Aultman, Gojira Captain Locky MacLean, bosun Benjamin “Pottsy” Potts, quartermaster and rescue swimmer Fiona McCuaig and crane operator Matt Smith as they discuss their three-month adventure that put their lives on the line to defend whales in the treacherous waters and climate of Antarctica.

The release lightly plays up a bit of speculation over whether this will be the last season of “Whale Wars” (something we doubt), while also pointing to news reports suggesting that Japan may return to the Southern Ocean next year. In response, the Sea Shepherd have announced Operation Divine Wind to show the whalers that they’re ready to interfere yet again.

“We will end whaling in the Southern Ocean,” Watson said in a recent release, “No matter how prolonged the effort, how dangerous the risks, or the sacrifices we need to make. We have pledged our lives and freedom to ending this slaughter, and we will achieve this noble objective, or we will die trying.”

The “Whale Wars” reunion special airs immediately following the season finale on August 12th at 10PM.


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