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Oh, animal hybrids— quit being so adorable why dontcha?! Just kidding! It’s actually impossible for mixed breed animals to be ugly, especially if you’re a “Donkra,” aka a mix of a male donkey and a female zebra.

A male donkra was born over the weekend at the Xiamen Haicang zoo in China, and the newborn has donkey eyes and zebra legs… squeee!!!

Of course, with any unique animal there are bound to be some catches— and the birth was nothing if not a challenge for the veterinarians. “During birth the donkra choked on its mother’s amniotic fluid, causing asphyxiation,” said Lin Qiaoying, a rep for the zoo. “We had to hold him upside down to remove and clean the fluid from his nose and mouth. We managed to save him in the end.”

Raw Video: Half Donkey, Half Zebra Is Born

  • Rebecca Carter

    Did they breed this animal on purpose? Why would they do that? I’m feeling like they probably messed with nature for media attention and ticket sales. Cute, but seeing as they are in a zoo, I’m thinking totally unnatural. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

  • Erin Elizabeth

    Rebecca ;)

    I always have an opinion lol. I’ve loved Ecorazzi for many years and have been thankful to have some stories on here eons ago that I submitted etc..

    BUT the fact they are putting up videos (GLORIFYING) BREEDING at animal prisons (those are called zoos where the animals are behind bars – in cages) I’m a little surprised let down and sad…..

    • herwin

      Amen to that, Erin, thanks for expressing that. It’s just very sad to see these silly articles.