by Ali Garfinkel
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Photo: Flickr via Kiwi NZ

Yes, it’s a “thing.”

Le Petite Puppy, a NYC pet store, is having a bit of a “drunk puppy buying” problem. You see, the shop is located on 18 Christopher St., an area heavily populated by bars, and when the inebriated patrons stumble home from said bars, they are captivated by little furry faces.

So much so, they make impulse buys.

Fernanda Moritz, the manager of the pet store, said she has seen one too many “booze-fueled purchases go bad.”

“Moritz recalled selling a Chihuahua some years ago to a woman she thought might have been drunk, only to have the dog returned the next day — in a near-dead state. ‘We took it to the vet and he found five pills in the dog’s stomach,’ she said. ‘It almost overdosed.’ The Chihuahua’s stomach was pumped, and it survived.”

However, too many close calls have led the manager to implement a “come back again tomorrow” policy, the result of which she says “they almost never do.”

Moritz has also stated that if she even suspects a patron may be drunk, they are refused access to even holding the puppy.

Of the effect on sales, Moritz, along with another pet store owner has claimed they’d rather lose the sale than potentially expose their puppies to harm.

Good call!

  • stephanie

    Well, that’s nice….maybe if they didn’t SELL puppies at all that wouldn’t be a problem.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erin-Elizabeth/566480478 Erin Elizabeth

    Amen Stephanie. I cannot believe they even sold the puppy mill pups to drunks in the past?

    Darn, where is DEXTER when you need him!?

  • http://www.notesfromthedogpark.blogspot.com Marti

    Wow — they don’t want to “expose their puppies to harm”? What about the parents of the puppies living in the puppy mills? Pet shops that sell puppies don’t give a damn about dogs, only about money. Shelters are overflowing with dogs, killing dogs every day. Agreed Stephanie – selling dogs needs to stop.