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Ellen DeGeneres isn’t just hilarious, she’s also a vegan with a love for all animals (and a pretty sweet dancer too, I might add). But would this veg-celeb join in a veggie dog-eating contest? If two Toronto film students have their way, she just might!

Getting Friendly‘s Vegan Meal Time videos have become a YouTube sensation! They were first created in response to Epic Meal Time, a series of videos for truly meat-obsessed carnivores. Vegan Meal Time stars and creators Justin Elchakieh and Benjamin Gilgan, vegan film students at Ryerson University, have gone viral with their latest video: an invite for Ellen (complete with cow-costumed dance) to 10,000 Tastes 10 Billion Reasons, an event that’s being called Canada’s biggest vegan event ever!

Toronto, once called Hogtown in its days as one of North America’s largest pig-slaughtering locations, is now home to a lively vegan community with many veg restaurants and even a vegan grocery store. On August 10, Toronto will also be host to this huge two-part event, created by Empathy Unlimited and the Toronto Vegetarian Association. Going from 12pm-6pm, the first part is free and open to the public in Yonge-Dundas Square. 5,000 veggie dogs will be given away courtesy of sponsor Tofurky! Wow! If that’s not enough temptation, attendees will also get to sample some of the most popular vegan foods available from Daiya, Vega and Toronto-based super-bakery Sweets from the Earth. There will be live entertainment as well as a live taping of a Vegan Meal Time video.

Gene Baur, a true animal hero and president and founder of Farm Sanctuary, will also be on hand to meet and greet. Gene is sticking around for part two, held from 7:30-9:30pm at Hart House of the University of Toronto. He will give a talk on his work as well as his book: Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food, followed by a book-signing. You must have tickets for this part of the day, and they can be purchased online from Vegan To A Tee or in-person at the Toronto Vegetarian Association or Panacea. Don’t wait and miss out on this awesome opportunity to hear from one of the leaders of the animal rights movement! During the evening, there will also be a raffle, with more than $3000 worth of vegan products and services as prizes.

Not only will you get to enjoy all of this, but you’ll be supporting some fantastic causes. Proceeds from the event will be donated to Farm Sanctuary, Toronto Vegetarian Association, We Animals, and Snooters Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Whether you can make it to Toronto on August 10 or not, you can help out by getting Ellen to dance on over and enjoy the day! Below is the video invite from Getting Friendly. You can help by viewing the video and sharing it with your friends. You can also write to Ellen and ask her to attend.

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