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Photo: Simon Ager/Sea Shepherd

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been officially banned from attending the International Whaling Commission (IWC) since 1987, but that has not stopped them from showing up to defend whales.

Captain Paul Watson, crew members, and a crowd of supporters may not be allowed to attend the meeting, but they’re making sure they’re heard at the IWC.

Sea Shepherd’s last anti-whaling campaign, Operation No Compromise, ended Japan’s whale hunting season one month early, leaving the fleet hundreds of whales short of their quota. Inside the IWC meetings, Japan continues to criticize the actions of the conservation organization. Delegation chief Kenji Kagawa is asking the nations of the IWC to stop the anti-whaling campaigns, ones that he calls “violent and illegal.” He has specifically asked Australia and the Netherlands to no longer register Sea Shepherd’s ships under their nation’s flags.

Meanwhile, Watson is promising that if Japan returns to Antarctica, so will he and his crew. The captain has already announced that the potential 2011-2o12 campaign would be called Operation Divine Wind, and says “Sea Shepherd will never retreat or surrender in the face of threats and opposition from the Japanese whalers and the Japanese government. The conservation society is committed to ending illegal whaling activities in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and will utilize every, and all aggressive non-violent strategies and tactics to achieve that objective.”

The organization, along with some anti-whaling nations, maintains that Japan is illegally hunting whales in a sanctuary in violation of conservation law, while Japan argues that they are hunting whales for research purposes and therefore allowed to continue whaling according to the IWC. The IWC is currently split almost evenly between whaling and anti-whaling nations.

What’s next for Sea Shepherd? Within days, the crew is off on the Steve Irwin and newly-named Brigitte Bardot to the Faeroe Islands to defend pilot whales.

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  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Jennifer, you must be new here? I noticed a few issues with your piece that I thought I might address so that you might consider them more deeply in your future reporting.

    Firstly, Paul Watson is not a registered captain. It is not only erroneous to refer to him with the title, but also misleading as it lends him a credibility that he simple does not have. He was, however, convicted of a violent criminal offence in Norway in 1997, so it would be appropriate to refer to him with as a “convicted criminal” if you insisted upon giving him a prefix.

    Secondly, if you’re going to address the issue of Japan’s request for Australia to do more to uphold its legal obligation to prevent violent acts of terrorism being launched from its ports, it could be worthwhile to provide some minor background to the request. This could include the years of violent attacks launched by Sea Shepherd against Japanese maritime interests, including ramming, throwing acid and shining weapons grade lasers (all acts which are proudly recounted on the SSCS website, FYI). Another interesting tidbit is that a member of SSCS was tried and convicted of burning a Japanese sailor with acid last year. I strongly recomend you look closely into the sinister agenda of SSCS itself.

    Lastly, you seem to source a large part of your information from Sea Shepherd itself. For your information, Paul Watson publicly advocates lying as a means of furthering his cause. He and his organisation are hardly credible sources. I strongly recommend that you conduct some research into the facts of the whaling dispute yourself. A good point to begin would be Article VIII of the ICRW, Article 87 of the UNCLOS, and perhaps Japan’s lodgement of an objection to the “Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary” with regard to minke whales.

    In the meantime, I look forward to reading your balanced and rational coverage of this issue that so many on the anti-whaling side find so emotionally overwhelming. I’ve worked in the past with the previous correspondent, Mr d’Estries, and hope that your commitment to unbiased coverage and non-glorification of violence will be more successful than his.

    Kind regards


    • Michael Raymer

      Kimi’s back!!!! Yayyy!!! The Prodigal Punching Bag has returned home.

      “(all acts which are proudly recounted on the SSCS website, FYI)”
      “you seem to source a large part of your information from Sea Shepherd itself.”

      Well Kimi, you haven’t changed a bit have you. First you direct people to the SSCS website, then you tell them not to read it. So adorable.

      “Paul Watson is not a registered captain”

      Nonsense, and this has been covered ad nauseum. And I would point out that he uses his own name, as I use mine. What’s your real name Kimi?

      “This could include the years of violent attacks launched by Sea Shepherd against Japanese maritime interests, including ramming, throwing acid and shining weapons grade lasers (all acts which are proudly recounted on the SSCS website, FYI).”

      Weapons grade lasers??? OK….what are they used as a weapon against?? What falls down and dies when one of the “weapons grade” pointing devices gets aimed at it?? And it’s been proven that it was the whalers doing all the ramming, so who u pissed at?? Better recheck your facts, son.

      “Another interesting tidbit is that a member of SSCS was tried and convicted of burning a Japanese sailor with acid last year.”

      No he wasn’t.

      “I’ve worked in the past with the previous correspondent, Mr d’Estries”

      No you didn’t. You’ve been a pain in the ass and a troll in the past and got d’Estries so pissed at you that he was looking for one more excuse to ban you for good. I have it in an email, dated 8/26/10 that is right here on my screen. This was when you started your one-post-then-disappear tactic (which was a rare smart move on your part).

      “and hope that your commitment to unbiased coverage and non-glorification of violence will be more successful than his.”

      Unbiased?!? What a hoot. Keep swimming in that pool of hypocrisy that you dug for yourself. I guess that’s why you’re the only one who doesn’t notice the stench that it gives off.

      • romika3

        To bad what she says is correct. Watson and the SSCS is an eco-terrorist organization we all know it.

      • IsanaEnjeru

        The only incidence that people can percieve JPN whalers rammed a Ship is ADy Gil (though NZ investigation concluded that both sides had fault and was not intentional ramming as Sea Shepherd has done IN MULTIPLE OCCASIONS). So one wrong.

        Also, Bethene, a prominent SS (true) captain of AdyGil, was convicted of obstruction of work, property damage, endangering crews, tresspassing. The court did talk about throwing acid and he was deemed to be responsible for it. Two wrongs.

        What other twists do you have?

      • imforthewhales

        Kimi, what do you think of the IWC calling Japanse so called research whaling a total waste of time?

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        imforthewhales, to be honest with you I don’t pay much attention to the politicised musings of the IWC. See, that organisation has been so hopelessly corrupt and dysfunctional ever since the environmental NGOs starting bribing poor nations to vote in their favour. Added to that, the IWC is now buldging with nations that have no interest whatsoever in whaling – think of the landlocked nations of Switzerland, Luxumbourg, Slovakia, Monaco etc etc. And this is for an organisation whose stated purpose is to regulate commercial whaling!

        So as you can see, their pronouncements are often entirely irrelevant. And regrettably, I personally feel that the organisation should be junked and replaced with a new one made up of whaling nations – Norway, the United States, Russia, Japan, Iceland, Indonesia and so on. No membership for nations which do not harvest whales. This would allow for the effective management of cetacean resources and a sustainable harvest to ensure the future survival of this precious commodity.

        Do you not agree?

      • imforthewhales

        Kimitake , you do realise if that was to happen there would be no whaling in the SOWS, and the anti whaling nations would be free to set up whale sanctuaries as they please? Yes I agree.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Actually, no. Hate to be a stickler for details but that’s not how it works.

        See, only member states of the IWCare bound by its rules and regulations. And membership is voluntary. That means that the moratorium on commercial whaling, scientific research quotas, whale sanctuaries and other such relics only apply to those states that volunteer to join the IWC (subject also to the lodgement of objections, but that’s another story).

        So if whaling nations were indeed to withdraw, they would be free to do so in their own waters and on the high seas as permitted by Article 87 of the UNCLOS.

        This is why it is particularly absurd that anti-whaling nations demonstrate such a willingness to destroy the IWC. It’s an organisation that is meant to regulate commercial whaling, not prohibit it. The whalers can always leave, there’s nothing stopping them but their own goodwill to make the international body work.

        Any thoughts on this from Palm Beach?

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Jennifer, you’ll recall that I referred to those in the anti-whaling movement who find the topic a little emotionally overwhelming. It seems that we’ve been gifted with one such example as if right on cue.

      Young master Raymer is a prime example here. This exciteable lad is known around these parts for his empassioned interjections and outbursts and seems to be particularly stimulated by my contributions. He has a history of falling foul of the Ecorazzi forum guidelines but I believe has made efforts of late to clean up his act for which we should be grateful. But alas he does still occasionally slip up and I do find myself the target of his best critical efforts (an experience I would liken to being savagely bludgeoned with a piece of warm lettuce). But one mustn’t begrudge the youth for their foolishness – infact, I quite like the boy. What he lacks in knowledge and intellectual capacity, he more than makes up for in enthusiasm and passion.

      But, Jennifer, I raise this issue as I fear that Master Raymer may be typical of a good deal of the anti-whaling readership. There are clearly impressionable minds out there who watch TV shows showing bully boys meting out violence to those who don’t do as they wish, and believe their lies about the validity of their crimes. These same minds may then come upon your articles in search of information on the matter. And therein lies my point – that perhaps you, as a member of the online media/blogosphere, have a moral obligation to report facts and provide perspective on these important issues. Perhaps you will consider yourself duty bound to correct the misinformation disseminated by known liars and denounce their acts of violence as being what they are – entirely unacceptable.

      Because if you do not, who will tell them? When dear young Raymer grows up, will he too use violence as a means of enforcing his arbitrary views upon all and sunder?

      • Michael Raymer

        Yup…no imposter here (with pro-whalers, you never really know). This is the real Kimi. No other takes up more space, types out more words…..and says nothing whatsoever like our dear Kimi. I asked you a series of questions there kiddo. Would you care to answer any of them or are you still too frightened of a straight up debate? You should be frightened. Regardless of the fact that I’m right, irrespective of the fact that I’m so much smarter than you, you really can’t escape from the fact that you are really quite dense and un-talented. You won’t provide any answers or respond to any specific points because you do not have the intellectual capacity beyond a caged monkey, flinging his own feces.

        Do you really think that you are anything this world hasn’t seen time and time again? The internet has been around for quite a while kiddo, and so have people like you. You are not new, original or all that exciting to watch. You’re actually quite tired and tiresome. You are on every single discussion forum out there and none of you is fooling anyone, anymore.

        I WAS happy to see you Kimi. Now I can’t remember that you showed up. This is going exactly the same way it does with your buddies. You could be romika, David, Mick or a host of others from your side. You can’t address the issue but just have to respond with SOMETHING…..and we get this.

        When you have a point to make, make it. Until then, we already know what you are going to say.

  • Sea Cucumber

    The title should read – “Watson speaks “Outside” at the IWC meeting, because they did the right thing and booted his fat butt out of the hotel! LOLOLOL!! Major props to the UK for srtanding up to this little band of racists and hooligans. Watson shouldn’t be mad though, there are other hotels with better buffets than the Hotel de France! Too funny!!

    Hey Animux – I also like the way Fingering owned you on your own forum about Icelandic whaling!!

    • imforthewhales

      OMG…the cucumber returns, lol!

      • imforthewhales

        Sea Cucumber, how long do you propose to post here under that name? I do hope that your moniker sticks around for a while.

        Anyone notice how all those drivers in Jersey were tooting their horns for Sea Shepherd? Apparently all those tooters for SSCS ( yep, those people of the UK) spoiled the Japanese delegates breakfast, lol.

    • AnimuX

      The only thing fingering owns is a text file with all of the spam created by his pro-whaling government.

      What’s most amusing about him is the way he sometimes tries to claim he is not pro-whaling… like picking sides between Loftsson’s endangered Fin whale meat export business and Jonsson’s domestic Minke whale meat business.

      And his little quip about “millions of people don’t give a damn” applies to just about anything. Want to see an example?

      Here we go:
      “Millions of people don’t give a damn” about anything you have ever written about Sea Shepherd, Cucumber.

  • Beverley Bailey


    As the International Whaling Commission continues with its 63rd Annual meeting in the Channel Islands, Earthrace Conservation UK believes that ultimately, it will be the health risks of eating whales that will end the hunts that outrage the anti-whaling lobby, not the protests or physical confrontations that make the headlines.

    A number of research projects into whales and dolphins, and into the health of people that eat meat from them, have consistently reported dangerous levels of toxic methyl mercury and increasingly, persistent organic pollutants, in the bodies of cetaceans, and offered proof of the risks to humans of consuming them.

    A spokesperson for Earthrace Conservation UK said, “Protests and confrontations have certainly had an effect in bringing international awareness to the slaughter of cetaceans all over the world, with Sea Shepherd undoubtedly succeeding in shortening the hunting season for the Japanese in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary last year. However, ultimately, we believe that it is the toxicity of the whales and other marine mammals hunted for profit and the associated health risks to those that eat them, which will end these hunts forever.”

    Whilst the world now has a much greener agenda than it had decades ago, the damage has already been done by our careless personal and industrial dumping and disposal of damaging waste and chemicals. “It’s not just the whaling nations that are at fault, it’s all of us”, continued the spokesperson, “The oceans themselves are toxic almost anywhere you go, so it’s hardly surprising that whales, dolphins, sharks, rays, seals and other marine animals at the higher end of the food chain are so toxic too”.

    Earthrace Conservation sent a small International team to the Faroe Islands last month to investigate how widespread knowledge of the health risks of eating pilot whale was amongst the population, and to talk to those involved in the grindadraps (dolphin drives) that annually see an average of around 1,000 pilot whales killed for their meat and blubber.
    It was Dr Pal Weihe, Chief Physician from the Faroese Department of Occupational Medicine and Public Health, and a leading researcher into the effects of mercury on people that eat grind meat, who said as far back as 1998 that his own Government should ban consumption completely.

    To date, this hasn’t happened although a recent advisory notice from Faroese Food and Veterinary Authority (June 2011) halved the original 1998 recommendations from 10kg per person per year to just 4kg with additional notices surrounding consumption by girls and women of child-bearing age, and children.

    With the Government of the Faroe Islands refusing to take the advice of their own experts, people in the Faroe Islands are confused about what to believe. Many mothers that the team spoke to continued to eat pilot whale whilst saying ‘they would never feed it to their children’, other people said they had stopped eating it because of the health risks, and especially amongst the younger generation in the larger cities further way from where the grinds take place, there was increasing recognition both on health grounds and from an animal welfare perspective that it was time for the grinds to end.

    Even some of the the hunters – many of whom maintain they are true conservationists and only participate in sustainable grindadraps – are beginning to acknowledge there is unacceptable wastage because consumption appears to be decreasing, with many instances of the previous year’s pilot whale meat being thrown out of freezers to be replaced by new stock.

    As a result of this unwelcome excess, some hunters admitted to the Earthrace team that there was talk of being accepting of a formal quota that would reduce the numbers of pilot whales allowed to be killed each year. This would take into account the reduced recommendations for consumption and the decrease in the numbers of Faroese happy to go on eating pilot whale. Whilst it won’t happen overnight, it seems the dolphin drives might be grinding naturally to a halt.

    Earthrace Conservation believes that whilst there is certainly a place for direct action, protests, petitions, and boycotts to continue until commercial whaling stops world-wide, it is without doubt time for those with the power to change things to step up and take responsibility for the health of their own nations.

    Earthrace Conservation said, “What we need now is for the Governments of all the whaling nations, and those that continue to allow the import of whales as food to their own countries, to wise up and start taking care of all their citizens not just the small minority directly involved in whaling. They can no longer ignore all the connected research results that are available and should openly warn their own populations about the risks, if not ban consumption altogether.

    “We firmly believe that ultimately, even if the older die-hards carry on, the younger generations will stop eating whales, dolphins and other marine animals high up the food chain for the sake of their own health and that of their children. If no-one is eating them, there are no profits, and therefore no point in continuing commercial whaling, dolphin drives or any of the other mass slaughters that continue to take place around the world.”

    Health risks not a natural fit for the Institute of Cetacean Research
    Earthrace Conservation is also wondering whether the Institute of Cetacean Research, the organisation responsible for Japanese ‘research whaling’, will announce any research results during the IWC that have looked into the toxicity of whale meat.

    As the organisation points out, “They have been ideally positioned to do this as their entire catch of whales since 1986 has purportedly been for research. Oddly enough, to date, ‘the study of environmental effects such as chemical pollution on cetaceans’ is not one of their highest priorities.

    “It’s only mentioned in passing as part of their current programme of killing whales in the North Pacific which they began again in June this year, and none of their published research so far has ever focused on the subject.

    “Instead, their activities focus on population numbers, what whales eat, and where they travel to and from which is all quite useful stuff if you want to kill whales for profit. No wonder looking into the health risks of eating whales is not a natural fit for the Japanese hunts that masquerade as research”.

    • IsanaEnjeru

      This would be much more convincing if they actually find a single case of mercury poisoning from eating whales. Faroes, Japanese in Taiji as well as those in Seychelles Isd have been consuming “methyl mercury tainted” whales for decades, yet there is no solid evidence of mercury poisoning. Along multiple studies, they found some modest, if any, anomaly but none can be directly linked to mercury poisoning by eating whales.
      The studies referred above is done in Harvard with other experts. But over a few decades of studies, they still cannot say mercury as a result of whale consumption (or for that matter any fish) caused serious health problems in people.

      • Beverley Bailey

        IsanaEnjeru, perhaps if you have time, you could read up on some of the studies as we have. We have also spoken at length to several of the highly qualified doctors, professors and academics who did some of the research. We’ve also spoken to people who have told us their children have been diagnosed with health problems most likely caused by mercury. They are very upset and disappointed that their Government didn’t work harder to tell them about the possible side effects earlier on.

        Dr Pal Weihe’s research (some with Syddansk Univeristy Denmark) and
        Précis of results shows that:
        • Mercury from pilot whale meat adversely affects the fetal development of the nervous system; The mercury effect is still detectable during adolescence
        • The mercury from the maternal diet affects the blood pressure of the children
        • The contaminants of the blubber adversely affect the immune system so that the children react more poorly to immunizations
        • Contaminants in pilot whales appear to increase the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease in those who often eat pilot whale
        • The risk of hypertension and arteriosclerosis of the carotid arteries is increased in adults who have an increased exposure to mercury
        • Septuagenarians with type 2 diabetes or impaired fasting glycemia tended to have higher past intake of traditional foods (such as pilot whale) during childhood and adolescence, and higher concentrations of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s).

        Faroese Government Recommendations (June 2011)
        for the consumption of pilot whale meat and blubber are as follows:

        • Adults should eat at most one meal of pilot whale meat and blubber per month.1

        • Special recommendations for women and girls:
        o Girls and women should refrain entirely from eating blubber as long as they are still planning to have children
        o Women who are planning pregnancy within the next three months, who are pregnant or who are breastfeeding should refrain from eating whale meat

        • The kidneys and liver of pilot whales should not be eaten.

        The Voyage of the Odyssey Report
        To access the Executive Summary, click below:
        Ocean Alliance undertook a five year, round the world research expedition during which scientists and crew collected biopsy samples and other data from almost 1,000 sperm whales globally.

        The expedition collected the first-ever baseline data set on toxic contaminants throughout the world’s oceans by studying the sperm whale, a cosmopolitan whale species that sits at the top of the oceanic food chain.

        Toxic Menu
        Contamination of Whale Meat and Impact on Consumers’ Health. © 2009


  • Bob

    The IWC did the right thing in banning watson and the ss. They are nothing but charlatans and scamsters who set the cause of real environmentalism back decades with their antics.

    • imforthewhales

      What do you call real environmentalism Bob? Example?

  • Sea Cucumber

    Imaufo or Imforthewhales,

    Returns? I’ve never been away! How’s it hanging, dude? I’m still a “Senior Member” on your forum, and have been “thanked” many times for my postings!


    Blah, blah, blah! For every tree-hugging “scientist” or “researcher” you talk to, I can find five who would refute the claims. That’s how it works in the scientific world. No one team is the end-all, beat-all group of scientific knowledge. If you were worth the price of a pound of toilet paper, you would be a published researcher yourself, as opposed to someone just googling and pasting away with whatever results fit your agenda.

    By the way, Animux said to Fingering that “millions of people care about the whales”, but the best you guys could muster was about 20-30 with guitars and signs made out of macaroni and glitter? Where were the “millions” that cared? Maybe they were busy? Too busy to “defend the whales”? Eh?

    That was the best your “team” could do? Inflatable killer whales?? Really?? Do you know who makes those inflatable whales? Yeah, the same companies who make them for Sea World and everywhere else that has dolphins and whales in captivity. Way to “save the whales”!

    Job well done!

    • AnimuX

      Oops. Someone forgot to mention the millions of people, not at Jersey, who regularly contribute donations to lots of anti-whaling organizations including WDCS, IFAW, Greenpeace, WWF, NRDC, PETA, Sea Shepherd, Earth Island Institute, American Cetacean Society, and many, many, many more…

      • imforthewhales

        Yep, someone forgot to mention those SAME people are the ones helping SSCS to purchase ships, and to crew those ships to go after the illegal Japanese whalers and send them home back to Japan with their tail between their legs. OOOOPPPS!

  • Beverley Bailey

    Sea Cucumber, I appreciate you sharing your opinion. It means you read the post (at least I assume you didn’t have to get your mum to read it for you?).

    I’m not sure why you’d want me to add myself to the enormous number of existing researchers and scientists who so ably furnish all of us with well thought out, robust results into all manner of things (including things like the damage to the neural development of young children as a result of their parents eating too much toxic food stuff – but you’ve probably realised the truth in that already?).

    As to finding five others who would refute the claims (for there were indeed more than one of them), I dare say you could. But I should warn you, scientists and researchers are not like normal people. They hang out in basements glued to microscopes and in far away lands miles away from you. So unless you lower yourself to my level and google and paste what you find with the best of us, I doubt I’ll be hearing anything sensible from you any time soon.

    Once again, thank you for reading my posts – it’s nice to know I have an audience. Beverley (with three ‘e’s)

  • Sea Cucumber


    “Mom” jokes? Really? Whatever…. ZZZZzzzz….


    Yeah, Ok – but still, the team couldn’t get enough people together to play a full game of baseball? And your leader left with his tail between his legs and a boot print on the seat of his pants. That’s pretty pathetic. Look, man, I know you’re “passionate” about these things, and that’s cool, but if it meant that much to you – why weren’t you there? Too busy, I guess? In all seriousness, just give me a straight answer to that. My guess is that it will be something along the lines of “too busy”, etc. Same excuse, different face. Of all your “millions” of supporters, the muster looked pretty sad. When pressed to act beyond the keyboard, 99.9% of the peaceniks and protesters will falter and find endless excuses to not be there – what’s your excuse? Paul says “anything for the whales”, but I guess to most like yourself that worship him as some sort of demi-God, that doesn’t mean using your own personal finances “for the whales”. Fingering kept asking you to come to Iceland to check things out for yourself – sounds like a golden opportunity, but you turned him down – looked bad for you, Bro. Oh yeah, you can write endlessly about such things and google till your hands fall off, but when it comes to stepping outside – I guess that’s where the passion ends, huh?

    Why don’t you try and be like Cam? At least he’s out there beating the streets. I was at the IMATA meeting in Boston and talked to Cam while he was there outside with his little group. When have you done anything like that? Never, I would suspect. I’ll give Cam some props for rocking it, even though the SSCS was the subject of many humorous remarks I heard the day I was there.

    You still upset that Fingering laid you to waste? That was fairly humorous – you citing all kinds of nonsense like you are some kind of expert in the laws surrounding conservation and international trade law. Right-o! Dude – don’t bother arguing – he doesn’t care, and neither do many of the others you think are your friends, despite the “thanks” you have gotten. After all, if I am one of the ones thanking you, how much does it really mean?

  • imforthewhales

    Resolution 2007-1


    WHEREAS paragraph 7(b) of the Schedule establishes a sanctuary in the Southern Ocean;

    RECALLING that the Commission has repeatedly requested Contracting Parties to refrain from issuing special permits for research involving the killing of whales within the Southern Ocean Sanctuary, has expressed deep concern at continuing lethal research within the Southern Ocean Sanctuary, and has also recommended that scientific research involving the killing of cetaceans should only be permitted where critically important research needs are addressed;

    CONSCIOUS that the Scientific Committee last year convened a workshop to analyse the results of JARPA 1, which is reported in SC/59/REP 1;

    NOTING that the Workshop agreed that none of the goals of JARPA 1 had been reached, and that the results of the JARPA 1 programme are not required for management under the RMP;

    FURTHER NOTING that the Government of Japan has authorised a new special permit programme in the Antarctic, JARPA II, in which the take of minke whales has been more than doubled, and fin whales and humpback whales have been added to the list of targeted species;

    CONCERNED that fin whales in the Southern Hemisphere are currently classified as endangered, and that humpback whales in the JARPA II research area may include individuals from depleted breeding populations overwintering in the waters of certain Pacific Islands;

    CONVINCED that the aims of JARPA II do not address critically important research needs;


    CALLS UPON the Government of Japan to address the 31 recommendations listed in Appendix 4 of Annex O of the Scientific Committee report relating to the December 2006 review of the JARPA I programme to the satisfaction of the Scientific Committee;

    FURTHER CALLS UPON the Government of Japan to suspend indefinitely the lethal aspects of JARPA II conducted within the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.