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Stephen Colbert has become yet another soldier in the war against fracking of late, and last night on “The Colbert Report,” he took another stab.

Colbert covered the debate in New York, as Governor Cuomo wants to lift the ban on hydro-fracking in order to use more natural gas and less foreign oil. Of course, as we learned from Oscar nominee Mark Ruffalo (who makes an appearance in the Colbert video), fracking can cause huge chemical contamination in water sources, possibly even lighting your faucet on fire.

But Colbert, in his conservative-pundit character, made this point: “What would you rather have in your kitchen? A boring old faucet, or a built-in creme brulee maker?” Well played, Stephen. Well played.

That’s not the only sneaky criticism Colbert had for fracking in the video. “It’s like giving the Earth an Alka-Seltzer, if the Alka-Seltzer shattered your internal organs so that oil companies could harvest your juices,” he quipped.

Some of the funniest stuff comes later, when Colbert reveals a cartoon character coloring book made by Talisman Energy to educate people about the fracking process. You can’t make this stuff up, people.

Check out the video for all of the hilarity as Colbert takes on fracking:

  • don_miguelo

    So Funny! It’s true whether it’s a coloring book or a calculated spin article online, Big Gas’s line is to compare their processes with Big OIL’s and look better because everyone knows what oil has done.
    But the problem with that is that 1. is it any better environmentally and, 2. why are their standards so low? I’m sensing the answers are that it’s not any better, just newer, and that it’s simply self-serving PR to frame it as better than oil.

    Thanks Stephen for speaking hilarious Truthiness to Power!!