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On Tuesday, the Obama Administration reached an agreement with wildlife advocates that would require the Interior Department to extend protection to a number of threatened species. If approved, the deal would make 2018 the deadline to set additional protections for 757 plant and animal species, including the Miami Blue butterfly, Pacific walrus and the wolverine.

Some species in the deal have been have been on a candidate list for protection since 1973, shortly after the passage of the Endangered Species Act. The new deal includes 258 of those candidates, as well as 499 new flora and fauna species.

According to Kieran Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity, the group which filed the petition, “We’re dealing with the ultimate stakes of life and death with this settlement. If these 757 species had to wait much longer, many of these would go extinct as well.”

The Fish and Wildlife Service will review the species in the act. “This work plan will allow the service to more effectively focus our efforts on provifing the benefits of the ESA to those imperiled species most in need of protection,” said service director Dan Ashe.

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3 Responses to Obama Administration Reaches Agreement with Wildlife Advocates

  1. Enjoying our new blogger, China DeSpain – looking forward to reading more.

  2. Laura says:

    Great news! It’s about time they started addressing all those animals on the waiting list.

  3. don_miguelo says:

    This is a great start! If this goes thru I will Be very happy for our animals! I helped protect New England cottontail habitat as a volunteer for a while (they are on the list) and they need this protection!

    This still has to be approved (thru a Federal judge), and if it does, Congress has thru 2018 to mull greater protections. The House Republican proposed budget ( for the DOI) BLOCKS any new listings on the Endangered Species Act. I actually wonder how this will sit with the USDA’s Wildlife Services agency that is currently tasked with killing animals (like wolves and in the name of population control).

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