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In a new video for UNICEF, Scottish actor Ewan McGregor is asking British citizens to help save starving African children. Parts of Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia are suffering from an extreme drought that has decimated livestock and is killing the children of the region.

Due to the combined factors of the drought, malnutrition, and loss of livestock income, more than 2 million children are at risk for disease and death, and according to the video, a donation of only £5 is enough to help ease their plight.

In the video, McGregor states, “At just one refugee camp in Kenya, there are almost half a million people in urgent need of food, water and basic healthcare. The situation throughout the region is becoming more and more critical. The threat of starvation is very real. By giving just £5, you could give desperately needed food to the most malnourished children. UNICEF’s most experienced teams are already on the ground, ensuring lifesaving aid is getting through, but we urgently need your help to reach every child who needs us. I promise your donation will make a real difference.”

McGregor is not the only star helping to raise awareness about the plight in Africa. Earlier this month, his fellow Brits Annie Lennox, Peter Gabriel and Lauren Laverne signed an open letter regarding the situation, which read, “While severe drought has undoubtedly led to the huge scale of the disaster, this crisis has been caused by people and policies as much as nature. The global food system is clearly not working. Five of the past seven years have seen poor or failed rains across the region – if action had been taken earlier it could have helped mitigate the severity of the current crisis. Pastoralists’ ability to cope with drought has been systematically undermined, as land traditionally used in times of emergency has been sold off or allocated for tourism, national parks and large-scale agriculture.”

Although McGregor’s appeal is directed toward UK citizens, UNICEF accepts donations from around the world. To donate, click here.

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