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George Clooney has been involved in peace talks in Sudan for a while now, but just recently his Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) found physical evidence of some of the atrocities that occurred there.

The SSP has reportedly found evidence of mass graves in the South Kordofan area through satellite imagery and eyewitness accounts. They were tipped off to the area by witnesses, spawning a deeper investigation. This discovery seems to corroborate accounts of the Government of Sudan killing suspected members of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement.

Fighting continues to break out in areas of South Sudan following its independence, and evidence of mass graves has been emerging of late.

John Prendergast, who co-founded the SSP with Clooney, made a statement about the discovery: “This evidence demonstrates the urgent need for a full-scale international investigation into the violence in South Kordofan,” said Prendergast. “Diplomacy as usual backed by no tangible international pressures is a recipe for ongoing death and destruction. The time has arrived for the international community to create a heavy cost for the kinds of crimes depicted in this report, and root that cost within the framework of the international responsibility to protect doctrine.”

There’s sure to be more news about this soon, but despite the horrors behind it, it’s good to see that the efforts of Clooney and others are paying off.

  • Michael Raymer

    Sudan continues to be the poster child for international racism and denial. Put some cute little white kids in where the machetes are swinging, and see how fast the UN, NATO or the international community respond. It’s such BS that there is so much apathy to so many people dying.

    • thebossladee

      I AGREE WITH YOU 100%

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Sad but true I suppose. It’s like if you were to put some cute little white people in where the acid is being thrown and the ships are being rammed and the weapons-grade lasers are being fired and the propeller entanglement wires are being trailed, see how fast the US Navy, Australian Navy or French Intelligence Organisations would respond with lethal military force.

      Makes one think also of those other money grubbing violent pirates who operate off the coast of Somalia. They get blown to smitherines, no questions asked. But not the money grubbing violent pirates operating off the coast of Australia and Antarctica under the guise of consevation activism. They’re hailed as heroes.

      Sigh, it’s a funny old world we live in!

      • Michael Raymer

        “But alas he does still occasionally slip up and I do find myself the target of his best critical efforts (an experience I would liken to being savagely bludgeoned with a piece of warm lettuce).”

        Hmmm…yet another little diatribe of hypocrisy from our little flail-about. I do seem to attract my share of stalkers.

        Kimi….there ARE cute little white people “in where the acid is being thrown and the ships are being rammed and the weapons-grade lasers are being fired and the propeller entanglement wires are being trailed”. They are called SSCS volunteers. This is usually where I say something like, “swing and a miss”, but my comparison from the other thread is still the most accurate: You really are a monkey flinging feces.

        Kimi, try and keep up. This is a thread about the Sudan.