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If there’s an eco-centric event going on in China, you can bet that action star Jackie Chan will be there. Chan has been vocal in the past on a number of eco issues throughout Asia, including fighting air pollution in Mongolia or protecting endangered tigers from being hunted.

Chan’s most recent appearance was at the Eco-Forum Global in Guiyang, where he performed with Lucky Seven and talked about protecting the environment. With so many parts of China becoming more industrialized and more Chinese people putting cars on the road, emissions are becoming a serious problem.

This was the third annual Eco-Forum Global, which meets every year to discuss issues of green technology and economy among members of the scientific, academic, business and governmental communities.


  • Roxanne

    What about the clothes he wears..does he think plastic and metal zippers come from plants how about the shoes on his feet..the bowls he eats from the wine he bottles..etc…come on people wake up. ……

  • Roxanne

    Love you Jackie..but what about child sex slavery in your country and dollar stores who market product from overworked underpaid people or the pollution that arises from the making of the clothes you you eat..we can do better than just a forum….Please….you are a lead vocal now that your famous..USE YOUR VOICE for the good of mankind..get your hands dirty….and dig in. .you Jackie are given a rare opportunity most like me dream of..A real chance to Make A Difference…TAKE IT….please…just Take it…if your confused where to start ask..I Will tell you…Everywhere….but remember..even what you wear.the products your DVDs are printed on…it all produces. ..Pollution…