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American Airlines reports that they will no longer fly primates being sent to research labs!

The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) has stated that the airline changed its policy as a result of talks with them regarding the flying of primates for research, an issue that is the focus of their Cargo Cruelty campaign. “”We welcome the action taken by American Airlines to clarify its policy on this important issue. The shipment of monkeys for research is a subject that raises strong public concern,” said Michelle Thew, Chief Executive of BUAV. The organization points out that in research labs, “primates are often housed on their own in small, barren metal cages for many years with no meaningful environmental enrichment. With little opportunity for mental stimulation and physical exercise, these animals frequently develop abnormal and self-destructive behaviours that may include pacing, rocking, swaying, bar biting, and self-mutilation.”

The updated policy on the American Airlines website states that “AA Cargo will not accept primates used for laboratory research, experimentation, and exploitation purposes.” The policy also includes the requirement that the primates “are being shipped from or to a zoo sanctuary, preserve or rehabilitation center.”

PETA has also applauded American Airlines’ decision to stop flying primates for research and adds that they have joined a list that includes “British Airways, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Qantas, Delta Air Lines, Air China, Monarch Air Group, Amerijet, IBC Airways, and several other airlines in refusing to transport primates to facilities where they will be tormented and killed in experiments.”

BUAV provides a list of airlines that do and do not fly primates for research purposes, if you’d like to use it when making your next flight choice!

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  • Sonia

    Great news!

  • Rat King

    There should be stopped all flights of animals destined to labs – above all dogs! The human being is very keen on transporting them to catastrophe regions as rescue teams – now they should at least have the dignity to stop transporting them to labs – without this – the other one is just half a victory and counts little!

  • LittleMe

    So whilst millions of people throughout the world head off in planes for a nice summer holiday abroad, animals destined for a lifetime of pain and misery are similarly flown thousands of miles (only in somewhat less comfortable conditions). I’m glad some airlines have taken the decision not to help perpetuate a process that causes so much cruelty to countless defenceless creatures.

  • http://www.unicorndisco.com Kyle Noble Quandel

    Thank you American!!

  • Gloria de la Rosa

    Thank you American Airlines! God bless you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anne-Birthistle/526313834 Anne Birthistle

    Excellent news. The crime of vivisection cannot continue much longer, especially if we can hold corporations and charities accountable for their participation in an outmoded and discredited practice: as Jane Goodall has stated, animal experimentation is a betrayal of the scientific method. It is our duty to make the public aware of this.