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We’ve heard celebs express interest in eco-friendly burials before (Rachel McAdams springs to mind) but this is the first instance I’ve heard of one actually going through with it.

According to the Sunday Mercury, Pete Postlethwaite, who passed away at the age of 64 earlier this year, was buried in a biodegradable wicker coffin (woven from willow). The legendary actor was a passionate campaigner for the environment, with one of his last films “The Age of Stupid” addressing climate change and human impact on the planet.

As mentioned in the article, sales of alternative coffins have been on the rise in the UK – with one supplier saying that interest is pushing sales to sometimes more than 300 per month. “We are already making coffins out of seagrass and we have begun importing coffins made out of bamboo from China,” James Meynell, owner of Fine Timber Products told the newspaper. “Very soon we will be getting our first coffins made from banana leaf imported from the Philippines. I think they appeal to people because they are so different, and look so pretty.”

For the record, McAdams is interested in a reef burial. In 2007, she said: “I don’t want to have a tombstone. You can now be made into a reef! I was reading that they can make your remains into a reef and put you in the ocean and the fish can feed off you! I want to go back into the earth the same way I came.”

Anyone else out there interested in taking the green route after death?

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  • Asha

    I’m with Rachel! The reef idea is really cool and is now making me think

  • Malina

    For a few years, I’ve been wanting to have a green burial where I’m buried in a bio-degradable coffin and a tree is planted over it. Then the family can dedicate the tree to me (if they wish) and I become food for the tree. The tree provides oxygen and a home for animals. That’s my idea of giving back to the earth.
    Here’s a website with more information:

  • Lucylee
  • Micah ? ? Jung

    but where is he buried??