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Photo: Discovery News

Footage taken by a local fisherman in an Alaskan bay in 2009 has some Loch Ness-believers saying that Alaska has its own version of Scotland’s “Loch Ness Monster.”

“I am quite impressed with the video. Although it was shot under rainy circumstances in a bouncy ship, it’s very genuine,” Paul LeBlond, former head of the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of British Columbia told Discovery News.

Some scientists believe the footage actually captured images of a Cadborosaurus, a sea serpent believed to inhabit the North Pacific and thought to have “a long neck, a horse-like head, large eyes, and back bumps that stick out of the water.” There have been many reported sightings of the Cadborosaurus, and in 1937 possible remains of the animal were found and later disappeared from the Provincial Museum in Victoria. 

Other scientists believe this footage is of an eel or shark, but LeBlond argues that it cannot be a fish because of the movements that it makes. “‘It must be a mammal or a reptile, since it oscillates up and down in a vertical plain, which eliminates sideways-oscillating fish.”

Whatever can be seen swimming through Alaskan waters in this video, the footage was aired on the Discovery Channel‘s special Hillstranded, featuring Andy Hillstrand of The Deadliest Catch. Hillstrand believes they could have seen a Cadborosaurus while filming the special: “We saw a big, long white thing moving in the water. We chased it for about 20 minutes. Spray came out of its head. It was definitely not a shark. A giant eel may be possible, but eels don’t have humps that all move in unison. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

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