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Photo: llanllyr SOURCE

We know that creativity is one of the most important aspects when it comes to marketing. So are we surprised that, llanllyr SOURCE, a bottled water company out of Wales in the UK, is now labeling its bottled water organic? Not really. But is this taking it over the top? Perhaps. While the soil above the source is organic, we still find it hard to label the water as such.

The llanllyr SOURCE “is one of the world’s premium quality bottled waters,” the website says. “It comes from our sources beneath certified organic fields in west Wales in the UK.” Oh, and it comes in a recyclable can as well as opposed to a plastic bottle.

According to Shots, NPR’s Health Blog, water, by definition, is inorganic. In order to be organic the “product” must be alive and contain carbon. Water, of course, is made of two things: hydrogen and oxygen. Shots also states that the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which defines the term organic when it comes to agricultural products in this country, specifically excludes water and salt.

To read more about llanllyr SOURCE and its debut at the Fancy Food Show in Washington last week, check out the recent article from Shots.

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  • Michael dEstries

    Bottled water continues to get more and more ridiculous. And the sad thing is, people will completely choose the”organic” water over their supposed non-organic tap. Insane.

  • juan

    I think we must be aware of what is in our water. Tap water is not pure H2O, it contains hundred of other chemicals including some toxic. However I never buy bottled water, mainly because I think bottled water is damaging the ecosystem where is taken from. I prefer to use a filter for my tap water wich is way more cheap, doesn’t creates waste, and don’t support the extraction of water from their natural ecosystems. Regarding the “organic” water, for me is just an dishonest attempt to sale its product.

  • don_miguelo

    *Now with 100% less science!