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We’ve known New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to be a pretty eco-friendly guy for a while now, what with his vegetarian tendencies and his fight to keep bike lanes. But I’m not sure any of us knew that he was this eco-friendly.

Mayor Bloomberg has donated a monumental $50 million to a campaign fighting against coal-burning power plants run by the Sierra Club. The gift will help the organization to boost the influence of its Beyond Coal campaign, and is also the largest donation to a green cause that Bloomberg has ever made.

The donation almost matches the amount that the Koch family has donated to keep oil and coal going, which is reportedly around $55 million. 

The goals of the Beyond Coal campaign are these: shut down coal-burning plants and replace them with clean, renewable energy in order to cut America’s use of coal energy from the current 50% of total energy use down to 30% within the next decade. To find out more, go to beyondcoal.org.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Remy-Chevalier/754430220 Remy Chevalier

    Sadly we know a lot of that money is going to pro-nuclear front groups who are using the coal issue as a poor excuse to renew old nuclear power plant licenses, like Indian Point, and build new ones with Areva, the French nuclear monopoly. They claim shutting down nukes will lead to more coal plants and increase the rate of breathing illnesses in poor neighborhoods. They give the money to local evangelical communities, who then go into neighborhoods to praise nuclear as a solution to coal plants. It’s sad knowing that Bloomberg has been a big promoter of LEDs, But once he realized that LEDs were also being used by the anti-nuclear community as a means of building up replacement power for Indian Point, his enthusiasm waned rapidly. Bloomberg is on the wrong side of the issue, trying to use Indian Point against Cuomo, as a tool in their mutual presidential ambitions, playing nuclear Russian roulette with New York’s future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Remy-Chevalier/754430220 Remy Chevalier

    Again, in this instance, clean renewable energy is code word for nukes!