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Photo: Free People

Leather is back in a big way, so when we read the news that Free People has added a vegan leather collection to their line, we quickly jumped over to their website to check it out.

The collection is made of five different pieces (pants, a skirt, a buttondown, shorts, and a jacket) and it has the same feel as leather in that it’s soft and comfortable. Not to mention their price points are right on. A vegan leather jacket for just $168? Yes, please.

The designers tell us in a video that if they get great feedback on the first collection they’ll start incorporating it seasonally. And they’ll also add more styles and trendy colors. So head on over to Free People and check it out. We know you’ll love it as much as we do.

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  • Stephanie

    Um….but….this company ALSO sells FUR…so….EFF THEM!!!!Torturing animals with one hand to make money, then trying to be OH SO COMPASSIONATE to make money with the other.

    I’ll stick to vegan, or at least, HSUS companies that DON’T start selling fur again….thanks.

    “Though now off the site (Anthropologie), a simple search turned up their original description of the Riverside Drive Fur Coat; “The perfect topper for your favorite little black dress or high-waist jeans, Leifsdottir’s sweaterknit-lined, rabbit fur jacket.”

    “So, in case you folks didn’t know… Anthropologie owns Free People. Directly from their very own wiki page; “Urban Outfitters, Inc. (NASDAQ: URBN) is a publicly traded American company that owns and operates six retail brands: Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, Terrain, Leifsdottir, a luxury brand for Anthropologie, and BHLDN.”

  • herwin

    + 1 stephanie.
    It’s a sell out to promote fake leather products from a fur selling shop. And “vegan leather” ? i guess “vegan leather” can be sold more expensive then to call it “fake leather”, duh.
    If ever buy fake fur or fake leather i make sure to buy it from ethical shops or big companies that have an anti fur policy, not a trash company like Free People. EFF THEM !

    • don_miguelo

      “Vegan Leather” is simply an incorrect way to describe it! We don’t call a leather jacket “Omniviore Leather” just because omnivores are wearing it! The way it might read is “Cow Leather”, designating where it came FROM. This jacket had better not be made from the skin of human vegans!! (although a few trolls on here would love that, I’m sure)

      I guess “Pleather” is too last year of a term for designers. I have never had a problem with wearing the best Polyvinyl Chloride has to offer.

      Good work here posters on exposing the company trying to… ahem… pull the wool over our eyes!

  • Jozelle

    The jacket u have featured is not fully vegan read the description that’s right under the photo of it terrible misjudgment ecorazzi I would expected better from u when sourcing ur stories

    Vegan leather jacket with removable ribbed hood. Zipper pockets in the front front. Zipper detail at sleeve cuffs.

    *100% Polyurethane *Machine Wash *Import

    Measurements for Size 6: Length: 24 ½” Bust: 37 ¾” Waist: 33″

    Please Note: The hood lining for this jacket contains wool.

  • Bianca

    Amazing work guys. I hope more designers will also start using leather free garments! X b

  • Bianca

    But real fur in your other products???

  • Laura Root

    They cannot call that jacket vegan with wool in the hood. It is misleading and false advertising. I just because they say there is wool in the hood doesn’t count. It should not even be in the category. Why would anyone bother to use other vegan materials and then ruin it by doing that? ridiculous.

  • Kimberly Behling

    I think it’s extremely disappointing to come onto tihs website and see comments such as what Herwin and Jazelle have said. As a vegetarian, I have found “preachy” and stubborn vegans to be one of the core reasons so many people around the world refuse to listen to any points vegans and vegetarians make, no matter how valid. In an ideal world, of course no one would eat meat, or use animal products of any kind. In an ideal world, however, no one would ever lie, use others or do anything outside a moral ideology. Truth is, we don’t live in an ideal world. Thus, we must settle with progression. Instead of condemning Free People for having both vegan and non-vegan options, compliment them on offering both options. Who knows? Maybe a non-vegan will look at the website and see the vegan skirt and take interest – look into it a little bit. It would be much more effective for everyone in the world to take one day a week not to eat meat than for the entire United States to never eat meat again. Less animals would be harmed. That’s progression. We need to be open minded in order for people to listen us. People don’t want to be told what to do, or how to live – but they’re open to suggestions. The way you often belittle non-vegans and act above their way of living – I sure as hell wouldn’t want to listen to that either. I think it’s wonderful Free People is trying to incorporate clothing material without animal by-product, and I hope other companies choose to do the same. Perhaps once people realize how soft and leather-like it is, they will commit to only purchasing non animal byproduct apparel.

    Also – difference between pleather and vegan leather is that pleather is plastic based. Vegan leather, on the other hand, is not commited to that requirement (though many vegan leather options are primarily plastic).