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All signs pointed to this development earlier this summer and now Animal Planet has gone and made it official: “Whale Wars” is getting a spin-off series.

The cable network, obviously eager to expand one of its longest-running hit series, will focus on the Sea Shepherd’s efforts to to stop an annual whale hunt known as “The Grind” in the Faroes Islands. The Lizard Trading Company, which produces the series for Animal Planet, started filming for the tentatively titled “Faroe Island Project” back on July 15th.

As the press release notes, the Sea Shepherd’s Faroes campaign has gotten off to a rocky start with the detainment of their ship, the Steve Irwin, in the nearby Shetland Islands. A Scottish court is holding the ship due to a claim filed by a Maltese company over a 2010 incident -saying the conservation org caused sustained damage when they freed hundreds of bluefin tuna from the company’s nets off the coast of Libya.

Sea Shepherd say they need $1.4 million to release the Irwin or face its permanent seizure.

“For the last four years, WHALE WARS has been riveting television because of the passion of the Sea Shepherds, the risks they take to save the lives of whales, and the magnificent and dangerous beauty of the Southern Ocean,” notes Marjorie Kaplan, president and general manager of Animal Planet Media. “Now they are once again preparing to put their lives on the line, this time in a lush and unfamiliar corner of northern Europe, where the customs are different and the killing of whales continues. And we plan be there to document every moment.”

The network has yet officially announce a release date or number of episodes for the new spin-off.

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  • AnimuX

    Hopefully this new series will draw as much attention to the unnecessary and cruel destruction of pilot whales in the Faroe Islands as “Whale Wars” has brought to the illicit killing of minke whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

    This is great news from Animal Planet and Sea Shepherd!

    • imforthewhales

      I agree, this is a cruel and barbaric “tradition” and Sea Shepherd and Animal Planet, together, are going to expose this cruelty to a wider audience.

  • Michael Raymer

    “this time in a lush and unfamiliar corner of northern Europe”.

    Well, we seem to have attracted a number of unfamiliar lush’s who are commenting on northern Europe…..is that what you’re getting at? And can you really blame them for being drunk? I can’t. If I was a pro-whaler, I would need to stay wasted every waking moment. And considering what they post, I’m sure they are.

    • crumpets are yummy

      Personally MR, I dont know how they sleep at night.

  • Sea Cucumber

    You saw it first here, folks – here is the Episode Guide for this new series…

    Episode 1: “Watson’s Appetite for Revenge is Curbed”
    During the planning of Operation Ferocious Isles, Watson is barred from the IWC meeting and is booted out of the hotel, much to his disappointment. He and 20 jobless individuals continue to waive inflatable Orca’s fro Sea World and signs made out of painted macaroni and glitter. Watson finds a better hotel with a better Buffet selection and plans to leave for the Ferocious Isles!

    Episode 2: “Steve Irwin gets Buggered”
    Just as Watson is about to leave for the Faroes, he is served with an arrest notice for the Steve Irwin, effectively grounding it in the UK! This is for the damage done to legal fishermen in the Med last year during Operation Angry Smurf! He is being asked for 1 Million Euros to release the ship or it will be seized and sold off. Watson begs followers for 1.4 million US dollars, which is typically his personal food budget for 6 months – shouldn’t be a problem.

    Episode 3: “Steve Still Stuck”
    Say that three time real fast! The Steve Irwin is still mired in the UK, while Watson claims he has “incredible evidence” that the fishermen were fishing illegally. Of course, if he actually did, we all know that it would have been presented last year and the fishermen’s equipment would have been seized instead of the Steve Irwin! The money is trickling in, and Watson says that this is no problem. He doesn’t mind asking his followers for 1.4 million dollars to get his ship out of trouble because he knows they won’t even think about it – as a matter of fact, they usually don’t think, period!

    Episode 4: “Send in the Clowns”
    The theme song is changed from that “Vampire” song, to “Send in the Clowns”, to better suit the gullible individuals who sent money to the SSCS! Meanwhile, Watson does a video asking for the cash from the top of a giant hill. Steve Aultman has to fly him up as Watson is unable to climb in his condition!

    Episode 5: “Are We There Yet”
    The Steve Irwin is still in the docks, and the money flow slows to a trickle. The Brigitte Bardot arrives in the Faroes and under the guise of giving a ride to two young gentlemen, a press release is issued saying that thousands of Faroese are signing up to stop the Grind! Meanwhile the truth is revealed that these two people had no idea that any such action was being taken. This is similar to the way that the Cove Guardians accosted little children in Taiji and got them to say their slogans in English and had them sign their petitions without their understanding. Typical SSCS tactics.

    Episode 6: “Wha-Wha-What”??
    The crew of the Brigitte Bardot tries to send telepathic messages a-la- Scott West and Elora Malamajama, to the denizens of the sea to have them swim Farther, Faster, and Deeper to get away from the Ferocious Isles! Meanwhile the Steve Irwin still sits – the tons of meat for Watson’s trip still sits, uneaten and in the Sub-Zero freezer! The telepathic messages work – sort of! The Pilot Whales actually go TOWARDS the shore, instead of away! Cue the stock footage of the SSCS crew crying and the sound Chris Aultman saying “Oh My God” over and over again.

    Episode 7: “What Just Happened?”
    The Steve Irwin sits while the deadline comes and goes and the Steve Irwin, with its great military camo paint job with the “77” on the side, is slowly hauled away like the trash that it is. Watson cries, but he still pockets the money that his supporters sends him in his offshore accounts.

    Episode 8: “Is this Thing Still On”?
    With the Steve Irwin sold off as scrap, Watson dejectedly goes to the nearest buffet and drowns his sorrows with the unlimited popcorn shrimp and steak fries! It doesn’t matter anyways – no one is watching this show anymore. Why bother, when “Say Yes to the Dress” and “1 Girl, 5 Gays” is on during the same time slot! At least those shows have something to offer!

    Man, I can’t WAIT to see this season!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jamie-McCroskey/100001196054130 Jamie McCroskey

      I LOVE say yes to the dress!

    • Michael Raymer

      Seriously?!? You actually took the time to compose this? I mean……..seriously?

      Is anyone else just a tad bit concerned?

      • imforthewhales

        Your creative skills just keep on improving seacumbers/ romi.

  • Bob

    If I undertake to attack slaughterhouses in the US with the same tactics Sea Shepherd uses to attack people in other countries, will I get my own show on Animal Planet?

    • Michael Raymer

      No, but if you attack slaughterhouses in the Southern Ocean Cow, Pig and Chicken Sanctuary, you might.

      As far as the Faeroe Islands are concerned, how do you know what tactics are going to be used?

      • Bob

        I heard that the US is a sanctuary for cows, pigs and chickens but the slaughterhouses have exemptions. But exemptions don’t count when you’re a group like sea shepherd right? Their just loopholes or something that you can ignore?

      • Michael Raymer

        “I heard that the US is a sanctuary for cows, pigs and chickens”

        Well, I doubt that you ever heard that, from anyone. But even if you did, were you dumb enough to believe it?

        “But exemptions don’t count when you’re a group like sea shepherd right?”

        WTF are you talking about??? Exemptions and loopholes are the Japanese stock in trade, with their “Research” crapola. Seriously, you’re just so froth-at-the-mouth eager to slam SSCS that you’re just making shit up as you go.

      • pip

        The Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary was not established in compliance with the IWC’s own regulations.

        The Japanese, in compliance with the IWC’s regulations, filed and exemption to the sanctuary.

        The sanctuary doesn’t apply to ICRW Article VIII permits, Japan whales under an Article VIII permit.

        You can chose whichever factual statement you want, but they all result in the same thing. Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary is not in violation of any IWC regulation.

      • imforthewhales

        Unfortunately for the Japanese, they are breaking the moritorium on commercial whaling.

      • Steve

        The Japanese are NOT breaking the moratorium on commercial whaling. They are operating via IWC regulations.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jamie-McCroskey/100001196054130 Jamie McCroskey

      Oh go for the big guns, go after the USA’s whaling for the endangered bowheads! or Canada killing endangered narwhals and belugas, or is it better to support hypocrites that attack and defame people over abundant species…something seems wrong here…

      • AnimuX

        It’s almost entertaining to see whalers turn against one another. However, pro-whaling antagonists regurgitate a regular supply of intellectually devoid straw man arguments.

        The sick minded killers of the Faroe Islands literally slaughter hundreds of helpless intelligent whales every year for nothing more practical than the personal pleasure of killing with their own hands and the convenience of a free lunch.

        Of course, the pro-whaling antagonists continue waging a negative character assassination campaign against Watson and other activists regardless of the context.

      • pip

        Lets see they expend time and effort to acquire food. Isn’t that what just about everybody in the world does? I mean most people feel they are to special to actually acquire their own food, they expend their time and effort at a job where they earn money and then they spend that money to get food that someone else has produced.

        So the Faroese are cutting out the middlemen, but somehow that is wrong. I guess home gardens should be outlawed. Better not tell Mrs Obama.

      • imforthewhales

        You sound strangely familiar Pip.

      • AnimuX

        There is absolutely no nutritional or economic need for the cruel pilot whale slaughter in the Faroe Islands. The people who participate in this tradition are sick individuals who love the thrill of killing with their own hands.

        The facts:

        1) The Faroe Islands is a modern European country whose main export is fish (ie: food). So nobody is starving without pilot whale meat.

        2) The pilot whale hunt is opportunistic. There’s no planned food production involved. They literally see a pod of pilot whales and, “oooh let’s kill them all!”

        3) Faroese doctors have warned people not to eat pilot whale meat due to contamination and long term studies revealing serious negative health consequences from consuming the meat.

        4) The sick Faroese whalers terrorize the animals and chase them with boats banging metal poles in the water. Once the whales have been chased into the shallows, a crowd bloodthirsty Faroese killers rushes into the sea. They stab hooks with connected ropes into the blowholes of the animals and literally drag them ashore by their airways. Then once landed, the whales writhe in agony on the beach as a knife or other sharp implement is used to cut into the animal’s neck and sever its spine.

      • crumpets are yummy

        The videos of the slashing of the whales is truly sickening. Its all about blood, guys and severe pain. Unfortunatly, there are plenty of videos to choose from. Take your pick.

    • AnimuX

      There are plenty of activists opposing cruelty in agriculture. Don’t believe me? Google it. Now go find a better straw man argument.

  • Robbie T

    A spinoff? Seriously? Wow, a show about a group of losers gets a spinoff. I’m not in favor of whaling either but really, how about using sane methods to curtail whaling. Why does Animal Planet glorify these idiots?

    • crumpets are yummy

      They are not glorifying idiots snot bag. They are producing award winning shows that rate their socks off. For some reason, people are fascinated by the evil ways & deeds of mankind. Go figure.

  • Sea Cucumber

    Yep -Te jobless get their own show and will pretend that they are actuially getting anything done, which they won’t. That’s why it’s called a “spin” off! All you’ll see is spin – anything factual will be left behind at the starting line.

    Animux likes to talk about “Straw Man” arguments, but what everyone else, including many in his home forum, is that he is the personification of the straw man argument. He’s the best at googling, but that’s about it. He understands very little about the things he finds and posts them with rigor, but they don’t really mean anything. He has done diddly squat himself for any cause besides sit behind his screen and google all day. I asked him why he can’t be more like his buddy Cam and actually get out there and do stuff, and he has deflected every single time. I asked him multiple times about why he wasn’t helping at the IWC meeting, but his general reply indicated that it wasn’t really worth it to him.

    Yeah, real dedication – a true Google warrior, that Animux!

    Go back to being a straw man, Donny boy – go and hook back up with Donovan and see if you can get your old jobs back at FOJ as “Morale Officers”!


    • AnimuX

      A “straw man” argument (for those who don’t know like SpamCucumber here) is a logical fallacy used in an argument to misrepresent the position of an opponent by substituting a weaker tangentially linked subject in place of the opponent’s point of view.

      Now SpammyC is using a second well defined logical fallacy called “ad hominem” in which the character of the opponent is attacked rather than the argument he presents.

      However, SpammyC reveals a very common position taken by many pro-whaling antagonists. Pro-whalers are only happy when anti-whaling activists do absolutely nothing.

      The fact is, every person’s contribution to the anti-whaling cause can have a positive effect when counted together with the deeds and words of thousands, if not millions of other people.

      Whether you work to raise awareness, donate to organizations, contact your elected officials, hold a sign of protest, participate in a scientific study, or act as a human shield to protect whales from harpoon gunners, your efforts are both valid and needed.

      In 1989, consumer boycotts helped to shut down Iceland’s whaling industry and gave whales in the North Atlantic a 14 year respite from Icelandic harpoons.

      Today, the letters from over 250,000 people have helped convince the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to officially declare Iceland is subverting the International Whaling Commission, thus opening the door to economic sanctions.


      Write to President Obama!

      Ask the U.S. President to enact sanctions against Icelandic marine products (under the 1971 Pelly Amendment to the Fisherman’s Protective Act and 1979 Packwood-Magnuson Amendment to the Fishery Conservation and Management Act) until the commercial slaughter of whales, especially endangered species, is stopped!


      • ghc3

        Honestly, what good are whales for anyway? I say eat ‘em!

      • crumpets are yummy

        Well said Animux. Ignore the douch in mommies basement.

  • Sea Cucumber

    Crumpets – If you’re going to insult me – spell it right, will you? It has an “e” on the end, otherwise it rhymes with “couch”. Douche. Yeah, the “mommies basement” insult hasn’t been too overused, right, Dope?

    Analmux – try to stay on topic here – This article is about the Faroes Campaign, not Iceland. Go elsewhere and spew your spam with your handful of little followers in some other comment section – we’re talking about the Whale Wars spin-off series here! Not like you actually know what the heck you’re talking about, right Donny Boy? Get Donovan in here – at least he was worth arguing with.

    So, why aren’t you in the Faroes and stopping the Grind? Maybe you could get on TeeVee! Heck – you could ride on the Steve Irw… Oh, WAIT, you CAN’T – it’s been arrested and is sitting in the UK! I almost forgot! That’s OK – maybe you could sell your Pokemon cards and give Fatson the rest of the 1.4 million US Dollars to free that piece of crap! Mabe you could get yourself a tin badge too and say that you also got shot by a Faroese sharpshooter! Just out of curiosity, how many whales is it saving per day while sitting there? 500? 1000? 10,000? How many whales does Wat$on save while hitting the buffet tables? Millions? How about saying that each dollar owed to free the Steve Irwin equals 1 whale saved, huh? That’s a good spin for the SSCS.

    How much did you donate? Oh, yeah, nothing. I guess anything for the whales doesn’t mean “out of your own pocket”, right? Oh well – keep writing the President, I’m sure he has nothing better to do besides look at letters written in crayon with pictures of smiling dolphins frolicking with Unicorns – yep, THAT will certainly help! Lol!

    • AnimuX

      SpammyC here continues to raise an important point. You can all help Sea Shepherd!

      Go to http://www.seashepherd.org and make a donation online right now!

      Help save the whales and the oceans by supporting Sea Shepherd as they carry out direct action campaigns all over the world!

  • SupportJapan

    Haha! That heap of junk, aka Steve Irvin, being held back is great news!
    Thank you, Fish and Fish for standing up against these wanna-be terrorists.

  • Sea Cucumber

    Hey Crumpets – are you “Suzzle” from the POA forum? HHmm…Could be? I’m so glad our forum is back up and running again!

  • SupportJapan

    Furthermore, if you think that the killing of an animal for food is “bad” (a view I partially share), then you should support whaling. At least, with whaling, you get a large amount of meat per kill — as opposed to chickens, for example.

    The other thing, of course, is — what is more cruel, factory farming or the hunting of free range animals?

    • SupportJapan

      I know, the speciests will say that whales are inherently superior to all other animals, certainly “better” than the “lowly” chicken — a very unscientific and human-centric view.

  • AnimuX

    It’s about time more attention was paid to the sickening and brutal slaughter of up to 1,000 pilot whales conducted annually in the Faroe Islands.

    As pods of these intelligent creatures approach too close to the Islands, the local fishermen make announcements and begin the drive.

    Metal poles are lowered into the water and struck repeatedly to create a wall of sound that terrorizes the whales.

    They drive the animals to the shallows where a community of Faroese people waits eagerly to satisfy their blood lust.

    They rush into the sea and jam hooks into the blowholes and sides of the animals and then literally drag the whales onto the shore by their airways.

    Then at the end, the killers take knives and cut into the necks of the whales in order to sever the spine.

    The entire pod is slaughtered and the sea is stained red with blood.

    Some of the meat is then divided among the participants of the “grind” and distributed in the community while the rest of the carcasses are dumped back into the sea.

    There is no “need” for the brutal killing or for the meat. The pilot whale slaughter is completely unnecessary for food security or economic prosperity in the Faroe Islands.

    In fact, Faroese doctors have repeatedly called for an end to human consumption of the meat due to health risks from the toxic chemicals and metals that accumulate in the whales.

    Unfortunately, this “tradition” continues because the mentally sick people of the Faroe Islands enjoy killing the animals with their own hands. They simply LOVE to personally slit the throats of these whales and witness life slip away into the sea.

    Thankfully, Sea Shepherd and other conservation organizations continue to oppose the cruel and senseless slaughter of pilot whales by Faroese killers.

    • Bob

      I think they are making excellent use of sustainable natural resource and I think that you are a hatemongering maggot.

      • AnimuX

        Spoken like a true pro-whaling fool who casually approves of destroying masses of intelligent mammals for no reason other than the thrill of killing.

      • Bob

        Thanks for confirming you are a hatemongering maggot.

      • AnimuX

        Thanks for confirming you are a total dumbass, Bob-o.

    • SupportJapan

      I’d rather be a whale spending my life in the open ocean followed by death at the hands of whalers, than being a poor chicken/pig/cow having to spend its entire life in a factory farm, only to be relieved of this “life” in a slaughterhouse at the hand of mostly sadistic employees (why do think videotaping in US slaughterhouses is illegal?).

      • AnimuX

        Once again, pro-whalers attempt to change the subject by pretending there are no environmentalists or animal rights activists protesting factory farms. (Hint: there are many)

        More evidence that the senseless and brutal slaughter of pilot whales by Faroese killers is morally and practically indefensible.

  • Sea Cucumber

    Suzzle – is that you??? I heard it was!! Oh – thanks for keeping me on the secret “PM mailings” that are all the rage now! It’s been very helpful!

    Oh, Analmux – why go on and on – no one gives a crap about your claims of “morally indefensible” anything! You’re just some puke from Podunk, USA, and here you are preaching about what other countries should be doing when you have issues in your own country that should be just a tad higher on your prioritization. You call them immoral when the financial industry in your own country ranks as one of the most corrupt on the planet? Your own country is about to lose its AAA credit rating, which will have direct impact on you, yet you focus on some Pilot Whales being killed and consumed in a foreign country? Are you really THAT stupid? I thought so.

    If all the Faroese are coming to the SSCS side as you doofs maintain, then they really don’t need you, right?

    Again – what are YOU doing? Are you going to the Faroes? No? Then shut up about it. Is what they are doing illegal? If so, then like Paul Watson says – arrest them.

    • AnimuX

      Readers, what are YOU doing? YOU can help to stop whaling!

      Go to http://www.seashepherd.org and make a donation online right now!

      Help save the whales and the oceans by supporting Sea Shepherd as they carry out direct action campaigns all over the world!

      • SupportJapan

        What am I doing?

        When I visit Japan next week I will eat some whale meat. I’ll report back how it tastes!

      • Michael Raymer

        Do you prefer yours al dente with a side of mercury?

  • Eric

    Did you also hear that there is another spinoff besides the Faeroe islands called “Seal Wars”?

    Sea Shepherd Denver and Steve Roest (CEO of Sea Shepherd) said this on facebook..

    “We created quite a controversy in Namibia, we can’t disclose what footage we captured, as Animal Planet have exclusive rights to it for the show “Seal Wars”, but the suggestion by the Namibian government that we breached their National Security and the fact that they used the navy, army and police to keep this slaughter hidden speaks volumes to the corruption involved.”

    Go SEA SHEPHERD!!!!!@

    -e. Avery

  • Sea Cucumber

    The problem is that everyone is pretty much burned out on watching any kind of anilmal “Wars” anymore. It’s the same thing over and over – everyone has seen it, we all know what happens at a slaughterhouse, no big deal.

    The whole Steve Irwin thing is a scam anyway – if Watson actually had the evidence that the fishermen in the Med were doing what they were doing illegally, they why wasn’t their equipment confiscated and the fishermen arrested? Answer – because they weren’t breaking any laws. Like Paul says – arrest them if they are doing anything illegal. It works both ways.

    Anyways – this new show will be good for a few episodes, and then it will get real old, real fast. Believe me – there are more people watching re-runs of Deadliest Catch and Ghost Hunters. The Ghost Hunters show site has more fans and people actually pay them hundreds of dollars to participate in a ghost hunt experience. Watson, on the other hand, is asking kids to break their piggy banks for nickels and dimes to bail his butt out after illegally ramming a tuna cage and injuring fishermen. Why do we think that anything he does in the Faroes will be any different?

    For anyone donating money to the SSCS – rest assured, the money will be squandered, which is sad because it could have been used to support real conservation and anti-poaching organizations. You’re better off sending it to PETA instead, or to your local animal shelter. Never forget that the reason that Watson needs 1.4 million dollars is because his ship was arrested for ILLEGAL actions. The last thing you want to do is to empower this fool to commit further illegal acts and WASTE millions of YOUR hard-earned dollars for his personal bailouts. With the financial crisis widening, do you really feel that throwing your money on a sure-fire loser like the SSCS is the way to go? After paying the mortgage, grocery bill, and education cost for your kids – do you really want to throw the rest away on someone who doesn’t care about wasting it? I didn’t think so.

    Make a choice, folks – send your hard-earned money (if you have extra) to organizations that really need it like your local animal shelters, or give it to someone like Watson with a proven track record of wasting it, as recently shown by the begging for 1.4 MILLION dollars. Your choice.

    • Michael Raymer

      You change gears like a champion….but you are still BS’ing everyone. Charity Navigator continues to give SSCS their highest rating. And the ratings of “Whale Wars” puts you in your place with your assertion that people are “burned out.” We are more burned out by people like you, telling us to sprint to our planets demise, by killing everything in sight. We are more burned out by the feeble arguments and puerile Watson-bashing put forth by you and your friends than we are by hoping that some of this madness might be curtailed.

      • pip

        Charity Navigator bases its ratings on financial data provided by the charity, they don’t verify any of the data.

        And in the case of SSCS the latest data they have is from 2009.

        Also their rating system just looks at money coming in versus money going out and what categories it goes out for. They don’t analyze whether the money actually does any good.

        If a hypothetical charity received $1,000,000, had one paid employee who got $20,000 a year, they had office expenses of $1,000 a year and spent $979,000 on spreading their message. That charity would get great ratings from Charity Navigator. Now the fact that the $979,000 was used to put toy pandas into cereal boxes and the charity’s goal was to stop deforestation in Brazil; so their actions would have no positive effect toward their goal, would not matter to their Charity Navigator rating.

        Maybe that is why the SSCS keeps trumpeting their rating at that one charity rating site.

      • AnimuX

        Uh Oh, a random internet troll claims we should all take his word (including a completely fictional story) over that of a well established independent charity evaluation service. …all to backup his own negative campaign against Sea Shepherd. ;-)

        No bias there.

      • pip

        Yes Donald you could be called a random internet troll who tells completely fictional stories. Maybe if you told the truth and used relevant facts occasionally you would change how people view you.

        I invite any readers to look and see what Charity Navigator says about themselves.


        “Where did you get the information used to evaluate my charity’s financial health?

        We base our evaluations on the financial information your charity provides annually in its informational tax returns, or IRS Forms 990.”

        So the charity supplies the data that the rating service uses.

        “We assess four key indicators to determine how efficiently and responsibly a charity functions day to day.
        1.Program Expenses: Percent of total functional expenses spent on programs and services. (higher is better)
        2.Administrative Expenses: Percent of total functional expenses spent on management and general. (lower is better)
        3.Fundraising expenses: Percent of total functional expenses spent on fundraising. (lower is better)
        4.Fundraising efficiency: Amount a charity spends to raise $1. (lower is better)

        We assess three key indicators to determine how well a charity is positioned to sustain its programs over time.
        5 & 6. Primary Revenue Growth & Program Expenses Growth: Measures a charity’s average annual growth of primary revenue or program expenses over its three to five most recent fiscal years. (higher is better)
        7.Working Capital Ratio: Determines how long a charity could sustain its level of spending using only its net available assets, as reported on its most recently filed Form 990. (higher is better)”

        Lets see category 1, 2 & 3 are just based on percentages, no evaluation of how much if any good is done by the money spent.
        Category 4 is simply money raised per dollar spent on PR, again simple math, no real ‘evaluation’.
        5 & 6 simply the increase over time of income and expenses, no evaluation of why the changes are occurring or if the charity is doing all it could to keep expenses down and increase donations.
        And lastly #7 is just dividing the money on hand by the charities rate of spending to see how long they could go without new donations.

        Now #7 for SSCS is interesting. It is listed as 0.77 years and their annual expenses are listed as; Total Functional Expenses $7,072,398. So 0.77 times $7,072,398 gives a reserve of a little more than $5.4 million. So why do they need a special plea to raise ~$1.4 million for the Steve Irwin bond when the information they supplied says they have almost 4 times that amount in reserve?

        I see two simple possibilities. One is they are lying about needing donations to pay the bond. Two would be that they have gone on a massive spending spree since the last data they supplied to Charity Navigator and depleted their reserves, which might also be the reason they haven’t supplied newer data because it would show reckless spending and drop their rating at the one site they like to brag about.

        Again I urge everyone to go and look for yourself. See what the site says about how they establish their rating and see who is lying and who is telling the truth. And look at the data for SSCS and see when it was last updated so you can tell who is lying and who is telling the truth.

        Donald, lying about things, especially lies that are easily proven to be lies, hurts your credibility for every statement you make. You may want to consider that from now on.

      • AnimuX

        “It’s a conspiracy!” said the pro-whaling troll…

        Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, Sea Shepherd repeatedly received high ratings from an independent third party and so, the same pro-whaling morons who do nothing here but disparage Sea Shepherd have decided to attack all third parties as well with more false accusations and intellectually devoid exaggerations.

        I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to look up what Charity Navigator, the independent charity evaluation service, has to say about Sea Shepherd.

        You will see that Sea Shepherd has repeatedly received a high 4-star rating and learn that SSCS puts 84.9% of its donations toward operational expenses rather than administrative overhead.

        Anyone donating to Sea Shepherd can rest assured that their contributions are going to confront environmentally destructive and cruel industries!

        Visit http://www.seashepherd.org NOW and donate today! Help save the whales!

    • SupportJapan

      Spot on!

  • Sea Cucumber

    Yo, Don Freeman (Animux)- actually, you’re the only troll here. The SSCS is a waste of funding and resources, and the fact that Paulba the Hut is asking for a 1.4 million dollar bailout is proof positive.

    Answer the question that has been posed to you again and again that you deflected – what have YOU donated? Sell your car, and your house if you have one and give it to Paul if you’re so sure that he’ll get it back if he wins the lawsuit. No? I guess “anything for the whales” doesn’t mean shelling out more than 20 bucks, eh, hypocrite?

    What’s really sad is that there are people who gave more than they had earlier, only to be told that they still need to shell out another 1.4 MILLION dollars to bail out an idiot’s ship that was detained simply because its owner acted ILLEGALLY and STUPIDLY. Did the fishermen get their equipment “detained” and held for bond? No, they didn’t. Why? Because they were fishing LEGALLY, that’s why. Paul had no proof of criminal action, and still doesn’t. He would have used it by now. He’s going to lose this lawsuit, and when he does, all the money that the cult followers sent him will NOT be given back to them – it will stay in Paul Watson’s back pocket.

    People have had enough of wasteful groups frivolously as wasting money and then asking for bailouts – Paul Watson is right there in line with the rest of them.

    So, is the series in the Faroes just going to be just an hour each episode of the Steve Irwin sitting in the dock? Not much action there, eh?

  • Marion Dubois

    Judging by the majority of comments here, I think people are wisening up. Whale Wars or any of its spin-offs might be standing on its last legs.

  • pip

    Donald you really need to calm down and start facing facts. There is no conspiracy; it is just the way the ratings work. The rating system is the same for every charity and every charity rated provides Charity Navigator with the data used to create the rating

    Charity Navigator bases their ratings on simple math using numbers provided by the charity being rated.

    They do not make any evaluation of how effective a charity is.

    They do not make any evaluation of if the money the charity spends is spent responsibly or to good effect.

    They do not make any evaluation of if the charity is making any progress for their cause.

    In fact about the only thing their rating indicates is whether the charities IRS paperwork shows that the salaries of the charities employees and the charities overhead are higher than similar charities.

    “Anyone donating to Sea Shepherd can rest assured that their contributions are going to confront environmentally destructive and cruel industries!”

    That is a lie. All anyone donating to SSCS can rest assured is that based on the SSCS’s IRS filings their contributions are not being spent on large salaries. There is no guarantee that they are being spent effectively or that they are even being spent to combat “environmentally destructive and cruel industries”, just a guarantee that most of the money is not being spent on salaries and office expenses.

    • AnimuX

      What do pro-whaling morons do when they aren’t busy inventing conspiracy theories about independent, third party, charity evaluation services (you know, because “good” ratings for Sea Shepherd don’t fit into the little pro-whaling negative campaign)?

      Well, they’re obviously not visiting Charity Navigator to find out that donating to Sea Shepherd is a contribution to a great cause!

      In fact, Sea Shepherd has repeatedly received high 4-star ratings from Charity Navigator for putting 84.9% of its donations toward operational expenses rather than administrative overhead!

      Donors can be satisfied in knowing that their contributions are going to help directly confront whalers, sealers, poachers and more!

      Go to http://www.seashepherd.org and donate today! Help save the whales!

  • pip

    Donald please explain what conspiracy theory has been invented.

    I have quoted Charity Navigator’s own explanation of where they get data and how they generate their ratings. So are you claiming that Charity Navigator is part of a pro-whaling conspiracy against the SSCS?

    Or when faced with simple facts are you just going to keep repeating the same thing over and over?

    “Well, they’re obviously not visiting Charity Navigator…”

    Yep, got me there, never been to the site that is how I got those quotes off of their website and got their numbers for the SSCS.

    I ask again. Will you please stop lying and face facts?

    • AnimuX

      In the ongoing negative campaign against Sea Shepherd pro-whaling antagonists now attack third party independent charity evaluation services that give Sea Shepherd high ratings (you know, because “good” reviews of Sea Shepherd don’t fit into the smear campaign).

      Regardless, Sea Shepherd has repeatedly received high 4-star ratings from Charity Navigator for putting 84.9% of its donations toward operational expenses rather than administrative overhead.

      Donors can be satisfied in knowing that their contributions are going to help directly confront whalers, sealers, poachers and more. What a great cause!

      Go to http://www.seashepherd.org and donate today! Help save the whales!

  • pip

    Donald are you ever going to come back to reality and stop lying?

    No one has attacked Charity Navigator, well except you when you implied they were involved in a conspiracy against the SSCS.

    All of the decent non-bias charity rating services, including Charity Navigator, base their ratings purely on numbers. Salaries as % of costs, manager compensation levels, PR costs versus donations recieved. They do this because it is the only metric that they can use.

    They can’t evaluate whether the charity is effective, because how would they do that for a charity that is trying to cure cancer? Oh well they haven’t cured cancer so they have failed. Would that be fair and unbias? No.

    They can’t evaluate if the decisions for how to spend money on their mission is effective. Charity Navigator puts The Sea Turtle Conservancy in the same category as SSCS, and also gives them a 4-star rating. But they spend their money on research, education and habitat protection. Some SSCS supporters might think that direct action against turtle and egg poachers would be a better use of the money. But that would be a bias opinion. Charity Navigator doesn’t rely on opinions, they stick to easily understood financial metrics.

    So no attack from the anti-SSCS commenters. The issue is your lie that Charity Navigators rating means anything about the SSCS actions and gives their action a stamp of approval.

    • AnimuX

      Unfortunately, pro-whaling fools can not simply accept that an independent charity evaluation service has repeatedly give Sea Shepherd high ratings. (you know, because a “good” review of Sea Shepherd doesn’t fit into the smear campaign)

      Regardless, Sea Shepherd has repeatedly received high 4-star ratings from Charity Navigator for putting 84.9% of its donations toward operational expenses rather than administrative overhead!

      Donors can be satisfied in knowing that their contributions are going to help directly confront whalers, sealers, poachers and more. What a great cause!

      Go to http://www.seashepherd.org and donate today! Help save the whales!

      • romika3

        It also stated that Watson took $70,000.00. Funny recently he stated he took nothing. And then there is all a real estate (see a previous post in another discussion)

    • sscs-antifan

      Why should Donald stop lieing. His idol is Paul Watson.

  • SupportJapan

    Nice Japanese lady eating a whale burger:


    What could be cuter?

  • Sea Cucumber

    Unfortunately, Analmux and the rest of the anti-whaling fools can’t seem to grasp that we in the US are about to lose our AAA credit rating, which will have drastic impact across the board for interest rates, loans, and retirement funds, etc. So, what he is suggesting is that while the debt ceiling is about to cave in on us, let’s throw our money away on an idiot like Paul Watson that, as a result of ILLEGAL actions, is costing his sheeply followers (like Don Freeman) 1.4 MILLION dollars. He needs this cash to free his boat so he can commit additional ILLEGAL acts, that will result in more fines and fees.

    Wartson doesn‘t care – it’s not coming out of his own pocket. Oh yeah, he said he was “donating” 50K, but guess what – THAT was donated money, so as it is, he’s not donating anything except what people have already given him.

    So let’s review…..

    Watson fleeces money from his followers…
    He uses it to commit illegal acts against LEGAL fishermen…
    They arrest his boat and levy a bond against it…
    Watson wants to fleece his followers again for a bailout…
    He’s off to commit ILLEGAL: acts again…
    More fines – more millions wasted…

    Hey Animux – where was that “outstanding evidence” again that showed the fishermen were breaking the law? What’s that? Doesn’t exist? Right!

    What have YOU donated Animux? Not much I’ll wager – I guess “anything for the whales” doesn’t mean “out of your own pocket”, eh, Donny Boy?? Whatever happened to you and Donovan starting your own ignorant society up? Yup, a couple of proven racists “saving the whales”! Lol!

    Folks – don’t waste your hard-earned money on someone who has PROVEN beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is willing to throw it away at the drop of a hat. Your money is precious, but not to Watson.

    Want proof?

    Help me, help me – I NEED 1.4 MILLION dollars to free my ship because of my criminal activities!!!

    ‘Nuff said!

  • joseph

    We are all arm-chair quarterbacks standing around the cooler on a Monday morning weighing the pro’s and con’s of Sunday night’s football game. We can huff and puff and strategize for ten minutes and then go back to our desks into the land of safety and monotony, while secretly imagining ourselves as a pirate for sentient life.
    A fireman jumps into the fire to protect and preserve life and does not question the news teams opinion of his life choices.
    Paul is presently fighting the UK courts who have impounded the Steve Irwin in a Scotland port because he caught and documented a Maltese Blue Fin fishing boat with an illegal load of fish in the Mediterranean. The UK courts have demanded 1.5 million as bail for the Steve Irwin. If a court ordered a Police officer to stop policing while he was on the trail of a killer and that killer took your child’s life, would you not hold that court responsible. If a court told me not to try and put out a fire that threatened a person’s safety I would lay a charge on the court. Money talks when you cry foul when you’re caught raping the ocean and point the finger at the policeman saying, “I have a right to kill outside of international law.” Look at Paul’s website and decide if the court has the right to stop Paul and the Steve Irwin as they go to stop the Danish barbarian’s of the Faroese Islands who kill pilot whales for sport and if your lucky you may see the pregnant females lying in slaughter as their still alive babies are ripped from their wombs and handed to the butcher’s children to play with. What can we do. Contact the guy on the front line and give him that $40.00 we were gonna spend on a case of beer or bottle of wine.
    I am a fireman and no one can understand what I do until you stand in my boots and decide on the value of life, in this case our ocean’s life and our progeny.
    I hope I gave you some info to make that decision you have been considering easier.
    Good on ya Paul

    • pip

      What a stirring speech. If you had facts it might be better.

      Watson didn’t catch and document a fishing boat with an illegal load of fish. He CLAIMS they had an illegal load of fish, meanwhile the agency that defines what is and isn’t illegal when fishing for Atlantic tuna (ICCAT) has said the catch wasn’t illegal.

      Your analogies are a lot of fun but given that Paul’s actions where illegal maybe a better analogy would be; If a court let a thief out on $0 bail before trial because he said he was innocent and that thief took your car, would you not hold that court responsible.

      I hope I gave you some info to make that decision you have been considering easier.
      Good on ya Fish & Fish

      • AnimuX

        Good ole Fish and Fish Ltd., illegally importing tuna since at least 2008…


        “For example, the Fish & Fish tuna ranch holds what government claims are 210 tonnes (€4.2 million) of tuna caught by a Moroccan purse seiner, Le Marsouin.

        However, since this fish was not caught by an EU-flagged vessel, it should have been considered by Malta and the EU as an import of live bluefin tuna.

        As MaltaToday has already reported, no trace exists of this Moroccan import on the Eurostat trade database, or in the EU’s biannual statistics which record all imported tuna.”

  • romika3

    Folks: I have pointed out a number of times why Watson has choose to “attack” the fisher-persons of the Faroe Islands.The harvest of Pilot whales, which by the way are not endangered, is legal, managed, and sustainable with the meat providing approx. 30% of the isolated islands protein needs. The harvest provides what Watson needs, bloody red water, a safe protest environment, a simple people that he can demonize, and another opportunity for Animal Planet to make money off the backs of a people and lots of video and photos. The demonization of the people of the Faroe Islands has already began (see Youtube Posts).

    Watson has a history of attacking legal fisher-persons and has pointed out in his book “Earthforce” that it is acceptable to lie and distort data. In a CBC interview he stated that he goes where the money is and that it is basically all about money. Within the last two years he sent a 1 million dollar boat to the bottom and now is in the process of losing a 1.5 million dollar boat. Doners should begin to question why 2.5 million dollars of their money went out the window.

    • AnimuX

      Romika is an admitted baby seal killer from Canada. It stands to reason that a sick minded individual who participates in crushing the skulls of masses of seal pups would also approve of the senseless slaughter of helpless pilot whales.

      • pip

        Why do you feel the need to lie, Donald?

        Romika has never admitted killing baby seals or pups, both of those actions are illegal, well except for ‘traditional’ seal hunters. He has indicated that he has legal hunted seals after they have left their mothers and are living on their own, in human terms that would be adolescence.

      • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

        In human terms that would spell TEENAGER.
        Anyway, classy defense of a sealpup basher..

      • AnimuX

        Certain Newfoundland scumbags continue to declare that the animals they brutally slaughter are not “baby” seals. However, DFO statistics on the brutal seal slaughter say otherwise.

        “Ragged jackets” (12 – 19 days old and molting away their white fur) and “beaters” (just over 19 days old – they’re called beaters because they repeatedly hit the water with their flippers when learning to swim) made up 99% of the 2011 seal slaughter.

        Harp seals don’t reach maturity until they are 4-6 years of age for females and 7-8 years of age for males.

        So when drunk Newfies cave in the skull of a seal with a club you can be sure the animal is definitely just a baby.

        If they were crushing the heads of kittens and puppies they’d be thrown in jail but for some reason Canada’s government defends these sick bastards as they destroy masses of defenseless baby seals for the fashion industry.

      • pip

        Learn to read Donald, I didn’t say mature did I? Oh and the ‘experts’ not certain Newfoundland scumbags have declared that they are not ‘baby’ seals. I know you only agree with experts that say what you believe but that is just your ego problem.

        And try looking up the word adolescence herwin. It basically means teenager. But since the life cycle of seals is different than the life cycle of humans trying to map the life cycle of seals onto the human life cycle doesn’t quite work does it? You see human offspring stay with their parents for a long time to learn how to survive, but seals don’t do that. A ‘teenage’ seal is on its own and fully capable of surviving on its own.

      • romika3

        Animalx, my post has nothing to do with sealing. Your are employing a propaganda technique by redirecting the thread. What I posted is the truth and you know it.

      • AnimuX

        It doesn’t take an expert to witness a baby animal, that barely knows how to swim or find food (and therefore is easy picking on the ice), get its head bashed in by a foul, drunk, bloodthirsty, inbred Newfoundland scumbag.

        Unfortunately, the baby seals are about a month old (or less) when brutally destroyed in Canada’s cruel and morally indefensible seal slaughter.

        These sick and twisted people kill helpless animals simply for the pleasure of killing in the Faroe Islands but in Newfoundland, they do it for money too.

      • romika3

        AnimuX: Your still failing to respond to the post. This is a typical response from SSCS supporters. When they can’t come back with an educated response they resort to name calling, hate etc and if they know the name of the individual they resort to threatening phone calls. This response shows the true colours of this eco-terrorist organization. Nothing more needs to be said.

      • AnimuX

        LOL A pro-sealing, pro-whaling, anti-environmentalist antagonist whose sole purpose is to wage a negative campaign against and demonize Sea Shepherd, is now playing the victim and crying “name calling”? ;-)

      • romika3

        Sorry to burst you happy face but you still failed to respond to the post.

    • AnimuX

      The fact is, there is absolutely no economic or nutritional need for the slaughter of pilot whales in the Faroe Islands.

      The main export of the nation is food (fish to be exact).

      The slaughter is not for any business or industry and does not exist to provide food to any poor or starving people.

      In fact, Faroese doctors have advised people not to consume pilot whale meat due to the health risks of contamination from pollution.

      Unfortunately, the sick minded people who participate in this slaughter actually enjoy the killing so much, they refuse to stop. Entire pods of pilot whales are exterminated purely for the enjoyment of Faroese killers and the convenience of a free (toxic) lunch.

      • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

        yeah, it’s just as disgusting as bull fights, dog fights and other animal cruelty entertainment by sick minds.
        There are however some young natives from the Faroe islands joining this campaign so there is hope for a better future . :-)

      • sscs-antifan

        Strangely the fish for export is not cheap in the Faroes. But I noticed Donald is doing the same thing he usually accuses pro-whalers for: “Moving focus”.
        I guess this is one of the technics learned from mr. Watson “feed the masses the same false data over and over”

  • Sea Cucumber

    Joseph – What a crock of shit. Your analogy doesn’t take into account that the reason that he Steve Irwin was “arrested”, not “impounded”, was because the “caption” had performed an ILLEGAL act in ramming the cage, damaging LEGAL equipment and endangering lives. Where does that fit in your impassioned speech? I’m sure that you and Paul Wat$on hear trumpets sound and angels singing hymns, but in reality, he broke the law and the UK court is enforcing that law.

    There was NO evidence presented that the catch was illegal – if there was, Fatson would have presented it by now and it would be the fishermen that had their boats arrested and equipment taken. But that didn’t happen, did it?

    Since you’re so sure that the catch was illegal, show us the evidence and documentation that details that. Like Paul Watson says – if they’re dong something illegal, then arrest them. Right? I didn’t think so.

    By the way – what have YOU donated to free the Irwin? I call on you to sell your house and car and give Paul the money since you’re such a believer in the cause. You and Analmux haven’t done crap except spout gas. If you haven’t done that, then be silent.

    The bottom line is that the SSCS is paying the price for breaking the law, and now Watson has to ask little kids to break their piggy banks to free his ship so he can commit additional ILLEGAL acts that will again cost MILLIONS of dollars to get out of. Money is short for many these days, and with the financial crisis worsening, paul Watson has no problem begging his gullible followers for 1.4 MILLION dollars to a personal bailout, which no one can afford.

    Tell me something, how could 1.4 MILLION dollars been used elsewhere for conservation and anti-poaching?

    Go back to YOUR armchair and continue to sip the kool-aid and do nothing.

    • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

      Sea Cucumber wrote :

      “The Steve Irwin was “arrested”, not “impounded””

      Hmmmm, a SHIP was arrested according to Seacucumber…

  • AnimuX

    Anyone who wants to know about the illicit business “Fish and Fish” is normally involved in should refer to past shady dealings by this company.

    Such as: http://archive.maltatoday.com.mt/2008/11/26/t2.html

    “For example, the Fish & Fish tuna ranch holds what government claims are 210 tonnes (€4.2 million) of tuna caught by a Moroccan purse seiner, Le Marsouin.

    However, since this fish was not caught by an EU-flagged vessel, it should have been considered by Malta and the EU as an import of live bluefin tuna.

    As MaltaToday has already reported, no trace exists of this Moroccan import on the Eurostat trade database, or in the EU’s biannual statistics which record all imported tuna.”

  • AnimuX

    No matter what “Fish and Fish” has done, the Maltese government will back it all as legal thanks to widespread corruption and criminal activity linked to this very profitable industry that is driving the blue fin tuna species to commercial extinction.


    “A survey carried out in La Maddalena harbour, in Cerdeña, has dug up a vast international bluefin tuna trafficking ring and found evidence for 1,000 administrative violations for about EUR 4 million. There are 70 suspects, who are being investigated.

    The fraud, which could involve organised crime groups, was carried out via the avoidance or falsification of the Bluefin Catch Documents (BCD) mandatory under European Union (EU) law concerning the fishing and trading of bluefin tuna — an endangered species. “

    • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

      a quote with a link, well done, that’s good and reliable information we all can check ! Thanks !

  • AnimuX

    And if you want to know what traditional Maltese fishermen think about Sea Shepherd:


    ‘Charles Bugeja’s family boasts four generations of fishermen. Today his father’s vessel has been on land since May and the quota he was allocated was so low that it was reached within a few weeks. Bugeja said: “The Sea Shepherd people are doing what the government should have done to protect the tuna and the livelihood of traditional fishermen who have lived off the sea for generations.” While he understood the decline in tuna populations now requires such measures, he was bitter that his family was suffering the consequences of a big commercial industry controlled by a few.’

    • pip

      That would be fisherMAN singular, there seem to have been others there that the writer thought agreed but none of them apparently said anything so they might not even have been fishermen. But at least you didn’t just copy & paste. I mean a full 14 out of 115 words are yours.

      Of course since the industrial revolution many ‘traditional’ means of making a living have been pushed out by new methods. Cloths and shoes used to be made by hand one item at a time. And then there was the traditional whaling in the Faroe Islands and elsewhere. Oh wait that’s right you only like some traditions, the ones you can use to attack those you don’t like.

      So why don’t you give us a list of the traditional methods that we should keep and those that we should let go since you seem to feel you are an expert on this issue.

      • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

        it’s all in the choiche of words.
        When the word “traditional” is used, many times it is done in the sense of “sustainable”.

        Traditional fishing = sustainable fishing that provided work and food since many generations.

        Modern fishing methods = emtying the seas within a few decades for profits = not sustainable.

        and, urm, hate to tell you but to compare fish with shoes is, urm, uh, … shoes aren’t dying out, fish species are.

      • pip

        Then he should have used the word sustainable shouldn’t he?

      • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

        yeah, maybe he should.
        And maybe you should explain how you can compare fish with shoes ?

  • pip

    I didn’t compare shoes to fish simpleton. I compared a ‘traditional’ method of production to another ‘traditional’ method of production in showing that many if not most ‘traditional’ methods of production have been superseded by more modern methods.

    And unless the ‘traditional’ method can sell their product for a premium price it has virtually no chance of competing and will wither away and die. Hand made shoes can be sold at a premium, but hand caught tuna will sell for the same price as those caught be modern methods. So without some type of government subsidy or ban on the newer methods, traditional fishing methods are doomed to economic failure.

    Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well modern methods are cheaper and thus keep food prices lower, basically a good thing. But modern methods require less people so there are fewer jobs, basically a bad thing. Modern methods are also more efficient, so on the good side more fish are caught and more people can be feed but on the bad side more fish are caught and the fish population can plummet. That is why science based regulations need to be in place and enforced for either method. And by enforcement I don’t mean vigilantes with no proof running around doing as they feel like.

  • irvinesbest

    I had the opportunity to see the premiere episode of this new series. It was nothing short of EXCELLENT. For viewers of “Whale Wars,” imagine all the tension, suspense, and drama witnessed in each season of that series and multiply it by 100. Without giving too much away, I’ll just point out this major difference. In “Whale Wars,” the perception is that the Sea Shepherd members are doing battle against these huge whaling ships while the Japanese whalers themselves are merely “bodies” without the human element. In this series, however, that’s all changed. There are now faces and personalities which represent the opposition. And that leads to some very intense confrontations. I can’t wait for this series to begin (I just hope I don’t have to wait until June!).