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Photo: Flickr via D'Arcy Norman

You did not read that heading incorrectly.  The Rocky Show Circus is currently traveling through Florida, and Rocky is a kangaroo. A kangaroo who is forced to box humans (insert the collective groan here).

PETA has sent a complaint to the Florida State Boxing Commission and the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation asking them to stop this spectacle. PETA reports that all boxing matches need to be licensed by the State Boxing Commission and the Rocky Show Circus has not complied. 

The exhibitor (and in my opinion world-class scum) Javier Martinez puts the dressed-up kangaroo into the ring with a human and taunts him into fighting back. Martinez has been cited multiple times for violations of the Animal Welfare Act for his poor treatment of Rocky.

Jennifer O’Connor from PETA writes, “Rocky is clearly stressed and has charged people during photo shoots, chewed on his own arm, and attempted to flee the ring during the act.”

UFC fighter Thiago Alves knows that animals don’t belong in the ring. He’s tweeting against it.

We hope Rocky won’t share the fate of his predecessors, two other kangaroos used in Martinez’s grotesque show who have died while traveling with UniverSoul Circus.


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  • Jasmine

    Ugh. This is just disgusting. How can something like this be ok whatsoever? I don’t understand how this is actually being allowed or why people would actually want to watch an animal being punched. Wtf?

  • don_miguelo

    YO. Sign this petition against it to the Florida Fish and Gaming Conservation Commision director, who have an ongoing investigation of it:

    Fugging ridiculous!

  • Chris

    Why were my last comments deleted. The internet and this country hold values of freedom of speech.


    Leave my comments, don’t delete them.

    • Michael Raymer

      That’s what I like about vegans, they hate cruelty.

  • pip

    Yes this country does hold values of freedom of speech.

    So you go ahead and pay for your own website and you are free to make any comments you want. But this country also holds value of private property and you don’t have any freedom of speech rights on anothers property.

    • don_miguelo

      That said, did you 2 sign the petition?!?!

  • Chris

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all…. and to think we are supposed to be the most intelligent species. All circuses that exploit animals and subject them to human greed should be shut the hell down and be tired and punished to the fullest extent of the law. These people are a disgrace.