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He may play broody, unbalanced and occasionally murderous vampire Damon on The Vampire Diaries, but in real life Ian Somerhalder is an environmental hero. The actor and activist is testifying before Congress on Thursday about species extinction, particularly the plight of the leatherback turtle.

Somerhalder tweeted on Monday, “Heading to DC on Thursday, testifying in congress on species extinction! Prepping testimony now-so cool…Come see me!”

He followed that up with a second tweet on Tuesday, linking to the World Wildlife Fund’s page on the endangered turtle. “Talking about Leatherbacks in congress Thursday. Stewing about plastic bags killing marine life. NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS!!!” 

Somerhalder, who launched his own environmental foundation last year on his 32nd birthday, is very vocal in his support of environmental and animal-rights causes. In the past several months, he’s worked to protect more than 300 acres of forest, spoken about sled dog cruelty in Canada and signed on as a spokesman for The Alliance for Global Conservation.

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  • Louise

    good luck to ian and the isf team, the work you do is wonderful. The animals of this world dont have a voice so we need to speak for them and say enough is a enough, they deserve to be here and leave in peace. After all they were here first. behind you all the way.

  • melissa

    He’s a great roll model for people young, old and everywhere in between.Nice 2 see a celebrity using his status 2 help the environment and get the word out.We all live on this earth we need 2 all take care of her and all the creatures living on her.